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I have had breasts implants for almost 17 years...

I have had breasts implants for almost 17 years and I am ready to be natural again. I was a full B cup size before implantation, but I was also very thin back then (before kids) at 5'4" and weighing 115 pounds. After implants (+25 pounds weight gain after kids) my implants are DD cup size. Yikes... That's huge!!! My implants are saline 390cc, placed under the muscle. I am now, 17 years older and 17 years wiser and ready to be natural again. I have never had problems with my them other than some mild rippling when I was skinny which disappeared when I gained a little weight. They have always been heavy and uncomfortable especially when I exercise. I have to wear two high-impact sports bras which dig into my neck and give me headaches. I'm so over that pain!!!!
The main reason I've chosen to remove them without replacement is because I don't want oversized fake boobs and I'm tired of the unwanted attention they bring. I am self conscious both in clothing and in a swimsuit. I find clothes to camouflage them like minimizing bras and dark v-neck tees and flowing tops which end up making me look shapeless and heavier than I am. I want to wear feminine clothes with lower necklines without worrying about showing too much cleavage.
I'm also taking them out because I think big fake, over-sexualized boobs send the wrong message to my kids. They tell my daughter she needs to look like a Barbie with abnormal proportions to be beautiful. They tell my son the same thing! That message is such B.S.!!! God made us beautiful they way we are and women don't need to be hyper-sexualized to be beautiful. I don't regret my implants because I learned valuable life lessons from them. I am not anti-plastic surgery or anti-breast implants either especially for those with deformities or those without breasts... if they feel they will improve their self esteem. I have seen beautiful women on here with very tiny breasts and I think they look perfect. I think implants can be beautiful if they are proportionate. Mine weren't proportionate. I have higher self esteem now mostly because I have an amazing husband who thinks I'm perfect even though I have a million flaws. He has helped me to realize my breasts don't make me beautiful... I'm beautiful just because I am ME!!!!

I'm excited for my next chapter to begin, IMPLANT FREE!!!!

I'll post pics again after they are out. See you on the other side...

They are out!!! :)

It's official... I am finally 100% all natural once again. My breasts do look deflated and saggy but I was expecting that immediately after since it takes time for them to fluff up and my over-stretched skin to retract. I had two babies so pregnancy stretched them out a lot.
The Procedure: I had them removed under local anesthesia in Dr. Doezie's office. It took about an hour total. I found out my original PS (not Dr. Doezie) put in textured implants which made removing them slightly more difficult. My capsule had adhered to the implant so he had to manually separate the capsule from the implant with his fingers, which took a considerable amount of "elbow grease" to get them out. I did NOT want him to rupture the implant so it was more work to remove them b/c of the textured implant. In all honesty I don't think explant under local anesthesia is for everyone... especially if you have textured implants. The implants don't slide out from the pocket but are more stuck in there like they are velcroed in place... kinda like the implant was gripping the capsule and didn't want to come out without a fight. Guess they like me more than I like them ;) he he. Even though I was completely numb at the incision cite and I felt NO pain, there WAS significant tugging, pulling, pressure and mild /moderate discomfort in the pocket area as he was trying to separate the implant from the capsule due to the texture. He said smooth implants don't have the same problem and are easier to remove. I believe him especially after seeing the implant with globs of fat tissue stuck to them, I saw what he was talking about. They just felt stuck... is the best way to describe it.
It's been a few hours and the numbing meds have worn off. I am sore but It feels like I overdid it at the gym with too many push ups. I'm sure I will be feeling 100% in a couple days. :)
My advice is if you are the faint of heart type or have textured implants I'm not sure local is the best option. I don't think local is for everyone. I've given birth twice so this was nothing compared to that BUT it's definitely not for the queasy or those with a low tolerance for discomfort. Knowing what I know now I still would choose local b/c I don't tolerate general anesthesia well and like liked how I was up and around right after. I even drove myself home :)

Removal was the BEST decision!

So it's been one week and I am glad I made the decision to explant without a lift. They are starting to firm up some and I know this will only get better with time, so I'm fairly certain I won't be getting a lift. They are perkier already which Is less noticeable in pics but more noticeable in real life. I'm happy how they are improving :) my husband likes them better already... yeah. :)

I do have a little pain in my left breast when I use my chest in the wrong way. I tried to tighten something and my hand slipped and felt a sharp pain... so I have to remind myself to take it easy since it's only been a week. Im reminded I need to let my hubby do more to help me still.

I'll post more pics in a couple weeks or if anything changes. Best wishes to all you ladies in your explant journey. Xoxo

Looking better (3 weeks post explant)

So I am officially three weeks post explant and they are looking much better. They seem to be tightening up still. I feel so much lighter and better in my clothes. I am no longer self conscious in my own skin. Wish I had done it years ago. :D
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

He is a very kind doctor. He listened to my wishes and supported my decisions which many doctors don't do. He was honest about the potential outcome (considering I chose implant removal without a lift) and offered alternative solutions if I decided I wasn't happy in the long run. He was very calm, which helped me relax during the procedure. I really like Dr. Doezie! His office is beautiful and his office staff are very friendly.

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