23 Yrs,1 Child, 125 Lbs 5"4 32A to DD -Lafayette, LA

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Hey y'all! I'm new to posting but will explain...

Hey y'all! I'm new to posting but will explain where I'm at throughout my journey:
I've had 3 consults so far: Koobehi (New Orleans), Williams (Baton Rouge), and Guillot ( Baton Rouge)... All had completely different opinions though!

I am currently a 32A, looking to be a D again like I was pre pregnancy. I don't have any sagging, but have lost significant volume. Koobehi claims my breast tissue starts high and recommends a high profile no more than 385 ccs to give me a "D." Guillot claims I can pretty much put anything and we tried on sizers of 491 ccs and recommended a high profile (as he always defaults to). Williams recommended a moderate profile for a more natural look with good cleavage. We tried on 440cc and 470 cc Sientra silicones. He claimed in order to become a small D I would need the 440 and to be a full D to go with 470 cc. I have one more consult next week with Odinet (Lafayette) and will see where his opinion resides. Any opinions, advice is greatly appreciated!

Need opinions!

No particular update, but I think I'm leaning toward 470cc silicone moderate plus profile smooth round sientra. Can anyone direct me to anyone on here who has gotten those or that similar implant so I can get advice from them and see where they were coming from pre op and what their end results were! Help, I'm very unsure of the navigation of this site! ????thanks ladies

Where is my question?

I posted a question for the dr forum but can't find it and it said it was published! Can anyone help me?
Also, is there a phone app for real self???


A doctor who answered my question said I didn't post a non-oblique pre op, so I hope this helps him and other doctors!

New consult today! (4th)

4th doctor says I have great breast tissue and elasticity for having breastfed. However, my chest diameter and tissue amount would never surgically be able to close up with the 450-470 cc the other dr recommends. He said my tissue has room for another 350 or 371 cc and he would order both and try them on in surgery. He would put the most my tissue would anatomically allow. This sounds promising and medically safer than just ordering what the other doctors think will fit me. Although the 450-470 sound/look nice, I think In the long run my frame and tissue wouldn't hold up well with them and would cause issues.... Any opinions with this situation!? Plus, he said I still have a good amount of tissue to begin with (200+cc) so adding 400+ would be unnecessary..
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