"All in One" Total Body Lift- MWL, 32 Years Old, 3 Kids - Laguna Beach, CA

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5'10 170lbs, I've always been heavy, I can't...

5'10 170lbs, I've always been heavy, I can't recall a time in my life where I was of average weight. By the time I was 15 I weighed 400lbs. Losing the weight and having 3 kids has left my body deformed/disfigured and my self confidence nonexistent. I've decided it was time to start enjoying life with my kids and my wonderful husband. I found a P'S in Laguna Beach that will preform a "Total Body Lift" in one operation. I'll be having a lower body lift, upper body lift, breast lift with implants, arm lift, medial thigh lift and lipo to the outer thighs. My hopes and expectations are to look and feel like a woman, being feminine that's all I'm interested in. Counting down the days... obsessively reading everyone's reviews on RS and on the net. I have my Pre-op appointment next Monday and will post photos then. If anyone has any advice or recommendations I'm opening to hearing them, I'd like to be as prepared as possible and value everyone comments from personal experiences.

Post Op Rescheduled :(

I know I said I'd post post op pics this Monday (tomorrow) buy I've rescheduled my appointment to September 3. I have a lot on my plate at the moment. September 3 seems so far away :( I can't wait to get rid of this unwanted skin. ..

Pre Op- Typo

My mistake.... I'm just so excited over the whole procedure that I hadn't realized I posted earlier that I would be post post-op pic vs pre-op.
I've been on a total emotional roller coaster lately. Almost rescheduled my pre-op appointment again.
I few of you have been nice enough to private message me on how concerning it was for me to have so many procedures at one time, and I must admit it has me a bit worried now too. I will address these concerns with my PS on Wednesday and if anything changes I will let you all know. Thanks for all the support. Posting a before and after picture. I lost 230lbs gradually through diet and exercise. Which is great, not too shabby ehh? But the result is just as hard to deal with as is being 400lbs. But oh well, no pity-party here. On to the next! Life moves on thanks to plastic surgeons ;)

Pre-op... check!

Okay ladies, I meet with Dr. Mowlavi today and I can't express how glad I am that I found him. I know that I will be in good hands. He made me feel comfortable, and at put my nerves at ease. All will be okay, I'm sure of it. His Patient Coordinator was so sweet. She answered all our questions (hubby and mine) and made sure we left there well informed on how to prepare for the big day. He didn't take any pictures, he'll be taking them the morning of surgery. Sorry :(
So here's what I'll be having on the 30th of September:
Upper Body Lift
Breast Lift with Augmentation (400cc)
Full Tummy Tuck
Lower Body Lift
Medial Thigh Lift

I'm glad I am doing all of this at once. I'm young and healthy and there's no reason why I can't get through the recovery, Let's do this!

Doctors orders are to eat a high protein diet, I need some recommendations from my fellow RS sisters, what did you take? Low calorie, high protein?

The goods...

Since my surgeon won't be taking pictures until the morning of my procedures, I thought I'd take some of my own. I hate everything about my body... well maybe not everything, I do enjoy being 5'10.
I'm really looking forward to having a normal figure, you know. The boobs- Im about an A cup without the skin and they've just lost their place. Decided I'd go with a conservative implant, conservative for my height, I explained to the doctor yesterday that, since he'd be leaving me with a tiny waist, they'd look much larger in size -no pressure doc! ;) The belly, well the pictures speak for themselves. Look at the bright side, it covers the vajayjay, no need to censor that out! Haven't seen her in years :( The arms- she's got wings and no not on my maxi. And lastly there's the back, it's slipped and landed on my crack. A little help please! The count down begins- 26 days - the new me coming soon!

I was talking to my husband about RS and how you guys are my support system, how I appreciate everyone's story, the photos they've shared and the comments we exchange.
Thank you ladies!

Sleeveless in public... uhhh no.

I've never ever worn a sleeveless top beyond these four walls, my safe haven. I wear 3/4 sleeve, long sleeve, cardiagans, in all types of weather, even 100+ degrees. People never understand why. Took a picture this morning that sums it all up.
I cant wait to feel free!

It getting close... 9 days post

So is it just me or do most of us going into a major cosmetic surgery get camera happy. I find myself taking pictures of my skin in all different kinds of angles. Odd, because I would normally run and try to hide, trying to reposition myself so my arms wont look fat, usually this meant hand at the waist with arm in a 90 degree bend while slightly flexing to make them look skinny, you know exactly what Im refering to. Any who, lately that is so far from what I've been doing. I find myself down to my undies locked in my bedroom or bathroom snapping away photos. Im quite shocked myself. I knew it was bad but this bad??? Yikes. My armpit/sideboob/back fat creats a crater, wtf? I had no clue?! Note to self- make appointment for husband with optometrist, sever case of beer googles- lol.
I often wonder whether it can really be fixed. Im curious to see if certain areas will sag after. Either way i took some pics, enjoy -hint of sarcasm ;), if my plastic surgeon can fix this.... he has talent and deserves all the praise and recognition! Speaking of my PS I spoke to him early last week, he asked me if I was ready, I inturn said "the real question is, are you ready?!" He chuckled. He is such a genuine caring individual, so soft spoken, and very straight forward. We went over procedures again. Im such a ditz sometimes, that Im sure Ive asked him the same thing more than 3xs. I really appreciate the open communication I've had with the office, everyone there is kind and helpful and if they dont know the answer to something they let me know upfront and ask if they can call me back, and guess what- they always return my phone call! I really appreciate their honesty and professionalism.
Counting down the days, hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! :)

TYPO! 9 days PRE!

Sorry RealSelfers but I have troubles... at times

D-day is tomorrow!

Where do I start?!
I've been washing with Hibiscus soap for the last 3 days. I started taking my antibiotics yesterday. The house is ready. I've officially moved in downstairs for at least 3 weeks. Recliner is lined with plastic, my sweet dear husband took off the bathroom door downstairs, so that I don't have to maneuver trying to get in. He's an angel :) My mother arrived last night and will be staying for the entire month of October to help care for the kids and take my place. Those are going to be some tough shoes to fill ;)
I'm ready, excited, and know I'm in good hands.
See my fellow RS sisters on the flat side!!!
Toodles :)

I'm alive!

And well. Will write soon.
Thank you all for the ssuppot

soooo stoked

I won't be able to see the transformation until my next week appointment. Doctors orders, stay in compression garment, do not remove.... Darn it! I like what I'm seeing so far :) Thank you doctor!


Hope this works

wow. in total disbelief.

Im sure I should be in much more pain, but this is so manageable. I am having one issue. No BM. Guess this is normal

The Transformation

My surgery was 8 days ago, this post is long over due.
ON 9/30/14 I arrived at Dr Mowlavi's at 5am, I was told to be there at 530am but it was like waiting for Black Friday sales *open*open*open* Dr M was there at 530 sharp! We started with the much dreaded photo session, which turned out to be not too bad, he's so gentle and makes you feel so unbelievably comfortable that I felt like a covergirl model working the camera- Lol. Next up, the markings better known as the road map to "The Perfect Change" Dr M is an artistic engineer. He just started marking away, a natural I must add. Although he did use a few "erasers" (alcohol pads) due to his attention to detail. When we had previously discussed my procedures he suggested doing the medial thigh lift and said he would make the incision from the knee up, but when marking he started his mark about half way up my thigh, I instantly said hey! We're supposed to be cutting lower, he said no sweetie you don't need that, at that point I decided my body was his to transform and I would trust him completely. We were in the surgery room by 715am. I was laid out on the surgery bed, I remember being introduced to Tina "the nurse", James "the nurse", an anesthesiologist and some other male. I recall Dr. M coming in and turning some music on, Jack Johnson's Better Together started playing, I started swinging my head to the music and next thing you know... Lights OUT!
I woke in a black compression garnment, with a black binder around, a RS sister called it a superhero costume. Cutest comment ever! I was discharged shortly after. My husband then took me to a local hotel, where he and my sister cared for me through the first night. I don't remember much but from what I heard I was screaming profanities, regretting having gone through with the procedure, and at one point, I was told I sat at the edge of the bed and was in tears. I don't recall these events so lets say they really didn't happen. I was given Norco for pain and my support team had me taking 2 every 4 hours for the first 24hrs, then 1 every 4 and I was off pain neds within 72hours. My body is miraculous and heals so well... I tell her that often.
I had a post op visit with Dr M the next day and then was well on my way home. I was still in a fog but remember one order specifically, no taking off the compression garment or binder at all - bummer.
At home I slept and continue to sleep in a recliner. I don't walk around much, and do very little to no lifting. There isn't any pain just a little discomfort.
Must haves for home:
Lots of Pillows
Toilet Raiser
Loved ones for assistance

Beware you will swell! Its no big deal but more of a mental game. I did break down in tears one moring bcz it made me feel defeated. But my hubby comforted me and made me realize I knew about the swelling going in and that it would soon pass. Still waiting for that to happen *eyeroll*
Im on a high protein diet. I seem to be hungry often. My diet consists of mainly eggs, salmon, cottage cheese, nuts, protein shakes, fruits and veggies. And boy do I feel GREAT!

8 days out

Omg! I have boobies!
I had my 8day post op visit today, the compression garment came off and the goods were exposed.
I was laying back and James (he's so wonderful) began taking off the bandages. As I looked down tears of joy took over and began flowing. James was so worried and thought I was upset or not happy with the results but I explained that I had never felt like a woman. That for many many years my everyday revolved around being overweight, not fitting in, and being ashamed for my body type. I finally felt like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am so fortunate and forever grateful. Thank you honey, thank you Dr Mowlavi and thank you James for the care and attention.
I've attached pictures, still swollen and everything is so fresh, things will improve daily.
Next appointment one week from today.
Happy healing everyone!

Compression Garment from Hell!

So my very stylish and oh so sexy black compression garment (the one seen in my previous photos) fits a little too snug bcz of my height, Im 5'10. I have a long torso, so in order for it to reach over my shoulders it needs to be pulled up tighter to my crotch. This is no bueno! I ended up with a rash between my thighs, right next to my crotch above my thigh incision. Smells like a used10day old maxi pad :-O I immediately called my PS who had two surgeries scheduled today, yet still made time to see me. He examined the rash and said it was nothing major. James cleaned me up and showed me how to apply antibiotic ointment to the area daily. I decided to use my own CG garment with a modified twist. I cut the bottoms off the one provided by my PS bcz I really need the compression on my arms. And added my cg on top. I am super tight, and I can't wait to be naked! I am in this 24hrs a day :( sooooo over it! I still have 2 drains in- no shower for me yet. Back to my recliner.... Hope everyone is doing well! Happy healing!

1 Month Anniversary

I woke up this morning thinking how fortunate I am. I would like to apologize to all my RS supporters, for not posting sooner but I was on an emotional rollercoaster and not feeling like myself. I still have plenty of swelling around my mid section and back, and yes there are scars everywhere, arms, back, tummy, boobs, thighs, and my lower back, but I traded my skin skirt for them all and I wear these scars proudly. My incisions are smooth to the touch and healing on point. My LBL scars are place in the right place and will easily be concealed. My doctor did a great job! Thank you, Dr Mowlavi, words cannot express my gratitude.

I love the bond it's created between my husband and I. Still no hanky panky but being NAKED can do oh so much for a relationship ;)
I'll be posting more photos soon.
Hope everyone is doing well.

Side Boob shot

I just realized I look pretty flat in the last picture I posted. I have to admit they're not huge but the right size for me. Here is what the boobs look like from the side. Scar goes all the way back, part of my back lift, and is well hidden with a bra.

Arm Lift - Brachioplasty

Any questions feel free to ask.
All credit goes to Dr Mowlavi :)

No Aches or Pains

Hey gals! Been keeping busy with the family. I'm officially back on mommy duty and that consumes 80% of my day, wish I could post more often.
I hate to brag but everything is wonderful and I feel fully recovered, although I'm sure I still need to take it easy. I haven't began any type of exercise... aside from the repetitive motion of reaching in my purse for my wallet. I have a new body to cloth and I can now wear the things I want to, no just things that fit! I feel like a guy who got a new car and now is adding accessories... wait.... I could have bought a new car.... NAH, this was a much better buy.
I hope everyone has a splendid Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for having an amazing husband, fantastic family, for my health, for everyone on RealSelf, and Dr. Mowlavi.
Everyday is a gift.
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

This has been by far the most pleasant experience-ever! Thank you for giving me my liife back, Dr. Mowlavi. He has been so kind, caring, , and compassionate. He really made me feel comfortable when I was most ashamed of my body. If you're looking for a talented surgeon who always keeps his customers best interest in mind, hes the plastic surgeon for you!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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