Smartlipo on Neck, So Far So Good!

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I have always wanted my neck to be smaller. No...

I have always wanted my neck to be smaller. No matter how much weight I lose it never looks like I've wanted. So when I heard about Smartlipo I was very excited. I went in for my consultation in November. The laser specialist took photos of me and gave me a price for the procedure, $2500.00.

After 4 months of saving up, I decided to schedule the procedure. I had blood work done and an EKG. Then I went in for the procedure. They gave me 2 valium and a couple of shots of pain meds. The doctor drew on my face where she was going to use the laser. The local anesthesia shot hurt the most. They really burned. But after I was numb i didnt feel anything.

The whole procedure took 30 minutes. I had to wait 20 minutes with ice on my neck and then I went home. Right when I got home I could tell that my neck was a little smaller.

The recovery was very fast. I took some pain meds for a headache I got from the procedure. I had to wear my garment for 4 days and on the 5th day I went back to work. Everyone can tell the difference already. I was told that it will take 4 months for the full results. I am very excited to see the outcome.

Now that 3 weeks have passed, I am just trying not...

Now that 3 weeks have passed, I am just trying not to think about how it will look in 4 months.  It is very easy to get disscouraged.  Dont get me wrong, it looks better than before but i want it to be more dramatic.  Hopefully at the 2 month mark i will be more satisfied.

At my 1 month post op appointment today, I...

At my 1 month post op appointment today, I was measured and more photos were taken.  I lost 1 whole inch in the past 2 weeks in my neck!  That makes 1 1/4 inch all together.  i have been massaging my neck everyday and i think it has really helped get rid of the lumps and reduce my neck.  I am really excited to lose so much in just 2 weeks.  I have another appointment in 8 weeks.  I cant wait to see the results in 2 months!

Lafayette Internist

She has a great bedside manner and was very knowledgeable about Smartlipo. So far my results are great. I reasearched online and found I searched in my area and she was one of the 2 listed. I would definetly recommend her.

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