Ladies, DO Botox and DO IT NOW!!!

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Had Botox injected for the 1st time 2 days ago...

Had Botox injected for the 1st time 2 days ago (I'm 29 and wanted to get started early; had Juvederm in lips about 2 months ago and love it!) I had begun to have lines going across my forehead when my face was at rest and these lines had become a little bit stagnant and constantly makeup was settling into these forehead lines throughout the day. This caused major panic on my behalf! So, went in for Botox injections...pain of injections on a scale of 1 to 10 was about 1.5 (keep in mind my skin was hyper-sensitive b/c I had a TCA chemical peel of medium depth done almost a week ago), with some areas more sensitive/ tender than others.

Very quick procedure...10 minutes tops! No anesthetic or numbing medicine required, but the needle is so small, you don't need it and there is nothing to be afraid of! I am not a needle person and now have learned to love the needle (HA HA!). Needles, for the longest time, where what prevented me from getting cosmetic enhancements/fillers, because I was frightened of the pain involved, but ladies...the needles used in these procedures are SO small and hardly inflict any pain at all. Had injections (around 6-8 across forehead line area, around 2 in middle of eyebrow furrows, although I'm not that bad in that area, and 2 each on each corner of my eyes for an INSTANT eye lift and ridding of crow's feet).

Ladies, I can honestly tell you, this is best thing you could ever do for your appearance! Wish I had done WAY sooner! I'm hooked now though! I also feel less tension in my forehead and in behind my eyes which I believe is going to help out my migraine problems (an added benefit!).

Ladies, DO IT AND DO IT NOW! It literally took 5 years off of my forehead just in 2 days already looks way smoother in appearance. I can't wait to see it in about a week's time, which is when you'll really begin to see optimal results. Remember, be're not gonna see the results like a filler, the instant you leave the Dr's office...give it 3-10 days and then you'll see the look you were going for! No downtime either...return to work immediately...might have a mild headache, which is very common. God Bless Botulism!

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