Broken Nose - Dorsal Hump Still Present After Septorhinoplasty - Doesn't Always Turn out the Way You Expect! - Lahore, Pakistan

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Hello, So I recently got a septo-rhinopasty done...

Hello, So I recently got a septo-rhinopasty done in order to correct my breathing. My doc diagnosed my nose problem as a "post-traumatic deviated septum". I had been elbowed in the nose while playing basketball and that made my nose crooked and made it harder to breath. I also had/still have a dorsal hump which was supposed to be straightened out.

I was never too self-conscious about my nose but I always knew I wanted to get it fixed. I was on vacation in the motherland and decided to get it done since it would be a fraction of the cost I would pay in the United States.

I pretty much rushed my surgery as my flight back to America is on the 19th and I knew I had to get it done in order to recover properly. I had a really hard time convincing my mom but eventually she let me do it. I searched for surgeons on Google that were close to my area and found one doctor who I thought would be a good fit. I went in for my first consultation and it went alright. He didn't show me any before/after pictures because he said every nose is different (Lesson Learned: ALWAYS ask for before/after pics). He told me he performs Rhinoplasty surgeries a couple times a week. His approach was very conservative because he said he would not do any tip work or anything, only my deviated septum and dorsal hump. This seemed like a good sign because I've read there are more chances of getting a botched up nose if too much work is done at one time. He seemed like he had all the credentials etc.

I specifically told him to correct my dorsal hump and straighten out my nose. My deviated septum made my nose wider because the left side bone was pushed to one side. I booked my appointment soon after my consultation and a week later my surgery was scheduled.


Reached the Hospital at about 11 A.M. I got changed, they did some tests etc and my surgery began at about 12 P.M. (Right before the surgery my sister and mother talked to the surgeon once again to make sure he knew what I wanted (Correct my deviated septum and straighten out dorsal hump). I woke up at about 2 P.M and was still quite sleepy from the anesthesia. I guess I slept till about 11 P.M and went home around midnight. I had practically no pain, maybe a 3/10 in terms of pain.


Recovery wasn’t too bad. It sucked breathing out of my mouth only for a couple of days. I basically ate a bunch of pineapple and soft food. My bruising was at a minimal also (Which I think I realize now is due to the fact that not much work was done on my nose -.- ) I went and got the first set of bandages removed and I could tell that my deviated septum was corrected as my nostrils were even whereas before they weren’t. I still had another bandage on my nose so I couldn’t tell whether my dorsal hump was corrected but I was pretty optimistic! 9 days post OP I went and got all of my bandages removed and unfortunately I realized my dorsal hump was still there. It was slightly shaved down but it’s barely noticeable that much work was done to it. My Doctor said it’s the swelling but even with swelling I doubt it will go down enough to look straight. I specifically told him to make it straight and he told me it was (not sure we have the same understanding of what straight means ..UGHH) I was pretty happy about my deviated septum being fixed though because breathing is a bit easier now. I think I have a pretty bulbous tip right now so I’m hoping all this swelling goes down and make my nose a bit straighter. I am 12 days post-op now and the swelling is going down slowly.


I’m going for an appointment on August 18th so I can discuss any questions I may before I head to America. I unfortunately won’t be able to see him for possibly another year or even two so I’ll have to keep in touch via email.


Will I need a revision in order to make it straighter or will my nose straighten out a bit on its own with time (which I highly doubt)?

I’m flying out on the 19th, anyone ever have any problems with flying soon after their surgery?

I still have blood clogged up in my nose, how do I get it out? I’m not allowed to put a Q-tip to clean in out. Any recommendations?

Slight change in hump (very small change) and a question

So there is this very little change in my dorsal hump. It's barely noticeable unless you compare before/after pictures.

I was also wondering, if my dorsal hump was to be removed 100% so that my nose would be completely straight (which it should have been), would the surgeon have to also remove skin because I'm assuming that with less bone there, it would make my nose appear very thick if extra skin was not removed. I'm hoping maybe someone can clarify this

Well no one sees any difference..

Well this is pretty embarrassing. All of my family that knew I wanted to do it realized I was pretty stubborn about getting my septo-rhinoplasty done. After getting the bandages removed, it sucks that I come out looking the exact same. My grandmother saw me 12 days post-op and told me my nose was still somewhat crooked along with the dorsal hump still present..

I think my nose is starting to get crooked again (from the deviated septum returning to it's original positioning).

I think my nostrils are not really even anymore whereas post surgery they kind of were. Can this be from sneezing + yawning (which really expands my nostrils) and caused the deviated septum to return to its original position ?

I'll update with pics later tonight

Update - follow up appointment + flight

I went for my follow up appointment with my surgeon and asked him a bunch of questions. He said that the swelling was still present but most importantly he assured me that although there was a hump still present on my nose, that it would go down as the skin still hasn't shrunk back down. I hope he is right but so far hump is still there. He told me that if the results aren't what were expected, then he will do a revision for me.

I had my flight and after my flight, my nose was pretty swollen. I applied some cream on it so hopefully the swelling settles down.
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