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I've lost some weight and with that loss, have...

I've lost some weight and with that loss, have also lost my breast size and shape. I have always been a bit too heavy, but I believe I am now a full C and would like to stay that way, except have some perkiness and fullness. So I have a consult next week for a lift and small implants. What are some important questions to ask? Any help is appreciated

Consultation done and surgery scheduled

Well I had a consultation with Dr. Smoot and have decided to schedule my surgery for February 23, 2017. I will be doing a lift with a saline implant of 275, but may look at 300. Suggestions?? It sounds like forever away, but I know it will be here soon. Deposit is paid. I plan to start shopping for sports bras and getting everything in line. This forum has been the biggest help!! If anyone has a favorite or even a sports bra they wouldn't recommend please advise!

Tomorrow is the day!!

Tomorrow is the big day! Pre-op was today. I am having a lift with saline implants. We decided on 280 cc's and possibly 300 if they can fit. I got all my meds filled and I think everything is together! Nervous as can be, but super excited. Will post when I am able! See you all on the other side.

3 days post

Today marks 3 days since the surgery. I'm not gonna lie it's been tough. I haven't been able to get a pic yet because the pain is intensified when they aren't in the sports bra. I do have some heavy bruising. Hope you all are healing nicely!

4 days post op pic

My right arm is killing me so I took a muscle relaxer. Go back Wednesday to hopefully get stitches out. Still some sore and stiffness. Did a lot of walking today so I'm pretty tired.

1 week later

Today marks one week since the big surgery. Today is also the best I have felt. Currently not taking any of the prescription medication, only Tylenol if needed. Morning boob is a very real thing lol. Last night I finally slept in my bed and that felt amazing. I find I am moving around a bit better and better range of motion with my arms and shoulders. Tomorrow I get my stitches taken out and will add some pics.

2 weeks today

Well today marks 2 weeks since I had my lift and augmentation. The left one is doing fairly well, the right well she's still a little slow in healing. There was a blister on the bottom of the right aereola and it busted on Tuesday. As soon as the bra came off to change, it busted. And when I say busted, blood went pouring everywhere. I started crying and finally got myself together and got cleaned up. Follow up tomorrow. Hopefully he had good news about the right side. Here's a quick pic I got

Yikes, funerals and surgery

So I'm almost 3 weeks out. Since surgery I've been to 2 funeral visitations, one of them being ab 4 days post surgery. Let me tell you, people wanna hug and it takes a toll on you. Almost need to wear a sign saying please don't hug me lol. Anyhow, slept on my side last night and today i am so stiff. Any recs on when to try that again?

3 weeks today

Today marked 3 weeks since the surgery. I survived morning boob, which lasted about a week, and then one morning I woke up and it was gone. Survived a pretty rough infection. Overall survived it all. Sometimes I think I can actually feel the implantable moving or maybe the muscles healing, I'm not sure how to even explain it. But there are times where certain areas just get rock hard. Im hoping that tomorrow at follow up, we can discuss massaging. I feel like they will feel better lol. Having healing my friends!!


Anybody having problems with their breasts staying extremely hot and red in color??

4 weeks and concerns

Today os officially 4 weeks post surgery and a couple of concerns. I have an internal form of strep called cellulitis. This is what has caused the deep red color and very hot to the touch breasts post surgery. I am on my 3rd round of antibiotics. That will make 20 days of antibiotics when I'm done with these. Saw my PS yesterday and he said if this doesn't clear it up, he will need to go in and check the implants Andy muscles. Well later on I spoke with my general practitioner who is also one of my best friends, he said my body is potentially rejecting the implants. I had this thought as well but pushed it very far back in my mind.
I feel good and aside from the red and heat, they are healing nicely. I hate that I don't sound more excited in this review but the thought of removing the implants and any further surgery, gets me down. I follow up next Wednesday. Will let you all know.
Hope you all are going well!!

8 weeks and a couple days

haven't updated in a while bc I think I'm having the boobie blues later than most. Maybe I'm wrong lol. I'm happy with them overall, I really am. But they are on the smaller side and I know I'm not done healing. Daily things have gotten so much better. No pain, sleeping normal and overall feeling good. I even notice when I drive I don't tuck the seatbelt behind me anymore, not even sure when that changed lol. Everyday they even seem to look slightly different. They are softening a lot and the right feeling has gone away. I have a follow up next week. Here are some pics.

15 weeks post op

Sooooo this week I reach the 15 week mark! Things are Progressing every day. I feel great and no longer have any restrictions. I have no pain either. Life is back to normal. One thing I would have done different is size. I would have gone a little bigger to fill out a D cup. But that could always be revised.
I will not lie and say it's been easy, because I had to figure out ways of doing things in the beginning when I was limited to what I could do. I even had cellulitis after that I thought would never go away, but low and behold it has just about gone away. But overall, I would sign up and do it again tomorrow. For anyone who has a doubt, remember to ask Lots of questions and do your research. Also, have realistic expectations.
I will update again soon! Happy healing!
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