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Hi all, I am 5´3, 130lbs, 34b maybe A lol. I am...

Hi all, I am 5´3, 130lbs, 34b maybe A lol. I am nurse and Independent Designer for Origami Owl. Pretty busy lady! All my life I have been small chested and watched most of the women in my family and thought of course I would be the one who gets skipped. Even though they were small, they have always been perky and cute. Well after my son (a yr ago) they have gone downhill. My husband promised after we were done having kids I could get them done!! Though he has this silly fear I will leave him bc apparently there is a statistic 2 in 4 women leave their husbands after. The time is here. I searched hi and low researching drs in my city and surrounding. My first consultation I fell in love with dr Odinet in Lafayette, La he is wonderful and tons of experience. He is real with you, which is exactly what I wanted. He also has the 3d machine to give you an idea what you will look like. Now the only thing im beginning to worry about is he said for my body type he doesn't recommend going over 300cc which I was ok with until seeing all the pictures. So I will be calling this week. My pre op appt is March 27, I don't want to wait until then to see if I can go up to 350. I decided on silicone moderate profile, under the muscle and going in under my boob (forgot the technical term) Im so nervous to have surgery. I haven't had stitches or a broken bone much less needed to be put under for something. On the plus side I will finally fill out clothing and bathing suits and he said since im older and had two kids my skin has stretched some so the pain after wont be that bad maybe just muscle spasms. I love this site I have found so much useful information.

One week until Pre Op Appointment

Not much change in my feelings! Im made up my mind to call dr Monday about my concerns on size. My appointment is Thursday hopefully its not to late. I have been stalking the sight, everyone has such great results, hoping mine look as great! I have a few pictures I saved of girls that were my size before and got 350cc and they look like were I want to be. Every time I think about surgery I get big knots in my stomach. Hoping those go away and I can calm myself. Two and half weeks til surgery :)

On my way to pre op appt!!!

On my way, my nerves are so bad you would swear I was getting boobs today! Can only imagine what I will be like the day of. Cant wait to find out if I can go a little bigger!! So ill update as soon as I leave! Ill be getting all my post op supplies today! Its starting to sink in that in 13days I will have finally have a woman's body! I love everything about my body but my boobs and sometimes I get self conscious around my husband. Can't wait to walk around naked proudly lol!

pre op appt update.

Wow I felt like I signed my life away!!so first he said he doesn't think the 325 will work but will have them just incase so I am happy about that. I honestly don't want to look deformed so I am going to trust his opinion. He is the expert! Got my prescriptions. I was given e-mycin, narco, valium, and phenergan. We went over restrictions again. Got really nervous I would have to cancel my surgery bc they said I wouldn't be able to lift over 20lbs for 4 weeks. My husband will be home the first 5 days but I after I am on my own. I bring my daughter to school which requires strapping my one yr old in his carseat. Once I talked to the dr he said as long as im careful and not swinging him I should be fine. For those of you who have babies how did that part go for you? Like rocking or picking them up? Second they are strongly encouraging me to stop smoking bc of all the complications. I have tried in the past its so hard. Has anyone smoked an been ok? I did it for my children but every other time I've tried it hasn't worked. So im worried about that. My surgery is paid in full so now I just count down the days!! If anyone has any advice feel free to share!!

little less than a week left

In 6 days I will have my dream boobs! So busy planning my sons one year party on Saturday that it has kept my mind busy. Which is definitely a good thing. Im so worried about how I will handle my son, who still likes to be rocked and kicks me in the face anf chest all night. Joys of motherhood :-) think I have everything I need. I read somewhere that a girl used Itworks product for scarring and stretch marks. What have yall used? Are you suppose to get stretch marks after? So many things going through my mind. Thank goodness my husband is use to my constant questioning and worrying about things or he might divorce me lol.

ugh two more days!

I need to stop reading so much! Up until Saturday I had my son's birthday party to keep my mind occupied but now nothing. My stomach is in knots this morning. Im not sure why. I know things will be ok, I guess its just the unkown... little less than 48hrs to go. Wish me luck girls. The next time I post I will boobies!!!!

My last no boobies picture!

I figured since it is my last night boobieless why not take a picture! In 10 hours I will have real women boobs lol! Lets hope I can get some sleep tonight. I have everything set out out and ready to go. I did all my housework and clothes. Got lots of cuddles in today with my little man. He was super attached today, I wonder if he could sense something is up. Also got cuddles in with my big man! Going take my bath with my hibiclens and try to get some rest! I will update tomorrow as soon as I can. I cant believe its really happening. I have only been wanting to do this over 10 years. Just didn't think I would actually go through with it.

304 cc moderate profile silicone!!

Well its done! From the small sneak peak i took. Im pretty in love! I think they are a perfect size for me. Im surprisingly not in much pain. I took my pain pills at 10 and haven't had any since! Hopefully it gets better from here. Im thinking day 2 might be a little sore! I will explain the procedure in an update later tonight.

surgery update with more pictures

Once we got there we had to wait for what seemed like forever. Then I got called back. The nurse went over all information and started my iv. Then hubby came kiss and hug me while the dr marked me. Then it was time for hubs to leave and I cried a little after he left. I guess I was nervous! My iv was leaking when the anesthesia came in so they gave me a little happy medicine then fixed it. Walked to operating room layed down and he told me in 10 sec I would be out, I was like no way so I counted down got to 5 started counting bk up. He laughed and said wrong way I remember getting to four and then I was waking up. When I woke up I was shaking even with the heater. I also was nauseated so she gave me some medicine. Don't remember much more.
Day 2 woke up with my back hurting more than the boobs. They were just stiff. Just left first check up. Dr loves them and said I have great skin and they are healing perfectly. Im so happy. This is really the best decision.

day 3...

I know a lot of women complain of bloating and constipation. I have had this problem most of my adult life. So I wanted to share what I use and it works wonderful with no stomach pains. Mirilax is a miracle. I usually take it every two days. But since surgery I do it every day and have been very regular. No problems! So I would recommend getting some and starting before your surgery. The pain is pretty good today just a little soreness and tightness around incisions. Loving them more and more. My husband is so ready to play with them lol. How long are we suppose to wait before having sex??

sitting pretty

Well its 4 days post op and im not taking any meds besides my antibiotics. I took two Tylenol this morning but its 5pm and im just fine. The incisions are starting to get a little itchy. The only thing im concerned with is I keep having low grade temp on and off. The highest it has gotten was 100. I know he said to call if over 101. I have no other signs of infection like hotness, bleeding,oozing. I will call him tomorrow just to be on safe side. Another sad note hubby goes back to work tomorrow :( it will be just me and my one year old. So im so nervous about that. The girls are looking pretty though. I went get some more sports bras today and im a 34d I know not accurate but still made me smile and want to jump for joy :-)

massage techniques

No pain meds again today! Have more range of motion. Had to lift my son out the bed and rock him today very carefully. My stitches are itching like crazy! Is there anything you can do? I have been doing my massages 2x day dr recommended 4. My husband said they were looking really good! Im gonna post pictures of the techniques he recommends.

one week boobversary

So its been a week! Healing has been better than expected up until yesterday. My daughter has her dance recital Thursday. So Tuesday and Wednesday we have practice from 5 to 8 plus I had errands yesterday. Last night was painful. Im assuming im doing to much but I have no choice. Yesterday was my first day alone with one yr old puh it was hard. Picking him up only when absolutely necessary is no easy task. Ugh just ready to be myself!! Also run low grade temp throughout the day called pa not concerned just need to drink more water like atleast 8 bottles a day. Boobs are looking good. Cant wait until steri strips fall off so I can see the scar

bathing suit tops

So since my husband said boobs seemed to have dropped. Im excited to post pictures. Today is 9 days overall feeling ok. The running out of energy sucks and sometimes the burning pains every now and then. I massage them and it usually helps. Ordered some amino acids recovery muscle stuff. Hopefully im not to late taking them.

almost 2 weeks

Tomorrow will be two weeks and overall feeling good. Past few days I have felt like they have always been there. Though I find im in the habit of always touching them even in public lol people prob think im crazy. Getting lots of new sports bra and bralettes in this week. Cant wait! Will post pics.

checkup Thursday

Cant waiu to get steri strips Thursday!!

new bras and swimsuits

So I got a few of my new bras and swimsuits in. Im also starting the diet stuff I sell tomorrow. Time to shape up!!

2 week check up!!

Yesterday was my two week check up! Got the strips removed. Ouch they didn't want to come off. It hurt more than my boobs did lol. She trimed the stitches. I had pushed some out already so its healing nicely. He was so happy with the results. He wants to put me on the website and his book. Can't believe the scars. I expected bigger. Bio oil has helped with itching. Suppose to start scar cream when the scars loose the scabs. Loving my boobs more and more each day.

found the perfect sports bra

Well I have tried about every one from cheap to expensive. A few hours in they end up hurting my boobs. Well the xvs is so comfortable. Posted a pic of it. I feel like I have nothing on. Also so proud of my swimsuit pic. Still cant believe its me. Lol. Also wanted to post a few pics of the scars. So expected bigger and uglier. Of course one boob is dropping faster than the other. Started doing small exercises. Oh and my post op bloat is almost all gone. Ugh I thought it would never go away. Who likes looking pregnant if your not. I actually had someone ask me when I was due. It stung a little but def getting better. Hope everyone is doing well. Oh I def recommend getting a ba in winter. Its starting to get 90degrees here and well sports bras arent cute with summer shirts. I def stop and look in the mirror more now and admire these new beauties lol

Almost 5 weeks

Well I am almost 5 weeks and they are finally not feeling so foreign. Also I'm able to pick up my 1 yr old normally. Who would have thought it would take so long to get back to normal. I thought maybe a month or so and bam pretty boobies. So not the case. Of course my right is dropping faster. I'm in desperate need of a strapless bra. I hate free boobing it and my nipple at attention all the time. Any suggestions? Happy healing to everyone!! Good luck to all those about to get them.

first beach trip with boobies

Well its been awhile since I updated. I'm 3 months in and so happy with my decision and results. Though one is taking forever to drop. I finally feel like a woman and not a small girl. I don't need extreme padding to feel like a woman. Went to the beach and walked proud. Now to get use to the extra looks. Will post more photos once I get them off the camera.
Lafayette Plastic Surgeon

He is a board certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years experience. With only 5 redos. His bedside manner is spectacular! Definitely recommend. His staff is the best. Caring and make you feel super comfortable. I was a nervous wreck and they were there the whole time reassuring and comforting me! He was so excited about my results and said to call anytime even for the smallest question. I have and they have no problem answering! Love him!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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