** 6 weeks** 26, Breastfed 2 Kids, 425&450 SR Silicone HP & Areola Reduction -FL

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A little about me: I am 26 with two breastfed kids...

A little about me: I am 26 with two breastfed kids. In high school I had a nice perky B cup, but have never been happy about my large areolas. After bf my first daughter, my breasts went up to a DD but then shrunk down to a slightly deflated 34A or 32 B. After my second daughter, however my breasts again went up to a DD but this time are very deflated and areolas are even bigger. I just stopped bf 8 months ago and really wanted my body back. I have a cute little butt, tight stomach and I am 5'6" 120. Altgough my ideal weight it 125-130. The only thibg I was missing was a nice rack for my hubby. Ladies, let's be honest, those of you, especially moms, know how much of a self esteem robber that deflated breasts are. When you are intimate with your significan other the on top position sucks bc you feel your titties look like kiwis in tube socks scaring the hell out of your SO.
Anyway, I had surgery yesterday at 9 am. I was extremely nervous. I was so nervous that I was going too big, I was nervouse about the outcome, if I would lose nipple sensation, If I would die! I had horrible anxiety two weeks before and up until the day of the surgery. Yesterday, I even woke up with the worst panic attack and almost cancelled. Thankfully, I did not.
After I got out of the OR they wrapped me too tight, so not only was I in pain, but I could not breath. The nurse was not allowed to touch the bandage so I had to wait on the dr. to come,which felt like an eternity. Next, my husband took my 2 yo to get food and was MIA with my meds. Finally the nurse gave me some morphine which helped, but only slightly.
Ladies, I have given birth all natural in water..that was painful and this compares quite well. I am writing this at 551 am the morning after surgery and I have more mobility.
The proceedure that I got was. 450 and 425 cc of silicone under the muscle but bi-planar, so only half of the muscle. I also had my areolas reduced, which was the only incision from 50-60 mm down to 35mm In diameter. It still hurts to take a deep breath, but is getting better. I will post pics later today after my appt.

Just came back from my post op appt!

Just got back from seeing Dr. G. He is so amazing. The office and I had a slight miscommunication about where the appt was. I went to thw Tampa office but he thought it was at the other office. Instead of rescheduling, he came right in and saw me. Any other dr. Would have made the patient come to them, but he came to me.
I also got a beautiful basket of flowers from the Mesos office. My breasts are still sore and now the incisions around my areolas hurt, but the pain is getting better and I do not feel the need to meducate every 3 hrs.

forgot one thing

First off, I am trying to type on my phone with narcotics...excuse the mispelled words. I forgot to say that my breasts are finally symetrical!!! I have always had a half to a full cup size difference and dr. G fixed that. He also go my areolas down to a good size. He understood everything that I wanted and delivered flawlessly. I also know that 450 and 425 cc was absolutely perfect for me, they look awesome!!!

OMG...did I say how much I LOVE my dr!!

Dr. Gerzenshtein just called me at home to check up on me. He gave my husband and I his personal cell number im case we had any questuions or concerns at anytime...what other dr. does that??? Not any that I have encountered. I will reccomend Dr. G to everyone I know. Btw, today is day two and I am off the narcotics, not taking anything.
The pic I posted shows the steristrips around my nips, again I had an areola reduction and those were my only incisions. I cant wait to see what they look like with the strips off.


Going into this, I was so afraid that I would lose feeling in my nipples. I had a significant reduction in the size of my areolas and I still have a lot of feeling in my right breast, with just a little less in my left.


Today I am feeling much better. I have more of a range of motion today...I was able to wash my hair without looking like a T rex trying to swat a fly. there is still some discomfort, but not unbareable and I am not taking any pain meds. My breasts have dropped a tiny bit and look more round instead of rectangle. Can't wait to see what the next few weeks bring. I wish I could take the tape off my nipples, but I dont want my implants to explode out. They were too expensive to mop them up off the floor.

High Profile??? WTF

So during my pre-op appointment when I was picking out which size I liked the best, I asked the nurse what profile I was getting and she said moderate plus. I just checked my implant card that says they are HIGH profile. No wonder they are sooo out there. I really hope they still drop and fluff out, I really don't want narrow and high boobs, I want nice round boobs. I have been looking at some high profile before and afters and feeling a bit better, but still did not expect this.

Dizzy or spacey or woozy

Today is five days post op and I have been feeling a little bit lightheaded or spaced out for the past two days. I have not taken any narcotics for three days and took a muscle relaxer only once two days ago before bed. Anyone else experience anything like this?

1 week checkup!

Had my one week checkup today with Dr. Gerzenshtein. All is good!! I am so glad that I picked him as my surgeon, because not only is he amazing but his staff is too. Even with the little miscommunication about the profile of my implants, (which I should have asked him, not his nurse) I am fully confident in his judgement and know that lower profiles might end up looking too broad on me and not give me the projection I really wanted. I cannot wait to see what they look like in 4 months. I also have to keep my steristrips on for a whole month! Not really awesome, but as long as it keeps my implant from busting out, then I am fine. My five day pic shows barely any difference in my breasts other than the bruise turned a lovely shade of baby puke yellow. Whooooo!

Working on week two and no more Morning boob!!

I finally feel barely any pain, the only thing that really bothers me is the rando burning sensations I get through my right nipple. Last night I was able to sleep on my side for half thw night and woke up WITHOUT morning boob. My breasts feel like they are rounding out a little, and the swelling in my left breast is beginning to subside so they look almost the same size now.


I had no idea until I visited a different site, that creeper/ sex offender/ weirdos patrol BA sites and can track you from within a few feet of your location based off a geotagging code embeded in pictures at the location they were taken. You can turn this off on your phone, but if you took pics and posted them while your GPS and location was on, then you, aparently, can be found. Its really creeping me out and I have since turned my gps off on my phone. Anyone else know this???? Also, as a side note to any creepers out there: I have a really big Husband who is in the military and we have a big dog and lots of guns, I am also an excellent marksman and have been shooting since I was six and hunting since I was 11, try to come this house and I will make you into a lead bean bag. That is all.

Two weeks!

Well, one day short of two weeks. My breasts are continuing to round out, but have a LONG way to go. As long as some progress is being made I am happy. I also cracked and peeked at my incisions....I DO NOT ADVISE. I still have two weeks until the dr. Said I can take them off but curiosity got the best of me and I pulled one little side off. I cannot believe how littlw my areolas are and how great they look!! The incisions look amazing too. I am just so excited to see the final results.

3 week progress!

Not much to say, still wearing the band and steri strips, next week that is all over hopefully. Barely any pain except for the nerve burning every once in a while. feeling great, and bought a bathing suit yeaterday from Target, super cute. Hope you all are doing well!

One month post op

Hello Ladies,

It has been 1 month and I am now starting scarguard on my scars, but they aren't too bad to begin with. Still need some d&f but I am slowing getting there. No pain anymore at all and I can sleep on both sides and even woke up on my stomach today, with no pain or discomfort. The ladies are getting softer but still have a ways to go. My right breast is very stubborn and also has the larger implant so it is catching up slowly. As long as I continue to make progress I will not worry...so I tell myself. Hope you all are doing well, I haven't been able to keep up in here bc I have so much school to do and finals next week :(
On another note, my husband was very reluctant for me to get this proceedure done bc he is very insecure and thought I would leave him. Like "whooo I have big tits now m*****f****r, I dont need you or my family...peace, biatch!!!" Totally me. Anyway, He would always say how I didnt need it and he loved my body the way it was. FFWd to today and he cant keep his hands off of me or my girls. Oh, and I am still married yo him, go figure. Men lie..they like big titties. You're welcome dude.That is all.


It is now day 34 and my breasts have dropped and fluffed a lot since day 30! They are super soft now too. My righty still needs to catch up a lot, but as long as it is still making progress I am happy.

6 weeks!!!

Loving my breasts!! They are squishier and the right is finally catching up to lefty. I have also been using scarguard for my areolas and they look pretty good, I think. This was the best decision ever.

scar guard

2 months!!

WOW! Time flies when you're having fun in boob land. Righty still needs to catch up, but I am loving my breasts. They really feel apart of me now.
Lakeland Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gerzenshtein and his entire team were amazing. It was so calm and relaxing because they were joking around and we were all laughing before surgery. Dr. G knew everything I wanted and made some suggestuons without pushing me into anything I did not want. I got to use 3D imaging and try on sizers. I was so unsure of what I wanted but Carrie, one of his nurses stayed with me and walked me through the whole process. The day after surgery I had a post op appt and the office sent me a nice basket of flowers. Dr. G also gave my husband and I his personal cell number in case we needed him at any time. I am so glad that I chose dr. Gerzenshtein and his staff at Mesos. My breasts already look great and I still have feeling in my nipples, which I was really worried about losing. Dr. G is an artist!!!

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