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Im a 29 yr old mother of 3 girls that is feed up...

Im a 29 yr old mother of 3 girls that is feed up with watching my girls blossom more than me. I have been thinking bout getting BA since I was 18. I have always fluctuated in bra size since I had my first child. Im currently a 32A and tired of it. Im very blessed in the rear but not at the top. I came across this site in hopes I can recieve some guidance. I dont know where to start I made 2 consultations with doctors in lafayette, la but I really dont know what I want: Saline or silicone, incision site, size, or placement? So plz can anyone start me off on my journey.

I'm starting to get a little confused on what I...

I'm starting to get a little confused on what I want when I get my BA. I've been reading reviews on the good and bad of BA. I've seen pics of BA with nipples going in different directions and breast larger than the other. I know that the size can't be perfect but which implant would get me closer to the perfection. I truly think I want I want saline implants bc it's seems safer. I don't want to go to big bc I'm terrified of rippling, capsular, etc. Can someone plz help to calm my nerves bc I'm getting terrified before my consultations in three days.

Hey everyone I went to my first consultation last...

Hey everyone I went to my first consultation last week and I must say I was very disappointed in the dr. The facility itself was very nice and felt real comfortable. The staff were polite and informative it was actually a family run business. The consultation nurse which was the doctor's daughter answered all my questions and made me comfortable. The dr has a lot of experience in his field and knew exactly what I was looking for but it was so quick. In and out he went which felt so rushed so I doubt that I select him as my PS. I'm still on the look out for that one that stands out. Need help I'm becoming very discouraged in my search.

It's finally TIME!!!!

It's been a while since I have been on this site but I'm so happy to be back. Two years ago I inquired about getting a BA but took a break to add our last addition to our family. Now it's my time to take care of me. I have recently gone to 1 consultation which gave me so much knowledge and discouragement at the same time. I was told that my right breast has a tubular shape which I never knew. I was also told that my rib cage is off set which makes one breast project outward farther than the other. I was set on getting 350cc Saline under the muscle implant but now I'm confused about what to do now. I want to have the BA in late March early April so I need some help. Please any advise or guidance is accepted.

Im Scheduled????

Well I took the big leap of faith and decided to schedule my procedure for 03/27/2015. I scheduled with Dr. Jules Walters in New Orleans, La. I felt more at ease with him. He answered all my questions and he understood me. I was a little worried because he doesn't have as much experience as other doctors but with the new technology and techniques I feel that I'm in good hands. Now the countdown begins. Excited and nervous at the same time. Can't wait

Changed my surgery date!!!!!

Well I guess I let my nerves get to me because I called and moved my surgery date up to March 11th OMG. I have my pre op appt on Thursday so im excited. I guess its time for me to go sports bra shopping. Did anyone start on any vitamin C or zinc etc before surgery????

Pre-Op appt done!!!!

Well I had my pre-op appt on Thursday and I'm very happy with what me and my PS decided to do. We upload the images and decided on 420cc Moderate Plus Saline implants. What do yall think????

My Twinz have finally arrived.

Yesterday was my surgery and everything went smoothly. I arrived at the surgical center at 6am and was take. To the back at 645am. The nurses were awesome. They even made placing my IV a pleasant experience. My doctor showed up with a smile which eased my anxiety. I truly don't remember anything after they wheeled me into the operating room. I woke up at home feeling very uncomfortable. I had the worst time trying to sleep last night I hope it gets better. My left breast is much more swollen than the right one. I recieved 420cc saline moderate plus implants. I'm very pleased with the outcome so far.

Pre & Post Op pics

Post Op Day 3

This is a different kind of pain and discomfort. I feel so sleep deprived and my chest is so damn tight I can barely move my arms. I actually heard a squishy sound when I raised my arm to high. I'm still in love with my results.

Loving Swimsuits lol

I decided to try on one of my old swimsuit tops. Loving the overflow lol. Can't until they drop some more. Still have some asymmetry going on but I'm still very pleased!!!!

Loving the way I look!!!

I'm so in love with my results so far. I'm still feeling very tight and heavy but I'm ok with that. I don't like the way the "morning boobs" feel but hopefully it stops soon. My left boob is my problem child so I can't wait to see what my PS says on my next visit. I'm still in awwww that I finally got it done. Loving the skin I'm in.


Oh my god no one told me that my nipples would be this sensitive. The change in the temperature is the worst. My bra cases the worst kind of pain. Just the brush of fabric across them hurts. I always wanted my nipples to have sensitive feeling but this they can keep. Praying for better days. But loving my results so far.

Drop rate killing me!!!

I'm loving my results but hating that they are dropping at different rates. I'm actually in love with the way my left is still sitting high and looking full. My right is dropped down but looks like a natural breast of a mother of 4 lol. I just can't wait until I can wear a real bra bc I'm tired of the uni-boob look of the sports bras. Continuing my journey!

Victoria Secret was like Toysrus!!!

So I decided I was going to go to Victoria Secret today to get measured and I don't think I was ready lol. I measured in as a 32DDD or 34DD. I was in shock lol but very excited. I'm still a Lil swollen and my left has to drop a good bit but it was fun to see boobs in a bra.
Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon

I'm so excited to be doing my BA in the next few weeks with Dr. Walters. He was so attentive and understanding to my needs. He answered all my questions and made me feel more at ease with my decision. He didn't try to talk me into going bigger than I should unlike some other doctors. I know he's new to this but my gut is telling me he's the one. Can't wait until March

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