Trying to Even Bad Lipo - Ladera Ranch, CA

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I have read quite a bit about SculpSure as well as...

I have read quite a bit about SculpSure as well as other procedures. I had bad lipo several years ago in which the lower part of my belly was over-suctioned which left a fat pad on the mons area that looks odd, as well as a shelf across the center of my stomach. I have since had a child, so lipo and tummy tuck is not an option at this time due to downtime. I also work full time and am a single parent. Not looking for a six pack, just trying to see if sculpSure can help flatten/even out these weird fat pads that are visible even under clothing. I am also on a strict diet and working out 4x per week, I've lost 15lbs within the last two months and have 20 to go to get to pre-baby weight, current BMI is 27. It seems as though I am a good candidate: soft pincheable fat, below 30 BMI, diet and workout is already a part of my regimen, etc.

I am posting a picture I took immediately after the pads were removed as well as a couple pics taken tonight (8 hours after the procedure). My biggest concern is there is a hardened pad on the mons right where the SculpSure pad was placed, aside from it being tender and feeling like a sunburn (which based on my research I expected), and while I expected swelling, I did not expect a hard and large bump - that is making the area protrude a lot more than normal. I started searching this in the forums and see that lumps can form and dissolve due to the killing of the fat cells. It would've been great to know this upfront, but I will massage, drink tons of water and see what happens.

I also notice the top pad (according to these lines) must have moved during the procedure or when I laid on the bed when the belt was buckled. It was planned to have been placed directly above my belly button, and it seems it went up at least half inch, since that is a more hollow part of my stomach, that makes me little nervous - but first I realize I need to wait and see if there are even any results. I am hopeful and while the procedure wasn't comfortable, aside from the mons that hurt like hell, if it works I will return for more. I will keep updating.
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