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I'm 54 years old and wanted to do something...

I'm 54 years old and wanted to do something about the skin on my face, neck & chest. The texture isn't what it used to be, there were freckles, uneven coloring and my skin just looked haggard. Over the years I've spent alot of money on the latest creams and topical procedures performed by dermatologists. Some helped more than others, the results I was seeing wasn't worth the amount of money I was spending.

I went to a seminar given by Dr S. She discussed several procedures including the fractional CO2 laser procedure in depth. Then I had a free consultation with Dr S, where she explained the procedure and what it could do for me.She spent alot of time with me and I was able to ask all the questions I wanted. I scheduled the procedure for my face, neck and chest and excitedly waited.

On the day of the procedure I was nervous, but her staff was very helpful and kept me calm. The anesthesiologist explained the process and that I would feel nothing. I was concerned that I might freak out by having to go under, but they were so smooth that the last thing I remember was talking about 401(k) plans.

I woke up with no pain. I admit, I looked a sight. I was instructed to put vaseline on my face, neck and chest several times that day & plastic wrap over it and bags of vegtables over that. I slept alot and while it wasn't fun, it was managable. The next day I went back to Dr S's office and she took off the bandages. She said it looked good and to continue with the vaseline and plastic wrap. I didn't want to get vaseline in my hair so I wore one of those turbans that help dry your hair faster. It worked great, I could sleep in it to.

I went to Dr S's office every day for the first couple of days. She even saw me on a Saturday when the office was closed. After 5 days I didn't have to do the vaseline thing anymore.

It's been a couple of months and my face, neck and chest look amazing. The texture is very smooth and soft but not overdone. The fine wrinkles are gone along with the freckles and age spots. When I wake up in the morning I don't have that haggard look that I used to have. Thank you Dr S!

Orange County Dermatologist

It was a positive experience. Every step of the way they made it easy. There are alot of cosmetic procedures available, and the seminar that Dr S gave, helped me decide what was right for me. And there are alot of plastic surgeons in Orange County, but after my consultation with Dr S, I knew she was the right doctor for me.

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