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I want straighter teeth & a brighter smile. I...

I want straighter teeth & a brighter smile. I never had braces when I was younger. About 6 years ago I had to get 2 teeth pulled on my upper (1 on each side). I unfortunately didn't get bridges to close the hole from these 2 missing teeth & now my teeth are shifting backwards. I never had gaps in my teeth & now, I HATE to smile. Hoping Invisalign will work for me. I look forward to the days that I can smile BIG & CHEESY...not worrying about if people think that I can eat corn on the cob through a picket fence.....

My 1st Visit | Impressions & Mug Shots

I went in on October 17, 2013 to do my impressions, xrays and 'mugshots'. I am really hoping that I get my trays in this week. I am very eager to start this long awaited journey. I am posting my before pictures (they gross me out)! My teeth were never this gapped. I hate smiling, I hate talking to people. I am an IT Professional so it is very hard for me to NOT talk to people. Until I get my 1st set.......

Some Background History...

I have had a lot of work done in the past few years.
In 2005, I had one root canal & crown on my lower left 2nd molar. Later that year I had laser gum treatment due to recession of gums (hereditary). The following year, I cracked both of my upper 1st molars that old fillings. Those 2 were pulled & I didn't replace them with bridges. Since that happened, my upper teeth began to shift backward causing the gaps in the front. I had another laser gum surgery in April of this year to get everything healthy again.
So now that all of that is healed & healthy, I get to start on my smile transformation. :D
Once finished with the Invisalign treatment, I will probably have 2 to 4 Lumineers placed on my upper front teeth (2 central incisors & 2 lateral incisors). My 2 upper lateral incisors are 'small' teeth so in order to have them look proportionate with the rest of my teeth, that's where the Lumineers come in. My upper left central incisor has a medium sized chip on the corner so the Lumineer will cover it (& another Lumineer on the upper right central incisor to match). So now that we have the background info covered, it is full steam ahead! No more looking backward!!!

I have to keep my eye on the prize....A Beautiful Straight & Healthy Smile!

Still Waiting

Just wanted to drop in & give an update. I am still waiting on my aligners to arrive. Waiting is the hardest part. But I am sure around the week after I get my aligners, I will probably be saying "why did I get this??"! Anyhow, I am really anxious to get started on my Invisalign journey.....

Today is the day!

I am finally sitting in my Ortho's chair! I'm getting my buttons & my aligners today!!! :) I don't have details yet.
I will update once he has finished.

and They are On!

After an hour in the chair and 14 buttons later, I now have my 1st set of aligners on!! Looks like 29 sets of aligners, but my teeth will be closely monitored due to some of the bone loss. We do not want the Invisalign to do more damage. We may have to stop if he sees unwanted changes.
I am adding 2 photos of my mouth with the aligners on.

Aligner # 6

I am not seeing much changes from my pictures but everyone else says they see a difference. Not quite sure how I feel about it right now.
Dr. T. Kirk Crane, DDS

I have been going to Dr. Crane for nearly 9 years. He is wonderful. I have had quite a but of extensive work done in my mouth in these years. I am looking forward to seeing what he will do with my Invisalign treatments.

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