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I've lost some weight and with that loss, have...

I've lost some weight and with that loss, have also lost my breast size and shape. I have always been a bit too heavy, but I believe I am now a full C and would like to stay that way, except have some perkiness and fullness. So I have a consult next week for a lift and small implants. What are some important questions to ask? Any help is appreciated

Consultation done and surgery scheduled

Well I had a consultation with Dr. Smoot and have decided to schedule my surgery for February 23, 2017. I will be doing a lift with a saline implant of 275, but may look at 300. Suggestions?? It sounds like forever away, but I know it will be here soon. Deposit is paid. I plan to start shopping for sports bras and getting everything in line. This forum has been the biggest help!! If anyone has a favorite or even a sports bra they wouldn't recommend please advise!
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