Mom of 3, Supraumbilical Diastasis, Might As Well Buy Some Boobs Too!

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Mom of 3 girls, developed a diastasis and...

Mom of 3 girls, developed a diastasis and umbilical hernia with my first daughter due to her being breech and her head being so high up in my abdomen I could literally feel her head ripping my muscles apart. I am so excited to finally get this fixed 8 years later. I don't think I would seek out breast augmentation independently, but as long as I am going through the recovery, I am adding it in as well. Very nervous but really excited to get it done.

10 days prior

I forgot to mention I am getting Mentor moderate plus 250cc silicone under the muscle. I wasn't very successful with the rice sizers, but my doctor looked at pictures of my breasts while nursing and recommended I go with that size. Hope they are a good fit!

On my way to surgery!

Nervous, excited, and scared. Here are some morning of surgery pictures.

One day after

I just got home from my first postoperative appointment. She said everything looks really good and is healing well so far. I made it through the first night which I was the most worried about. She had me alternate pain medications every two hours I think that really helped keep the pain under the control. I was skeptical of buying a recliner just for the procedure, but I'm so glad I did. It was like heaven to sleep in a recliner instead of in a bed. I am walking pretty hunched over but I am able to get myself to the bathroom and back. She changed all of my dressings and I got to see my breasts unwrapped for the first time. Then she put bandages back on and had me put on the surgical bra. I didn't get any pictures with my dressings off but here's what they look like now with clothes on. Also you can see the drain tube on my abdomen which is kind of creepy. They're not draining very much so she thinks that they may be able to come out on Monday or Tuesday. I will be happy to see them go! Off for a nap now.

Two days post

Feeling achy, sore, and swollen today. My drain output has really decreased over the past 24 hours. She said if they drain less than 30 mL each between 6 AM today and 6 AM tomorrow, they can come out tomorrow morning. To add insult to injury, I got my period today. I still haven't had a bowel movement which I'm sure is not helping things either. I took Norco for the last time last night and I've been managing otherwise with just ibuprofen.

One drain out, one to go!

My two drains drained 20 mL and 27 mL respectively over the last 24 hours, so I drain number one was removed today! It burned a bit when she pulled it out but overall wasn't too bad. She said if the second drain continues to drain less than 30 mL in the next day, that one can go tomorrow! I'm feeling much better today. I am able to stand almost upright. It looks like my right breast is starting to drop a little bit faster than the left but both feel pretty good. She was very happy with how the incisions looked, and my belly button scar is now uncovered. I am not taking any Norco anymore, and I've just been taking 400 mg ibuprofen every four hours. She still does not want me using any sort of binder or compression at this point.

Day four post surgery

Feeling pretty good today! I am able to stand up a bit straighter and even went for a walk around the block with my husband and daughter this morning. Still managing with just ibuprofen every four hours. My drain put out less than 20 mL of fluid over the past day so I'm really hoping my doctor takes it out this afternoon. Feeling a little bit less swollen as well, up only 2 pounds since surgery. I will try to post more pictures later today once my drain is taken out and bandages taken off.

Drain free!

I got my second drain pulled this morning, dressings changed, re-taped, and I'm free to shower this afternoon. I was surprised to see that my first drain hole has almost closed over the past few days. I'm feeling really good today and was able to walk a half-mile this morning.

One week after!!

Feeling really good today. I took the dog for a walk this morning and walked my daughter to and from preschool which is a few miles total probably. Really not in any pain just feeling somewhat tight still if I am standing up for too long. I definitely get tired more easily. Noticing less swelling every day. My next doctor appointment is on Tuesday. I think I have subcuticular stitches underneath my breasts which need to be taken out of that point.

9 days post

Changed all of my bandages again today after my shower. I have a small area that looks like it tore at some point in the very center of my abdominal scar. Other than that, the incision is mostly closed with just a few small sore spots which seem to be healing quickly. Feeling really good overall! Next wound check is on Tuesday.

11 days post

Got my inframammary stitches removed today as well as a few chromic stitches around my belly button removed. Retaped now and feeling good! I can actually feel the ridges of my muscle repair on my upper abdomen. Swelling a bit more over the past few days, but I have also been more active.

19 days post

I developed a bit of wound separation on one side of my belly button. My doctor gently debrided some of it this week. I am now using medi honey on it twice a day. My scars otherwise seem to be healing well. I started implant massage this week and also went back to work!

One month post!

Doing great overall, I feel pretty much back to normal energy wise and no longer taking any sort of ibuprofen. Still with continued area of difficult to healing on my bellybutton, otherwise I think my scars are improving. Just leaving it alone now other than washing twice a day and seeing what it will do. My doctor mentioned eventual revision if it seems like it doesn't heal well.
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