32 Yrs, Athletic, 5'7", 124 Pounds, 32A, Silicone 325cc unders

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Well I'm finally less than 2 months away from my...

Well I'm finally less than 2 months away from my surgery and wanted to start a review to help others on their journey since reading RS ladies' journeys have been SO helpful and comforting for me.

Unlike many women, I haven't been set on having a BA my entire adult life...I have always had pretty small breasts but always said that I would "maybe someday get a BA". For 1, I knew that if I ever did, I wanted to wait until I was done having babies and breastfeeding. And 2, while I always thought it would be nice to have bigger boobs than what I was given, it also didn't really bother me that I didn't...I loved my body regardless and can't say I was necessarily 'insecure' about it. But now, at 32 years old, I've finally decided to take the plunge. I finished breastfeeding my 2nd (and final) child about a year ago and, while my breasts really hadn't changed after breastfeeding our first (for just 3 months due to low milk supply) they definitely never bounced back from breastfeeding our 2nd for a year...not only did they shrink in size, the skin around my nipples is also sad and empty now :( lol. What's funny is that I naively didn't really think my breasts would be affected negatively from pregnancy or breastfeeding - but the "maybe someday I would get a BA" was there just in case :)

Anyway, here I am, going through with it in less than 2 months and am both super excited and also super nervous (what if I hate them, what if they're completely uneven as I have a bit of asymmetry pre-op, what if I end up too small or worse, for me, too big)...while I was never insecure about my breasts prior to babies, what if I go through this all only to be disappointed and end up being insecure about my breasts post-BA? That's what scares me the most but I guess all can do is be as thorough as possible throughout this process and then pray for the best outcome...so we'll see!

Here are my stats again:
124 pounds
12.6 bwd
32A..? I use to be a small or med B before babies and always wore a 34 band but I was never professionally measured...my surgeon measured me and said I'm technically a 30C now which is hilarious to me because i guarantee that NO woman dreaming of having a c cup is picturing my size..lol.

Oh, and I almost forgot! I'm hoping for a med to full c, not bigger, and thinking of going with 350cc silicone under the muscle. I'm worried that 350 might even be too big for what I'm going for but the 350 mod plus measure 12.5 diameter and I really want to fit the width of my natural breasts as closely as possible and the next option down that would fit is 300cc, moderate profile at 12.8 diameter but I think 300 might be too small (and l'm not sure how mod would look as it seems difficult to find women with mods)! Needless to say, the size decision is killing me...

That's all for tonight, I'll post pre-op and wish pics soon!

Befores and wish pics

I'm being brave and adding my before pics...I didn't REALLY know how unattractive my breasts are post babies until I started taking selfies of them..lol (ok,I knew, but a photo shoot really does make it worse!) What's funny is I never even noticed my asymmetry before I started going to consults and neither did my husband...my left fold is higher than my right..my surgeon will lower the fold so hopefully they'll be as symmetrical as possible post-op!

Wish pics

Here's my wish pics.. I have a ton on my phone but these are my faves - and I think most are from other RS ladies so excuse me if I'm using your pic :) I like the fullness in width here which is what I'm going for.


Happy New years everyone! I thought I would briefly go over my consultations just in case it's in any way helpful to anyone else. I went to a total of 6 consultations! From the beginning I knew I wanted to have at least 3 consultations just to feel like I wasn't make a rash decision, but I kept going to more after 3 because it took me that long to find someone I was 100 percent comfortable with.
At my first consult, the doctor seemed very knowledgeable and nice enough, but I just felt like it was a "wham bam thank you ma'am" kinda thing...very impersonal and very little time given for me to ask questions. He had me try on 325cc and 350cc which I liked, but I ultimately left knowing that he would not be my surgeon.
I was really excited for my second consult because I thought his before and after gallery was excellent. He was very professional and made me feel like more of an individual, not 'just another BA.' So I liked him and probably would have used him...BUT, when he measured me, he said my bwd was only 10.8 and that I would need a high profile implant to get the volume I needed for a C cup. I had already decided I didn't want high profile...and, I knew that the previous doctor had measured me at over 12bwd. I don't know if this doctor just had a preference for high profile so intentionally told me my bwd was smaller than it is or if it was an honest mistake, but it just didn't sit well with me so I moved on. This doctor was also the only one of the 6 that charged a consult fee (50).
The next doctor I saw I also really liked...very professional, thorough, knowledgeable, personable. And I ended up scheduling my surgery with him! I was planning at that time to go 400cc mod+...in hindsight I'm sure this would have taken me way bigger than the c cup that I want so I'm glad I didn't do it (although I'm sure it would have looked great, I really just don't want to be that big in the long run). Anyway, I went to the pre-op and everything and the next day decided I needed to keep looking. What made me back out was the fact that my left fold is slightly higher than the right...At my pre-op, the doctor said he would NOT lower the fold but that he thought I would have a nice outcome anyway. I was just worried that the asymmetry would be enhanced with larger breasts and, while I had never noticed it before it was pointed out to me at consults, I don't want it to be super noticeable to me post BA...so I wanted a doctor that would be willing and able to adjust the fold. I can say that this doctor was very generous and, when I cancelled, he returned my 500 deposit that was supposed to be nonrefundable without me even asking.
The next doctor I saw was the only woman I met with. I did like her but she also said that she would not lower the fold (I think many surgeons would rather not mess with it because it can lead to other complications..)
My fifth consult, the doctor was nice, very nice office etc and said he could lower the fold no problem... but he just didn't seem quite as knowledgeable as the others...He had No idea what the warranty is on the different implants which all others had explained to me in detail. Also, this office had different sizers which was weird...they were not the actual implants, but rather they were kind of flattened out (he said to be more like it would be under the muscle)..they had me try these on without telling me the volumes and 500s looked like 375s had at other offices! I told them I definitely did not want to go over 400cc but they were encouraging me to go with the 500 since I didn't think that sizer was too big. Anyway, that rubbed me the wrong way...but I almost booked with him...but just before I called to book, I went online and double checked one more time to make sure he was a board certified plastic surgeon...And I couldn't find him at all! I had only been going to board certified plastic surgeons for consults and I swore that I had liked him up before but I guess not. I asked the office sms they said yes, he's board certified, but since I couldn't find the proof and a coupe things had already bothered me,a I decided against him too.
So finally! I met with my surgeon...he does alot of reconstruction work so has a ton of experience with adjusting the breast fold. And there was absolutely nothing wrong I could find with him or his office/staff (I'm a pretty tough critic when it comes to doctors lol)..although I feel really good about him,I know this doesn't guarantee that things will be perfect...but if anything does go wrong, or turn out not quite so perfect, at least I'll know that I did my due diligence and didn't jump the gun on anything...all I can do now is keep my fingers crossed and pray!

Pre-op complete...holy crap!

So I had my pre-op yesterday and now I'm just 11 (s#!$) days away from having boobs!! I'm mostly excited but if you can't, tell I'm definitely a little nervous still.

First, although I've had a couple surgeries and anesthesia before (varicose vein removal in left leg and umbilical hernia repair, both of which my children blessed me with in pregnancy...but no stretch marks so I'll take it :) it never fails to give me a giant knot in the pit of my stomach when they tell you what 'could' happen in surgery such as blood transfusion, heart attack, and DEATH! I'm sure nothing like that will happen but I still hate to talk about it and sign that paper that says I'm 'ok' with such risks.. ;)

But really, what I'm mostly nervous about is still size...agghhh! We decided on natrelle 339cc mod+ and I'm still so worried this will be too big for me but the smallest I would go down to is 325cc which is know is basically no difference and I'm being really ridiculous about it to even stress. But I guess what has me nervous is that, when they measured my bwd again, this time he said 12.2 whereas at my consult he said 12.6. So I thought 339 would be slightly less than my bwd (I wouldn't mind a tiny bit of side boob but don't want a ton) and now it's slightly larger than my bwd!

Also, my doctor did my pre-op since I wasn't sure on size yet and he spent a TON of time talking with me about the look I want, I showed him pictures, and he did give me feedback...he was really great, answered all of my questions and concerns, didn't rush me at all, and I really like him alot...BUT, what I really wanted was a firm "I think you should go with this size" which I couldn't get him to do. He did help 'guide' me but basically left it to "anything from 320ish up to 345 mod profile will be good, you won't visually see the difference and it's really splitting hairs one way or the other" I just wanted him to say "I think THIS one will be the best for your goal." As it seems like so many of you ladies have had your surgeons do :( So I spent half the night tossing and turning that maybe I should call back and go 325 because I'm just so scared of going to big (I think would have to be mentor or sientra or inspiras for 325) which again I know is ridiculous to stress about 14cc difference and .1cm diameter difference (please someone just tell me I'm being crazy ;)

Anyway, I am really excited and I'm sure all will turn out fine...I just want it to be over with already so I can move on with my life and new boobs lol. I did make rice sizers a long time ago and have spent many days wearing them around town (I've wondered if people I see regularly like at the gym and my daughter's school have noticed that I'm bigger from one day to the next haha)...I'll post pics later just for reference although I think I'm a pretty awful selfie-taker.

I've also spent the last couple weeks slowly but surely buying things to try to prepare which I'll post about in a bit in case it helps anyone else with preparations...my kids will be up any minute so I've got to go for now.

Oh, and on a side note...since the superbowl is just one day away, I can't help but add...

GO Broncos!!! ;)

Post-ba prepping!

Over the last couple weeks, I've been slowly but surely trying to prepare for my post-ba needs, so I thought I would post about it in case it's at all helpful!

First, I thought I should get a couple zip-front sports bras as I've seen other RS ladies mention them. My first stop was VS...I was going to just buy one online because they were having a "buy a sports bra, get a pair of workout pants free" promotion, but I'm sure glad I didn't! I went into a store to try them on and couldn't even get one zipped...not because it was too small by any means, I just couldn't zip it at all past the initial, 'hook the 2 sides of the zipper together'! So next I purchased 2 genie bras on Amazon because I had seen a couple girls mention these. And I was excited about them but immediately as I received them and tried them on, the zippers in BOTH of them busted! (Again, not because I was at all too big for them lol). So then i bought a danskin bra from Wal-Mart for $10 and it surprisingly zipped fine, although still not super easy the first time, but it has got easier to zip after the first few days of wearing it around with sizers. I also bought the 'la isla' bra on Amazon and it is super easy to zip on the very first try.woohooooooo!! But it's for extra strength support which I don't anticipate needing so may send back. And finally, just today I received the sky blue Encounter sports bra from Amazon which is actually super comfy and zipped easier than all others except the la isla, so I'm definitely happy with this one! I don't know why I've had such troubles with these zip front sports bras, but it was starting to give me a complex lol.

Next, I'm pretty concerned about post-op constipation cause being through a couple previous surgeries, I know that it's pretty sucky! So my mother in law had randomly told me about Kambucha and the fact that it 'goes right through you' and cleans you out. So I bought one from target last week (in there food section but it has to be refrigerated so by the refrigerated section, not with the other drinks) just to try and see if it really 'cleaned me out' (sorry if tmi) and it did! so I bought another for post-op :)...it's a raw, organic drink and has a ton of probiotics. The taste is a tiny bit vinegary but not bad at all to me.

So lastly, I thought I could really use a pillow to sleep upright (Again, I've seen women on here post about...Thank you! :) so I bought the 2 in the pictures...the wedge from Amazon -it's 11 inches tall but they also have a 7 inch and 12 inch- and the one with arms from target. So far, from sitting in bed, I think I like the one with arms better but won't make a final decision til after-surgery sleep!

Anyway, that's all for tonight, good luck to all other pre-op ladies!

I officially have boob!!

Had my surgery yesterday, but I just didn't have it in me to update last night.  So here are the details! My doctor brought three sizes - mentor 300, 325 and natrelle 339 - to the operating room as I had been SOOOO annoyingly indecisive right up to the last minute, and I ended up going with the mentor, smooth round 325 mod plus. I was very seriously considering the 339 up to the last second but just felt the most at ease with the thought of 325...and as my doctor said when asking me to make that final decision, if I end up feeling too small, the 339 is such a tiny difference, invisible to the naked eye, that it wouldn't have been enough to satisfy that feeling, I would have needed to go larger. And now that they're in me, I know I COULD have gone 339 and been fine, but at least I can take comfort in the thought that it would have been just about the same result :)

Anyway, as of right now I'm very happy with the size! Exactly what I wanted. I just hope there isn't tooooo much swelling going on to where I end up disappointed when it goes down...fingers crossed. But honestly I'd say right now it's on the mid -large side of my goal so when swelling goes down I'll hopefully still be in at least the small-mid range of my goal.

So a little about the surgery, I went in at 1230, the surgery was scheduled to start at 2 but my doc was running a little behind so after talking with him and all, it ended up being about 3 before I was wheeled back to the OR. For some reason I was INCREDIBLY nervous...heart racing, knots in my stomach,  and all hot and sweaty lol. I've had 2 prior surgeries (varicose veins on left leg and umbilical hernia from pregnancy) and was so calm with both of those so I think it was just the idea of changing my body forever that was getting me... and not knowing what the outcome would be. But everyone there - the nurses, anesthesiologist, my doctor - were so great and calming/reassuring and friendly so I was grateful for that.

I had an IV sedation which I hadn't had before and was slightly nervous about because they told me it's more like a sleep rather than a general anesthesia and that there was a possibility I could start to wake during surgery, but that I would be numb and they would immediately give me more to make me fall back asleep. Anyway, as soon as they gave me the drugs, I was totally out and didn't wake up until recovery.

My PS did lower my left fold about 1cm to match my right and so far that looks great..he does a lot of revision surgeries and has a lot of experience working with the fold - one reason I chose him in the first place - so I'm hopeful that he did a good job and I won't have complications, but we shall see!

PAIN: I would rate it at about a 3 with pain meds (I've been taking just Tylenol and ibuprofen alternating every 4 hours and have taken only 2 prescription pain pills, dilaudid which does NOT have any acetaminophen or ibuprofen in it, in the 14 hours since I left the hospital) and maybe about a 6 in pain as they wear off. I would describe it as pressure, tightness, soreness and a little bit of burning at the incisions

SLEEPING: sucked! I maybe got 3 hours last night. For one, I just didn't feel tired at all which is weird because I took a dilaudid about an hour before getting in bed and then couldn't fall asleep for another 3 hours! And the pharmacist told me they would make me extremely tired.. But for 2, I wasn't super comfortable. My 'setup' of pillows and stuff was comfy but I'm just not a back sleeper at all and on top of that my right shoulder blade feels like it has a pinched nerve and the right side of my booty was tight all night like I really needed to stretch. Weird, hopefully tonight will go better!

I think that's everything! Oh except I am pretty bloated already too...hoping that won't last long.

Posting a pic in my hospital bra...haven't had a chance to take pics with it off yet although I did get to see when I showered this morning :) I'll take some to post later today!

Post-op day 1

These are from last night...i think I'll be happy with the sizeadd long as they don't shrink too much, but I do hope they close the gap as they settle so there's more cleavage. I noticed that my (I think sternum?) In between my breasts is extremely swollen and my sides below my armpits. Also,I was thinking, they don't seem to look too super high or flat right now, which is great, but I'm hoping that doesn't mean that when they d&f they'll end up way too low or maytronly looking.? I guess I'll just have to wait and find out.

And I realized yesterday that my ps hadn't given me a strap to wear like I've seen many other ladies wear to help the boobs settle...not sure if that has to do with placement, or that I didn't get that big of an implant, or that my doc just believes in letting gravity do the work...if anyone knows why some people get a strap and others don't, please let me know! Hope everyone's doing great! :)

just over 2 weeks

I really love reading everyone else's reviews and updates so I'm sorry that I'm such an awful updater! I just haven't felt up to it until now as I've been busy as usual every day.
Anyway, I'm feeling almost back to normal pain and mobility wise...I still just have to be careful with reaching too high, turning my upper body too fast, or doing things that might use too much chest muscle. My mom  came in from out of state to help out with the kids and was here until 8 days post-op...I'm typically a very independent person and I don't know what I would have done without her! I have to admit, it was pretty hard emotionally after about 4 days when I still couldn't come close to picking up my 2 year old or driving by myself..I hate not being able to do things for myself and especially for my kids...And i like to be in control of my body and my health and I wasn't with a full 8 days of bloating (I think from ibuprofen which I don't typically take) and lack of mobility so all combined it definitely wore on me emotionally...which I didn't really expect because I'm also generally a pretty positive person and I don't really get down easily. Anyway, I'm feeling a thousand times better in that sense.

As far as my boobs go, I've had every feeling about them too. "They're perfect, I could have gone bigger, oh wait maybe I should have gone smaller, no they're perfect." And my current feeling is that I love the size, it is what I was wanting, but I do feel like I could have gone just one size bigger and been happy. So annoying lol. I also had the fleeting thought over the first few days that I didn't like the idea of having a foreign object in my body and that I might want them out...But that quickly changed once I tried on some bathing suits and my husband felt my up without me feeling self conscious lol.  In clothes it's only a minor change from me with my super padded 34B bra that I didn't come close to filling out to now with a zero padding zero push up bra. And I'm good with that because I never had a problem with how I looked in clothes, and now if I want a little extra oomph in some outfits, a lightly padded bra will get me there ;)

overall, in real life, they feel pretty perfect for me but then when I see them in pictures, they look TINY unless it's selfie mode! Has anyone else felt like their boobs looked smaller in pictures than just to their own eyes? Or is my perception really that off that I don't see them how everyone else sees them? Or pictures are deceiving? I don't know, it's just crazy to me.

As far as progress goes, my left boob (the one that had the fold lowered) has been just about perfect placement from right out the gate. I didn't notice until a couple days after surgery, but my right is kinda high and has that rounded look at the top when you see the side profile. I haven't notice it dropping at all yet so hopefully that works out on its own and it drops and rounds out at the bottom more. I don't know how much d&fing I really have to go but I definitely like the left better than the right at this point. They are starting to get softer but don't have much movement yet.

Oh, and I'm still sleeping elevated on my back...it sucks, but I have a fear that I'll mess something up if I start sleeping on my side. I think I need my doctor's reassurance so I'm planning to ask him about that when I go to my 3 week post op next Friday.

I'm posting a couple pics from 8 days post as well as pics from yesterday (15 days post) since I was so bad at updating ;)

Hope everyone's doing great!!

3 weeks with boobs!

I had my 2nd post op on Friday which was 3 weeks, 2 days post. My right is still higher than the left, they said it should move down on its own but I can do massage down and in to help if I want so I've been trying to do that throughout the day when I get a chance. My doc would prefer me to sleep on my back, doesn't have to be elevated, until 3 months since that's when the pocket is fully healed, but said I can sleep on my side some if I want as long as I'm sure I don't roll to my stomach in my sleep. They also took off glue that was used on my incisions (I think she called it dermabond)...I hadn't even realized there was glue, I thought the lumpiness was either scabbing, tape, or from the internal sutures, but now the scars feel much smoother. I also asked about scar treatment and they said I could start in another week...They gave me a whole jar for free but I think I'll buy some too if anyone has any suggestions? Oh, and they said I can get back to the gym! I can do light cardio/elliptical as long as it doesn't hurt my breasts and legs, just no arms yet which I'm fine with. Anyway, I'm very happy with my boobs this far and no longer think maybe I should have gone a size bigger...They're the exact look I wanted in clothes and bathing suits and I feel proportionate like I could have been born with them...They're actually just about the exact size as my nursing boobs...now I just need righty to get moving but I'm being patient :) also, they are feeling much softer no...I can't say they feel totally like my own yet, but I think I'm getting closer to that point. I've attached pics taken over the last couple days since I'm not good about just taking them and then posting! That's all for now, hope everyone's doing great!

3 months

Well I'm just over 3 months now and I love having boobs! I still feel like myself which is one thing I really wanted...I'm now a full 34c which is about the size I was while nursing my babies. The funny thing is, in clothes you can barely tell a difference from after I finished breastfeeding and wore my padded bras that didn't fit...going into surgery, I thought I needed to tell everyone because "everyone was gonna be able to tell anyway", but if I hadn't I really don't think people would notice when I'm clothed. They're super soft now and feel much better than I expected implants to feel. My husband tells me all the time that he loves them, they feel amazing, and he "underestimated how badass they would be"..lol. The attached pictures are actually from a couple weeks ago. Every now and then i still think i could have gone just one size up for more width, but i do love them still and was more worried going into this about being too big than too small. Anyway, I don't regret my decision for a second!

8 months

I took a couple pics for my husband the other day and figured i would post them since i havn't updated in FOREVER (so please excuse the fact that I'm not wearing pants...nothing is showing lol).

Things are great, i love having boobs, especially in the bedroom and in bathing suits.

Hope everyone is doing well in their journey!
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