20 Yr Old, 130 Pounds, Recent Weight Loss Led to BA with 325cc Saline Implants. Lafayette, CA

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I recently lost 30 pounds and poof! My big C cups...

I recently lost 30 pounds and poof! My big C cups were little A cups so I decided to go through with a breast augmentation procedure. I'm really athletic and have enough breast tissue already my PS and I decided saline partial submuscular was the best choice for me. I have had my consult with a few different surgeons but as soon as I met my surgeon I knew she was the right fit for me and what I wanted. EXTREMELY excited for my new boobs, but also very nervous for my recovery.

Post op breakdown

Everyone has been so great here on RS supporting me and I totally owe y'all an update I'm so sorry it's delayed! Spoiler: doing great and love my boobs!!!! My stats are: height 5'7 129 lbs I had very deflated boobs from weight loss and it left me at a saggy a cup going into my procedure. I had 290 Saline implants filled to 350 partially under the muscle and I am IN LOVE, here's my story! :)

Day 1- surgery at 6:30 AM boyfriend brought me then went to Whole foods to pick up good healthy recovery food and I slept through the rest of the day I think and I had a smoothie I believe lol I stayyyyed drugged up and felt no pain really, mildly uncomfortable.
Day 2- drowsy and uncomfortable but able to make an hour drive awake talking to my boyfriend the whole time (popped a perc right before probably helped) slept a lot
Day 3- slept a lot basically the same very swollen, i took off my ace bandage this day and noticed a rash between my cleavage that went away like day 5?? Used benzoyl peroxide.
Day 4- was going to go to work and probably could've but totally didn't feel like it lol no part off me wanted to cut down on my pain meds and I was enjoying milking the situation so I called in for day 4 and 5 just to make sure I'm ready to go back and laziness
Day5- slightly uncomfortable but this was the day I really noticed a drop in swelling which was a huge relief. My first post op and I'm not sure why but my doctor squeezed one of my breasts REALLY hard.... I trust that it was for a good reason but that shit HURT. popped a norco and went to eat with boyfriend, walked around felt good!
Day 6- I went to work! It was fine! I'm a kindergarten teacher so I had an elaborate story about hurting my shoulder so the kids knew not to play too hard with me. Work was much easier than I thought! Still took it easy
Day 7- literally back to regular life. Work, hung out with friends, burned, drove about 20 min by myself. Everything fine!
Day8- got a pretty brutal yeast infection from my antibiotics (day 7was my last day of them) and then an allergic reaction to my meds for it... So that had me back on my pain meds it was so awful. Omg. Don't worry though, that was my bad luck and unlikely to happen to you! I'm glad it wasn't my boobs with a problem! They felt totally fine !!
Anyway, that had me taking it easy all weekend but if that hadnt happened I was planning on going out and everything Saturday night I felt great!
Day 9- same... recovering from traumatic yeast infection LOL at night I felt fine tho and went for a beer and food with my boyfriend as a last splurge of junky eating
I'm doing resistance training for my glutes and thighs (with an elastic band) as well as uphill walking backward cardio on my treadmill (trying to get my butt up to par with my rack haha) and its feels awesome!!! Detox tea which means NO more pain meds, no more junk food, getting all that shit out of my system.
Day11- today! Post op appt #2 I got my stitches removed and was told everything looks good and to start massaging (which apparently means brutally squeezing like previously mentioned) but it didn't hurt as bad this time. Working out still felt great. I tried a full sit up focusing on only using my core but I'm worried it's just a little too much too soon- I want to work abs so bad though! Any suggestions?
Trying to remind myself every day I'm still in recovery, I feel great past like day 5. I've seen a ton of ppl who don't know I had them done, no one noticed (including my dad who I live with) and have received nothing but positivity from all those who did know- including my non approving mother!
All in all I am so so happy with my experience and my results. My only complaint is that the office seems to be much more busy since my procedure and I've felt a little neglected by my doctor at post op appointments. Even surgery day felt a little hectic and busy, like she may have been distracted. I LOVED her pre op and trust that it is circumstantial but I have waited 45+ minutes after scheduled time for both appointments only to see the doctor for about 5 minutes. Because my results are so great and my recovery so easy I don't feel like this devalued my experience however I DO feel that because I payed much over the average price for my specific procedure that I shouldn't feel any sort of neglect post op, I payed the top dollar for a top dollar experience, even after paying and procedure I still expect that. Only bummer.
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