Laer Hair Removal, First Treatment - Happy So Far

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I had my first laser hair removal treatment done...

I had my first laser hair removal treatment done last week. I read a lot of reviews on here before I went and found them very helpful so I'm going to keep updating this after each treatment in the hope I can help those deciding if they should go for it. I'm in Australia so the location may not help but I'm hopefull my experience can.

A few weeks ago I had a consultation at the clinic where they explained the process and answered all of my questions. I have fair skin and dark hair. A test patch was done on my underarm to make sure I wouldn't have any reaction to the laser as I have extremely sensitive skin.

Once I was sure there was no reaction I made my first booking for underarms and extended bikini. I didn't bother with the numbing cream because I was so surprised at how little the test patch hurt.

I was made to feel very comfortable and at ease and was told that if at any time the laser hurt too much we could stop and take a break.

Underarms were first, I was a little surprised at the pain because the test patch didn't hurt at all. It hurt more this time because the laser was adjusted to a higher level. The pain was completely bearable - especially because each underarm was finished in no more than 30 seconds.

Extended bikini didn't hurt too much either, definetly no more than waxing. I also found that while the laser was being used it would sting but as soon as it was over the pain was completely gone. The bikini area took around 2-3 minutes.

My first visit cost me US$236. This included my first bikini treatment plus I paid for the full 6 underarm treatments in advance. The price also included 3 creams/scrubs.

Even though its only been one treatment, so far I am really happy with the results. The hair growing back on my underarms is noticably thinner and I can already see some (although very small) patches on my bikini. I'm looking forward to the next one already.

As I said, I'll keep updating this as I get each treatment as I know how much these reviews helped me.

Laser Clinics Australia

Very professional and comfortable clinics. Friendly staff and if you can pick up the treatments on sale it can be quite cheap. Much cheaper than regular waxing!

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