Led Light Should Be Part of Everyone's Beauty Routine - Italy, IT

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I have been using led light in all its frequencies...

I have been using led light in all its frequencies for well over 10 years and I think it should be part of every woman's beauty routine. Personally I use the Qasr MD which is the professional model which has red light, flashing Amber or red and ultraviolet. I use it once a week or sometimes twice on my face, hands and décolleté . It gives your skin a rosy healthy complexion ( stimulates blood circulation ) and definetyl refines the pores. I have quite a consistent maintenance routine of lasers, dermabrasion and sculptra so cannot really assess its wrinkle fighting benefits completely. I used it for 6 mo on the back of one hand and not the other and you can certainly see a BIG difference..... Much smoother and LESS lines. I highly recommend anyone to add this to their maintenance routine.
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