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I am 51 year old mother of 3 kids. I had 400 cc...

I am 51 year old mother of 3 kids. I had 400 cc implants put in 15 months ago. They were 400 cc moderate profile implants. About a month after I had them , I had regrets. I knew feeling may be a common experience and decided to wait at least 6 months to see if I liked them. I was a small c or big B cup before , now I was a DD cup. I hated the size, the way they felt inside my body as well as the attention they got.
Aesthetically they were fine but I felt they made my breast droop. I also started wearing minimizer bras within 2 months after I had the implants. Finally I could take it no longer . I started the search to get them out. I talked to three surgeons , all of them suggested taking the implant out , leaving the capsule in as it will be too thin to bother me and more dangerous to take it out ( bleeding and such kind of risk). One of the surgeons was in Dallas who is by well known to do enbloc explantation. I talked to him and he too suggested to leave the capsule in. So after that , I no longer thought of capsulectomy.
The two Bay Area doctors suggested general anesthesia and $5000 to take just out the implants. The Dallas surgeon asked for 8000 for explant and a lift. I thought these amounts were too much to pay to get these things out . I had started to research local anesthesia and knew that since I had no capsular contracture ( confirmed by the 2 Bay Area doctors who checked me ) , I did not want to go under general anesthesia or spend 5 grand to get it out.I asked both the Bay Area doctors about local anesthesia and they said though it's okay to do it they preferred general.. So I researched on this site and found Dr. Allen Doezie in Ladera Ranch , CA. His clients seemed to be happy and loved the fact the doctor was a good listener and did not try to suggest smaller implants . I called his office, talked to very friendly Lisa . I send some pictures and my details. The doctor knew that I was far away from So Cal, so did not ask me to come for the initial consult. We decided I am good candidate for the local anesthesia . I paid $ 100 , booked for August 2nd. The remaining amount would be paid after the surgery.

August 2 nd , the day of the procedure

My surgery was at 9:30 a.m , Tuesday.I wore a skirt and top and did not take any sports bra or anything like that. I was called into the room. The doctor came in , looked at my breast and was amazed that all of the doctors I had consulted for my breast Augmentation had suggested 400 cc. He said each 150 ccs add a cup size ( atleast that is what I think he said). He said I already have some droopiness and had some in my pre Augmentation pictures too. He asked me not to be alarmed at the way they will look after the implant removal. It will take a couple of months to look the way they are gonna look in future. I had seen how wrinkly and empty the breast looked for many brace ladies who went through this procedure . So I was mentally prepared.
I have to mention the very kind nurse Darcy who assisted the doctor. She was smiling and funny and kept talking during the procedure. It helped keep my mind away from what was happening. They first clean your breasts , give you the numbing shot ( did not hurt a bit) and then cover the three sides of your breast with towels and start an incision at the mammary fold. You cannot feel a thing. Within a few minutes the doctor will say he is going to get the implant out and you may feel a tug. That is what you feel and out comes the implant..all clean and clear. Then the doctor stated on my left breast. Now this time the implant did not come out as easy as the first. I was a little worried . The doctor said that the implants are slippery and he needs a good grip to pull it out . And within a sec or so out came the second implant. He does three layers of dissolvable sutures. And I was done. All through the procedure , the doctor and Darcie kept talking to me about travel, movies and pets. Before I knew anything I was done. They washed the breast with betadine solution, told me to wait for a couple of days to shower. Darcy wrapped me in ace bandage ( not too tight) . I was prescribed antibiotics for 5 days( it was more of a caution since I was planning to return to Bay Area on Thursday). Dr. Doezie asked me to see him before I left on Thursday. He said I can lift my arms and do my normal stuff, but no exercise etc that will raise the blood pressure. I can wear a sports bra within 2 days and later bras with no underwire. I can resort to heavier exercise in a week.
I had little pain the night of the procedure but I had a bad head ache due to the pillows in the hotel being too soft. Next day my husband called to ask Lisa if I can have some ibuprofen for the head ache and she said it was fine.
On Thursday the doctor saw me and said everything looked good. Now on Tuesday 9 th, I will take off the tape that holds my sutures and call and tell Lisa how I am doing. I returned home and felt a little tired . So I just relaxed and did nothing for a couple of days.
I will post some after pics and also write about how I feel about my natural boobs,

One week after Explant

It's been a week after explant. I am feeling good. On the Friday (4 th day after explant ),I wore a sports bra and its band hurt me under the right breast after a while . I took off the bra. However I did feel a bit of pain and when I checked the incision it looked a little red. My husband is on a business trip to Asia for two weeks . So I am home alone with the dog. On Saturday it was still a little painful.I thought I better check this with doctor since I did not want any complications when I here alone. I called the number and an answering agency gal talked to me. Once I talked to her, she asked me to hold on and she will get the doctor on the line. Almost immediately Dr. Doezie came on line, gave me his personal number and asked me to text him the pics. I did and he called back and said not to worry but to keep an eye on it and if it is getting worse, will prescribe a second round of antibiotics.
Well on Sunday, it was fine. The waterproof tape that covered the stitches came off after my shower. The left side is all smooth and the right side is a bit lucked and raised. But the pain was gone , no redness. I emailed Lisa the pictures as she said
Dr. Doezie was in surgery. I also did not want to bother him . I feel in case of emergency , I can use his number. Otherwise I prefer to go through the office. So I got a text from the good doctor that he saw the pics and they are fine. The ridge and puckering will flatten out . I asked him about compression garments or massaging the breasts. He said no massages and no compressions. So that is it

These are my breast a week after Explant.

The day I explanted , the breasts did not look wrinkled but they were riding low. Anyway my breasts look a little big than I had before the augmentation. I have gained several pounds after my breast augmentation ( lack of exercise after the augmentation and general overeating from a vacation in the month of July). I think that maybe the reason my breasts look big. I hope to lose all that weight soon. I will start running starting September. Till then I am going to do walking and yoga.
I cannot wait to get into my clothes before the augmentation.
On an emotional note I feel so sad that I had the augmentation. I feel my breasts have changed a lot. Partly it's my fault because I hated wearing a bra all the time after the augmentation . I would come home from work and take them off. What I forgot was that heavy breasts without support will sag. I am going to post pictures of my breasts after Explant. You will see what I mean.

The breasts before augmentation

These were the breast before Explant .I hope that my breasts will hopefully change a little bit and go back to to some what like the old ones.

Scars under the breasts after explant

The scars are raised on the right side I had the pain and slight redness after the sports bra dung into my skin. But there is not much pain now that the band aids are gone . Dr. Doezie told me that they will flatten after some time
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