47 Yr Old Mom of 3...abs Were Wrecked!! Full Abdominoplasty W/ Muscle Repair

14 days away and trying to get organized......

14 days away and trying to get organized... nervous and stressed right now, trying to get it all together.
Reading everyones suggestions and have got a new motorized recliner. Trying to cook and get all help needed all squared away. We have 3 kids, ages 11, 9, & 7...no wonder my belly never recovered! Feeling excited to be on the other side of this surgery and also super grateful that my husband has taken a few weeks off work to support me and our family through this. HUGE bonus that he is an ER doc ;) There are times when that really that comes in handy, like now. When he is working long hours on major holidays, not so much!
The count down is on...pics to come.

TT and Muscle repair in 2 days!

Getting very anxious, and just trying to get everything in order before focusing on one thing only: resting and healing. At this point, as much as I am nervous and scared, getting to take a "time out" from my busy life of a mom of 3 kids is sounding pretty good!
I have been cooking, planning, and just trying to tick off all the boxes to get ready...
and now, its countdown! I took these pictures today and felt so ready to be on the other side. My youngest is 7 and I still look 6 months preg! And I have been doing barre class for years...its time to get the surgical help I really need. I hope my "after pictures" are as good as so many I have seen here...anything will be an improvement! ok, see you all on the flat side!

On the other side!!!

So, surgery was today and now I am home resting comfortably in my new power motion recliner. SOOOO grateful for it! Only $500 which was the cost to rent, so decided to buy it and its actually a pretty nice looking one. Also got a toilet seat riser, which was a good move. Drains are less gross than I thought they would be. Although I am all bandaged up so can't really see anything, I can tell it will be.vast improvement. Taking meds and and comfortably numb. Much better than I thought I would be!

post op day 3...doing well

Doing pretty well, all things considered. Living in my recliner chair and getting up every hr or so to pee. Moving slowly and hunched, but to be expected. Still on Norco/Ibuprofen cycle and drinking lots of liquids, mostly water. Eating small meals and snacks as well. Drains are still draining but a lot less liquid. Haven't showered in a few days and that hasn't bothered me as much as I thought it would...using these little lavender EO wipes and that has felt refreshing. Being waited on hand and foot for a while feels like a welcome break from serving others!!! Grateful my family and friends have been so great!
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