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I'm ready to find clothes that fit right instead...

I'm ready to find clothes that fit right instead of hiding all of my loose skin. My husband says he loves me for the way I am. My Doctor made me so comfortable in choosing him & I love his staff. He answered all of my questions & any more questions I can call & speak with him anytime or his staff.

Surgery & pre op appt is set!

I'm getting nervous and anxious all at the same time. Surgery is set for 7/14/16 & my balance is paid. I'm getting a BL, Extended TT, & Abdominal Muscle Repair. I opted to do my implants at a later date. I'm trying to get everything together for my surgery before hand and I know I'm missing something. Can anyone offer advice on supplies I'll need at home for after surgery, and what worked best for recovery?

Getting really nervous!!!!

I'm getting really nervous but anxious at the same time. My mommy makeover is almost 15 days away. I believe I have everything I will need for my recovery at home & my surgeons office staff has been great with answering all of my questions & concerns. My husband has been very supportive & the very few friends and family I have that support me in my decision to do this are standing behind me. If I could just calm my nerves I would probably get through this a lot easier. I have wanted to do this for so long. I've fought with all of my loose skin after loosing all the weight from having 3 children in less than 2 years took a toll in my body. I've hid it under baggy clothes & I don't want to do that anymore. My self esteem took a big nose dive & I'm ready to get that back. I'm ready to get this done but my nerves get the best of me here lately.

Counting the days down

Still nervous finally got everything I need for my recovery at home. These last few days can't go by fast enough. Sucks I have to stop some of my medicine before surgery because I've got a major headache & Tylenol isn't going to do anything for it. Hopefully it goes away soon and I can enjoy the rest of the 4th of July weekend. Hope everyone has a great weekend will post again later on.

9 more days till the new me

Time is flying by & I'm as ready as I can get. Today is the last of my pre op stuff for my clearance for surgery, Thursday is my pre op with my surgeon, Sunday is my blood donation for surgery, & on Monday I see my pc to get final clearance. I didn't think I would ever see the finish line for my surgery but I'm almost there. Still anxious & nervous though & hope the nervousness goes away.

7 more days!!!!!

Pre op today!!!!!!! OMG time is flying & I'm ready.

6 more days

I'm so ready to get it all done. Had my pre op appointment yesterday & got all of my paperwork finished being signed & I have to be there at 6am. I'll be the 1st 1 in. I have presented my dr with a challenge though. See I have a large tattoo of a tiger on my left rib cage that runs down my side & under my left breast. He said he's going to try and avoid the paw at the bottom & do his best for the body part under my left breast. If I loose a lil bit of the body under my breast it'll be ok it can be fixed later. I'll include a picture for you all to see to know how his dilemma will be but I'm ok with it either way. Trying to contain my nervousness but tactics aren't working so well today. Only things I have left are the wireless bra they want me to wear after surgery for a while & some retainers for my piercings. Well have to start my day, it's school supply shopping day for my 3 youngest & I have to get that done as I won't be able to drive for a lil while after. I'll update again later on & the night before I'll post some pics of the last time I'll have loose & saggy skin. This picture was when it was still a work in progress on my tiger.

Omg 5 days left.

Ok getting really nervous now!!!! I'm cleaning house like a mad woman which seems an impossible task with 3 kids running around. I've cooked meals & packaged them in the freezer so it'll be just thaw heat & eat.

Omg correction 4 days left!

Ok nervousness is really kicking in now. I've got my blood donation to do today for my surgery & my husband is treating me to lunch since it'll probably be a while before we can go do anything while I'm healing. Tomorrow I have my final check up with my pcp, Tuesday lunch with some friends before surgery & to get a type & screen that evening, Wednesday is my last pre op visit to my surgeon get my markings for surgery. He's determined to save my tiger. I've got all of my scripts filled for after surgery & plenty of reading material & support from this site.

Almost 56 hours and counting

Well couldn't do my blood donation cause now I'm told it's too late to do it because my body won't replenish what was taken out before surgery & would just get back what I'm short on with still no extra for surgery. So we're just going to do bank blood and pray & hope for the best. Not wild about it but no choice unless I want to push back surgery another month. So surgery is still set for Thursday morning. I'm so excited & ready to get it done.

30 hours till the new me

Getting really nervous & a lil scared of what my outcome will be. I know it'll all be fine but I still worry. Has anyone else felt like this?

Last day to look like this.

Last day with flab & extra skin. My apologies everyone the pictures aren't pretty. But this time tomorrow I'll be at the surgery center getting checked in.

Final pre op done!

Did my final pre op & I'm marked like a road map. I'm almost 14 hours till I have to be there & surgery was moved up to 7am. His nurse said we were looking at a 6-7 hour surgery because of how extensive it is. They will keep me over night for observation. I've got a lil overnight bag with a few necessities like a brush & toothbrush & going home clothes. I'll update again on the way.

Marked & ready

10 hours till I have to be there.

Today's the day

I've waited on this day seems like forever & will be heading there shortly.

On my way!

I'm ready as I can be & oh I'm starving.

Surgery went great!

Surgery went great. I'm home now. Little sore but I'm ok. I drift in & out of sleep because of my pain meds. Dr Henderson & his staff were wonderful & met all my needs & made sure I was comfortable. Some of the staff forgot to stock the food cart & nurse Nancy's husband brought us something to eat. They took very good care of me. Dr Henderson took off 5 lbs of loose skin & some fatty tissue. I'm well on my way to the flatter side now. He had to really work my insides to be able to sew up my muscles & get them tight again. I'm all propped up with pillows & have a lil difficulty with coughing to help keep my lungs clear. I will say that really hurts. Getting sleepy again will update again later. Thank all of you ladies for your well wishes & support.

Rough night

I had a rough night last night. Really sore & hurting. Pain came back before I could take more meds but started the arcina Montana last night and it started to help. So far my day isn't as bad. I've added a photo that's showing the curves I'm getting so happy so far.

Sorry I'm late posting updates

I had my 1st post op appt yesterday & they removed both drains. I've been been put into my post op bra which I'm not a fan of. I truly miss my underwire bras. I did get to see my incisions sorry forgot to get pics. My belly is so flat yeeeeaaaaaa!!!!!!! My breast have a square look to the bottom but I was assured it was because of the way the lift was done & once they are healed an the skin starts softening they will drop back to a natural look. My belly button looks great. Didn't have a lot of bruising & what I did have was already turning yellow. Comparatively my c section was much easier than this & I'm not saying some haven't had a rough healing from a c section, but the way my TT was described to me was that because my muscles stayed separated for long he really had to work my insides to get my muscles tight again so I could have a flat stomach. He removed 5 lbs of saggy loose skin that had fat attached to it. I was cleared for a shower yesterday but it didn't last long as I wasn't very comfortable with my stomach muscles being without the binder support but that'll get better over time. I'll up load photos later on tonight. The tightness of my binder keeps my appetite down plus the pain meds kind of knock it out too but other than all of that I'm doing pretty good.

1 week post op

Well I hope everyone that has had their procedures are healing great. I'm now one week post op & standing a little bit more straighter. To be honest I hate this type of binder. I have a short torso, larger hips & butt & this thing rides up & folds up on me by my hips. I'm probably going to swap to spanxs after my appointment tomorrow. My dr recommended a girdle that goes down on my thighs but here in Louisiana with 96+ degree weather not including the heat index the girdle will be just to hot. I did get a picture of my abdominal sutures. My dr assures me I'm healing nicely. I've had some drainage from under my left beast & some from my right nipple & was told its normal as long as it's not a thick pus drainage. Everyone have a great day.

The most itchy & uncomfortable binder ever!

Sorry everyone I don't mean to rant or rave about anything but this binder is driving me crazy. I itch all the time & not necessarily near my incision. It keeps riding up to my lower incision. It pinches & rubs. It's really starting to effect my sleep. I've got to get my dr to recommend something else before I claw my skin off. Has anyone had this problem?

My struggle

It bunches & rides up.

8 days post op

I had another post op appt today & everything went great. I finally caved in and got me a girdle. The dr is amazed how well I'm healing & how good my incisions look. I've been cleared to start driving on Monday. As time goes by I'm standing a little more straighter. I do have to say this girdle is bout like night and day. No pinching or riding up & hopefully I can sleep tonight. I'll definitely let everyone know I'm the morning.

Bye bye binder!

I have to say the girdle did the trick last night. I slept pretty good for a change. It's not a big expensive one just one I got at Walmart that has the high waist & triple panel design. I know it maybe a lil to early to use but I had to try something so I could sleep.

10 days post op

I have to say each day that goes by it gets a lil easier. I'm able to walk around a lil more. I couldn't take sleeping in the recliner anymore & slept in my bed over the weekend. Talk about more comfortable. It my have been to early to start sleeping in my bed but I was hurting to bad to stay in my chair. My husband had a hip replacement last year & a friend of mine made a ramp for him to be able to get in & out of our bed & it's been a life saver for me too cause I have a 4 poster antique rice carved bed & from the top of my mattress to the floor is 38". Not something you want to climb in right after surgery. I was changing clothes this morning and my husband says OMG your stomach is so flat. Even being a DD my boobs they are even perky but I know they are going to settle. My right breast has started to round out at the bottom & the left should soon follow. My last po visit they told me I had a few stitches that had abrupted & they would take those out on my next visit & put strips in the stitches place. I may be going back to work in the next 2 weeks & I'm hoping all of my stitches are out by then so I don't have to make trips back and forth because the job is 2 states away & a 5 1/2 hr drive each way.

12 days post op

So far everything is still going good. I was almost standing straight this morning for a lil while. I have another po visit Thursday. I have a few abrupt stitches that they're going to take out & replace with the strips. I need to have a conversation with my ps because I'm supposed to be going back to work in about 2 weeks & I'll be 2 states away & can't come back as often to get my stitches taken out. My job is pretty sedentary sitting at a desk with a computer all day. I'm a field timekeeper for a heat exchanger company that works out in the plants. So we've got to figure that out. But all in all I'm doing pretty good, moving around more & still not lifting on anything. I will say I'm ready to get back to normal. My husband & my children have been wonderful all pitching in to help with the cooking & cleaning but I miss being the one to take care of everyone. In the beginning after my surgery yes I did have a lil bit of the blues as they called it because I felt so helpless & couldn't do anything for my family & felt like a burden on everyone & that's not me at all. All of the blues have been put at bay & kicked to the curb. No more feelings like that. I'm doing great now & moving forward. Well it's time to get up and move again. I'll update again later.

PS I hate a bra with no underwire & this post op bra has no wires & it drives me nutts!!!!!

Getting flatter but still some swelling

2 weeks post op

Saw my ps today & everything is looking good so far. There was a small spot on my left breast that was a little red & he gave me a round of antibiotics to be safe & to prevent any possible infection. They took out my lower external stitches on my abdomen & belly button. I had several abrupt stitches on my abdomen but the internal sutures are still in tact. He didn't put the steri strips on this time but has me using the micropore tape where the sutures were. His nurse found a small amount of oozing under my left breast but said it shouldn't pose any problems. I go back in another week hopefully everything is resolved & the rest of my external stitches taken out of my breast. I've included a picture. Starting to see curves. Very happy about that but only 2 weeks out still have a good bit of swelling. I was told that I didn't need the binder that I can now wear the girdle full time. I hope everyone is healing great & have a great weekend.

Tried on a few dresses in my closet.

Can still see I have swelling but it'll go down with time. Loving my results so far.

Tried on jeans for the 1st time since surgery

I tried on a pair of jeans that I wore before surgery that are normally a little tight & yesterday I kept having to pull them up cause they were loose. I'm in Awwwww that my body has changed just that much. My confidence is back in wearing clothes that actually fit me. I'm 3 weeks po today & I have an appointment with my ps to check my progress & hopefully it will be all good.

3 week po update

I saw my ps today & everything was great. I don't have to see him again for 3 weeks. I have to wear the girdle for only 3 more weeks & the post op bra for another 4 weeks then I can go back to my underwire bras again. I've been cleared for sleeping on my side & some "good lovins" from my husband as long as we go slow & easy. In 3 more weeks I can start excercises. I'm beyond thrilled & will hopefully be back to work soon.

Photo updates

Almost all of the scabbing is gone on my tummy tuck incision. It's the lighting that makes it look so dark. These pictures are with & without the compression garments.

4 week update

Sorry I've been kinda MIA for a lil while. Have had a lot going on. My AC went out in my house & other stuff you never really plan for, but got it all fixed. Everything has been going great until 2 nights ago I noticed a spot under my left breast that looked like a scab had been rubbed off & a new one was trying to form no big deal so for extra added reassurance I put neurosporin & a bandaid on it to keep my bra from rubbing it off again so it could heal & it's right at the bottom of the T junction on my breast lift I had done. Last night I noticed it looked a lil bigger but after I cleaned around it it's actually a lil smaller but looks a little different. I've included pictures in this post. I'm going to call my ps this morning and see if I should worry or do I need to come in, is it wound separation, stitch infection, or what. Will keep posted. 1st photo was 2 nights ago, 2nd is last night before I cleaned it & the last 2 are after I cleaned it. The small round scar below it has nothing to do with this surgery. I got that before I was born & that's another story for another time. If any of you have scene this before please let me know what this is. Thanks!

30 days since mommy makeover

I can't believe it's been a month already. The spot under my left bust is shrinking & getting better with time. I've got about a week and a half left to wear the compression girdle & two in a half weeks left in the post op bra & then I can go back to my underwire bras. It's been an amazing journey so far. My only concern now is I've put on some weight since my surgery. I've gained 8 lbs after the total 12 I lost since surgery. I know I've still got swelling but I don't know how much it's contributing to the weight gain. That'll be another discussion with my ps. I know after 6 weeks I can start exercise again cause I've got to get this weight off. But overall I'm happy with my results so far.

Minor setback

That spot has gotten bigger. Going get it checked out today by my ps.

Sorry been kinda MIA

I've had so much going on since my last post. Tummy tuck incision looks really good the superficial wound under my left breast is starting to look a little better. I've got 5 more days in the tummy compression garment although I still may wear it when I start back exercising. Because of the wound under my breast my ps wants me to wear my po surgical bra an extra week. So another week longer without my underwires. I'm still swelling above my TT scar. I've started walking to get back in the swing of exercising so it's slow and easy.

I made it to 6 weeks!!!!!!!

I made it to 6 weeks & can't believe I've made it. It doesn't seem like it's been that long ago that I had my mommy makeover done. Today is the day the girdle & compression can come off. The superficial wound under my left breast is healing nicely & I'll post pictures at the end of this post. It's been a journey to say the least. Now starts a new chapter of getting back into exercising & maintaining my new figure. I'm still taping round my tummy tuck incision just for added extra reassurance. I do expect some swelling once I'm exercising again & I know with time it'll subside & go away. So back to my healthy diet & exercise for me. The first picture is of the wound as of this morning & the other pictures was taken this morning with me facing the mirror & side picture was last night.

7 weeks today & still battling the wound.

I made to to 7 weeks today. That open spot has gotten a little bigger. It was healing then it got a little bigger. So yesterday I went & saw my ps & he cauterized it with a silver nitrate stick. He was talking to try and distract me but that thing burned like a branding iron wow. He got it sealed off that way & put an ointment on it to take the burn away. He said it should heal faster now & I sure hope so because this spot is right where my bra rubs so looks like I'll go without a bra when I can to stop the friction. I have to keep applying the ointment till it heals once a day. My mom is a retired nurse & we've researched natural ways to heal wounds & read that raw natural honey helps heal wounds. I may try this & see if it works too. My dr did clear me for all exercise except weight training so the wound won't spread with the strain. So I'm going to try working out starting Monday. Wish me luck Ima need it. I've included photos. The pictures show the changes. First picture was where it was & second picture was yesterday morning.

The wound is getting better

My wound is finally getting better. It's closing & shrinking up. It's close to half way closed. I'm so happy. I've enclosed pictures. 1st picture was 9/02. The 2nd was tonight 9/06.

Updated pics at almost 8 weeks

Updated pics 2nd try.

Took these the other day

8 week update attempt #3

For some reason I'm having a hard time uploading pictures but I'm going to try again. I'm doing great & finally feeling back to normal. That spot under my left breast is finally almost fully healed. In a week in a half. I'm in amazement how fast it has healed with the nitrate stick, raw honey, and the ointment I was prescribed. My boobs have started to drop, round out, soften, & settle. I'm hoping my nipples move down some in the settling process cause some of my bras they kinda do a peek a boo thing with the top of the cup. I'm very happy with my results & since that wound is almost fully healed I'm ecstatic.

Almost 10 weeks po.

I'm doing & feeling great. My wound under my left breast is completely healed & I'm so relieved. It had me worried & didn't think it would ever heal. I've been doing some cardio exercises & got my routine back. I'm so glad I did the mommy makeover. I feel like me again & I feel better about myself & the way my clothes fit again. Once I'm back working I can save up for part 2 of my makeover for my implants to get my volume back. My dr didn't want to do the lift & implants at the same time cause of too many complications that could happen & I'm glad I waited on the implants cause my wound could have been much worse.

Been a long time posting

I've been mia quite a while but I'm doing great. All scars are healed & starting to fade & are almost completely soft. I still have some residual swelling in my lower abdomen it's not much though. My dog ears are another subject. My left side has shrunk dramatically but still has a lil pucker on my hip. My left side has a large pucker on that hip & I'm scheduled to have an out patient procedure to have them taken off on March 17th. But all is well with me.
Dr Darryl Henderson

Dr Henderson & his staff are wonderful. They made me feel comfortable from day 1. Any question I have I can call anytime & speak directly with any of his staff or I can talk to Dr Henderson himself. Sarah his patient coordinator is amazing , helped me get all of my payments in, & was very prompt in sending me my information I needed. I would recommend Dr Henderson & staff to anyone.

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