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I’m 29 and a mom of two great boys. My husband...

I’m 29 and a mom of two great boys. My husband is very supportive of anything that makes me feel happy and beautiful. After our second child I had a hard time shedding the baby weight. At over 200 pounds in January 2015, I decided to kick it into gear and work on getting healthy. While I’m still a bit from by goal weight I’ve lost over 30 pounds this year. As with a lot of the ladies on here, my two pregnancies and breastfeeding left my stomach skin stretched out and my breasts deflated. I’m a very active person and enjoy weight lifting, running and cross –training.

After 3 consultations for a Mommy Makeover (including a Tummy Tuck w/ Lipo to Flanks, Breast Lift & Fat Transfer to Breast) I decided to go with Dr. Persons. She is very sweet and seems genuine, and had a ton of great experience. She had also done some previous eye lift work on my mom. My surgery is scheduled for December 28th. I’m taking 2 weeks off of work (desk job) and my mom and husband will be taking care of me and our two small children.

I’m getting nervous about the recovery and what the scars will looks like (placement and how they heal). I think the hardest part will be not being able to hold my boys. I had a C-section with my first child so I’m somewhat familiar with the abdominal pain, however I’m anticipating this to be worse. But I’m very excited to look like myself again. I was a perky 36D before children and am hoping to return to that size. I’m currently a very saggy & deflated 36D. My stomach is not horrible, I’ve lost a lot of my extra weight, but I have the saggy skin that spills over my C-section scar, and my bellybutton is a mess. I had my pre-op appointment last week, so my blood work is done and I have all of my day-of instructions and recovery medications. I’ve purchased a couple front close wireless bras and “spanx” from Walmart as well as a wedge pillow for sleeping.

I will try to upload my before pictures as soon as I have them.

Before pics

Here are some pics now... I'll try to take better ones before surgery on Monday.

Wish pics

I'm looking to be curvy still, just lifted and full.

On the flat side!

Well, I'm all done.
Surgery was 7:00 this morning and couldn't have gone better.
I got to sneak a peak at dr persons work and I'm very pleased. Tummy is nice and flat, scar looks low and breasts are perky, but not too large. I will try to take some pics tomorrow. First post op is Thursday. I haven't seen my belly button yet.

Tummy tucks and lipo hurt the most and I'm just uncomfortable in the constant "sitting" position.
Hubby is a fantastic nurse!

PO Day 4

I had my first post op appointment yesterday and they said everything looks great and is healing well. I think I look scary, but can tell it will look great in a couple weeks.

Last night and today have been pretty rough, I've had a flemmy cough that is killing me. But besides that all is good.

My breasts don't hurt at all, just my stomach muscles.

PO Day 6

Feeling pretty good today, mostly sore back and stomach muscles still. It's getting easier to move around.

I'm looking forward to my appointment tomorrow when hopefully my drains come out!

I can't wait to shower!!!

PO Day 7

Drains are out! Yay!!!

Everything is healing well, I'm just tired easily and still hunched over.

Next appt is a week from today and should get clearance to go back to work.

I can't wait to shower as soon as my drain sites close up! I will post pics once I shower.

PO Day 9

I had a bit of the blues today, I think my belly button is about an inch off center and I thought I could shower today, but it's actually tomorrow.

After my mini meltdown I pulled myself together and realize it's still far too early to tell what my results are with all the swelling. I look better than I did before, but I'm a perfectionist, so being off center is kind of a huge deal for me. I guess I just need to have patience.

I'm still walking hunched over and my back and butt are sore from holding that position. Everything is still healing nicely and I've only had to take Motrin for pain for the past 4 days.

Off center belly button : (

PO Day 12 I think

I felt really good today, I still can't stand up quite straight but walking around is much easier.

I got my second shower in and that was easier too.

I'm pretty happy with everything except the off center placement of my belly button.

2 Weeks PO

Well I'm heading back to work today.

I am still walking with a slight bend and get tired after being too active, but I'm feeling good.

I still haven't seen most of my scars since the tape is still hanging on.

My bruising is almost gone and I'm only sore on my sides under my arms and my upper abs.

I asked the nurse about the position of my belly button, she took a picture to show my doctor who will talk to me about it at my next appt.

I'm able to sleep on my side for a bit at night or on a normal pillow with my legs still elevated.
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