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So far I have waiting a year to make my mind up....

So far I have waiting a year to make my mind up. As of last week I told myself that I'm ready and it's time. I deserve this! So I've went back in forth on a size for my small frame and I'm wanting a high profile saline implant above the muscle. I'm 5'4" and weigh 110 lbs. curvy hips but super flat up top.

It's getting closer

So I have decided to go with 375cc saline smooth round implant. This is my last small boob bathing suit picture from this weekend! I can't wait to have some beautiful full Breast! Eeek

Two days and sign papers tomorrow

I go sign all my pre op papers tomorrow.... I picked 400cc and my dr helped pick saline smooth round implant. I think tomorrow I'll go down to 350cc 's. Last minute decision change... Eeek

Third Day Post Op

Okay all in all my happy with my breast so far. I'm moving around great. But why is my belly so swollen?? Is this normal? I hate it! I'm usually a size 0 but now I look like I'm pregnant. Also is it ok to wash my hair and blow dry it? I took a shower but was afraid I couldn't blow dry my hair so I didn't get my hair wet.

Post op day 1

Boobs are tight and swollen as expected, but the bloating in my tummy is upsetting me. I'm usually flat tummy with abs and now I'm puffy. Will this go away? Is it normal

When can I not wear ace bandage

I've been wearing my sports bra plus an ace bandage wrapped around at the top since Thursday. Today is Sunday, is it ok to now stop wearing the ace bandage and just stick to my sports bra?

Shocking pains

Okay so I feel pretty good as far as pain wise and the tenderness is definitely getting better, but every once in a while I get this shocking sting feeling at my incision area, on just one of my boobs. What the heck is that?

One week one day

I feel pretty good. Today I started feeling nauseated, idk if it's bc I stopped taking my pain medicine and the pain is making me sick or what is going on. It all just started tonight. I went for my checkup earlier today and got my stitches removed. Everything looked great.

Two weeks post op High profile 420 saline implant unders

Two week post op. Still skin is tight and nipples are super sensitive. My pain has pretty much went away except for in the early mornings.

Four weeks post op

I think they are shrinking lol. I feel great except they are so itchy. And my dominate side is still higher than the other and also my nipples don't like even. I guess once it's all done dropping it'll fall even.
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