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I started down the road toward veneers about 3...

I started down the road toward veneers about 3 weeks ago. I cried when I looked in the mirror. The temps looked like dentures. My dentist is really understanding and caring and it gets better every time I go, but I feel like I should be happy with them by now. I'm starting to lose confidence. Ill post pictures from start to where I am currently. Any ideas on what I can do to make them look more natural is appreciated. *They are a shade whiter than I plan on going with

Still tweaking

I realized that the last picture of me with the latest adjustments was not the best picture. I'm going back to the dentist on Wednesday and hope to be a bit more firm about my concerns. Will post another update then.

Going back tomorrow

Thanks for the comments. While I suppose they help, it certainly is solidifying my uncertainty. I'm becoming a basket case over it. The only thing keeping me sane is knowing that nothing is permanent YET. I know I can always run away from my dentist, although I wonder if I'd get my money back!

I'm not running away yet. I'm fact, I'm still going back in tomorrow to have my dentist try to dial back on the thickness again. While I'm losing confidence, I still have it in the back of my mind that this is just the nature of temps. Bulky. I really wish there were more photos of this phase on the Internet. On that note, I'll post another picture I took today. This one from another angle and with a filter so they don't look as bulky or as white.

While someone commented that the front teeth were too short and my canines too pointy, I actually disagree. I almost like them in this picture.

What a difference my last visit made!!!!

While I have been reassured that the temporaries are only to be used as a model for shape and length and NOT thickness or bulkiness, my dentist made some adjustments to make them look less like temporaries and more like real teeth. Feeling much better and my faith has been restored. I have an appointment to select shade where they will fit me with ONE porcelain veneer just for that appointment. Then, I will get a better idea of the true thickness. Meanwhile, suggestions are still welcome.

The real deal is finally here!

Yay! I Just finished up having the temps removed and the porcelain veneers placed. I'm still numb and my gums are very swollen and red, but I'm pretty certain that I am very satisfied with the result! I will be sure to post more pictures once I'm fully healed and have makeup on???? Ill also post a more detailed account of my experience when I'm not still suffering the after effects of sedatives. Thank you, all for your support through out this extensive process! Here's to getting back to my life!!!!

More pictures

A few hours after my big to-do and I'm feeling a little bit nervous. My 6 year old says I have "fake Barbie teeth." I'm not so sure I agree, but it still rattles my self-confidence. I feel like under some light they look a little gray. :-/ In other light, I love them! Im thinking that maybe I got used to the bright white temporaries and will just have to adjust to these as I did those. I still see a bit of bulk but only under close inspection. I need to stop looking in the mirror and get back on with my life!
But aside from some discomfort from my gums they feel great! And I'm happy with the shape. This has been such a long road. Glad it's over.

A year and a half later...

It has taken me awhile to get used to my new teeth. And sometimes, I still feel like the whole world can tell. Now my husband is going down this path and I have been showing him the pictures from my journey. I realize now that the last pic I posted was just a few days post "install" of my permanents and I thought I'd share a pic of me now. You can see that my gums are no longer inflamed and have settled into place. I've also had my dentist reshape and shorten just a hair here and there. You probably can't even tell the difference.
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