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Getting veneers, hoping for feedback on veneer wax...

Getting veneers, hoping for feedback on veneer wax up. Very nervous... I have gaps between teeth so the teeth have to be bigger to fill in the gaps but still small enough to match the rest of my teeth and my mouth. Hoping these will look good, hopefully I don't miss my gap feeling like I'm leaving a peice of me behind a little!

Crown lengthening

Had crown lengthening surgery this morning, it wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be. Felt similar to getting a filling. Now I look like a zombie who just fed. Hopefully this heels pretty quickly so I can go out in public!

5 days after crown lengthening surgery and before picture

Update: switched to invisalign

I was originally planning for veneers but after going through the process of getting wax ups I wasn't convinced that I would be satisfied with the outcome. I'm glad I went through the process however even though it was a waste of $500 for the wax ups because having the crown lengthening done in preparation for veneers opened the door to the idea of Invisalign. I wish I had done all this when I was a kid but my parents weren't very attentive and considered braces on the vain side. I'm going in for my scan on Monday and should be getting my first set of Invisalign trays around the first of the year. It's also nice that since my insurance is paying 2,000 this is only costing me 2,100 instead of 10k for the veneers. This is a gift to myself and to my daughter, I want her to have a confident mom who laughs and smiles.

16 days post crown lengthening surgery

Seems like my gums are mostly healed, other than the tissue between my 2 front teeth to which is still healing a little bit.
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