34, 525cc High Profile Implant Removal, No Lift, Under Local Anesthesia. Ladera Ranch, CA

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Well, after lurking for a couple years, I've...

Well, after lurking for a couple years, I've finally decided it's time!
I've gone for my consultation with Dr. Doezie and decided we are the perfect fit.
I'm going to pop in to the office on March 31st, have my implants removed, and head back home. That easy. He will do it under local, make a small incision under my boob, pop the implant, pull it out, and see me back up.
From the reviews, I hear it's not for the squeamish, but I value myself to be a pretty tough cookie, so I'm not too worried about it.
I AM however dancing around in excitement! 31 days! How amazing! I am going to look normal again.
Dr. Doezie did tell me because my implants are so big, there will be sagging, but because I'm a non smoker, and not a mom, I have a pretty good likelihood they'll "bounce back" after a good 6-9 months. Hopefully they get something back. I was a big B before the BA, so, it would be awesome to be right around there afterwards too.
My expectations aren't ridiculous. I know I will have to have patience.
Thank you to all of you wonderful, brave women who have taken this journey before me. It has given me the courage to make the appointment and go for it!
I'm so looking forward to having my own baby back!
I've just gotten this dislike for implants. They are not necessary, and women are just so much more beautiful being exactly who they are!
My implants are still healthy, however, I've had them for 13 years and they're just way to big for me, and it's not where my mind and body want to be anymore.


Okay. It's official. My before pictures are up.
I keep reading reviews about how some people's bodies tend to hold extra weight while the implants are in.. Like the body is compensating for the weight. I'm hoping my body slims a little post implant, and the weight comes off a little easier.
Seems like my body is trying to hold on.

I'm SO ready for this. Time is going by so slow!!

I've always noticed that my boob shape is strange

My nipples don't point "up" or forward, rather a little bit downwards. They're a little square too. I guess that's what high profile will do to ya, huh?
I don't remember them being that way Pre-op.
Hopefully I don't have down pointers post op.
Looks like most of you girls got lucky. Just can't help the feeling that I'll be that one anomaly that will have my nips facing south.
Counting the days now instead of weeks. :)
Next Thursday is the day!
Pretty excited as the doc said I can be active, no restrictions day of, so I'm going rock climbing right before, and heading in to get the procedure done, then heading back to the gym to pick up the rest of the gang. (I won't be climbing post op)
Making a fun day out of it! :)

Time is going by SOOOOO SLOW!!! Can't it be Thursday yet?

Can time go by ANY SLOWER?!
Here are some more pics of my overly large boobs. Can't wait to take my first deep breath!

Just another quick thought...

I feel like I look really heavy in every photo.
I feel like I don't fit into any of the tops I like.
I feel like my back knows my implants are coming out. It's been hurting more than usual. Quite a bit more.
72 more hours. Tick tock.

I am so excited.

I am getting my gym membership reinstated, and going to get fit! And all of it is because of the implant removal!
I honestly feel like it's not even worth the effort with these things. I feel fat, so I just never wanted to try.
And they're too heavy and hurt to do anything really cardio-ish.

Anyways, that's all.
Just excited

All done!

Man, that was easy.
Got to the office and was brought back to the room. The needles didn't hurt at all. Very small prick. Nothing to be scared about.
I will say that it's a trip once they cut you open, they use a cauterizer to burn through the breast tissue, and you can see the smoke going up.
All I could think was, I wonder if it smells bad.
I had the doc pop the implants since they are saline and they can make a smaller incision that way, so that was strange too. They put a little tray next to me, popped it, and it felt like my boob was peeing. Haha. It was so warm.
Second breast was a little more intense. I don't think I had as much numbness in that one cause I started feeling a small amount of discomfort. After he popped he implant, he was moving his fingers around under the breast and I busted up laughing so hard, it tickled so bad!! He said he must have tickled my ribs. That was the first time anyone has ever busted up laughing during the procedure. Haha. It really did tickle SO much.
But... Once everything was sewed up, I sat up and took my first look. ACK! I guess I was expecting bad as my implants were over 500cc each. They are a bit concave right now. Keeping my head up though. I'm happy that I am small, and healthy once again! :)
I was finished with at 3pm, and it's now 7:30 and I've experienced ZERO PAIN! This is awesome.
It feels great! :)

Not quite ready to do the big reveal

They're a little concave, but that's what's to be expected with 525cc's of saline under there! But here's a couple of the post with a sports bra! I already feel lighter. I tried on a couple different shirts that didn't used to fit me. They all look amazing now! :)


I'm feeling and looking 110% better than day 1. I went rock climbing today, and felt totally okay and didn't feel at all like I was in any way handicapped by the incisions.
I have my post op on Wednesday, so I'll post some actual photos when the tape comes off. But, honestly, they're so much better now than they were right after.
I was terrified on day 1. They're still a bit deflated, but filling in a bit. :)

7 day update

Went to the PS yesterday and got my tape removed. Scars look pretty great. Small, clean. :)
Boobies however, are still very deflated. When I bend over, they look like little flap jacks. I'm still happy I did it, but I don't think they're very pretty yet. In due time. :)

Today is the first day the scars aren't bothering me

The last week and a day, the scars have been itchy, or burning, or tender. Today they all seem much better. :)
Just wanted to update that.

A question to the other girls with large explants over the muscle.

I have the big gaping empty spot where the implant used to sit, but do any of you also feel like your muscle was pushed back and flattened? I run my fingers down my chest, and where the implants sat, my muscle is pushed back, and really flat, thus making me more concave in that area. Is this the case with you as well, and did it eventually improve?

I know this is such a specific question to few girls. Just wanted to ask. I don't seem to see it in any forums.
Thanks! :)

Three weeks today

They're bouncing back slowly. I still have a huge hole where my implants were for 13 years. The muscle feels like it was suppressed for so long, I'm sure it's just going to take some time.
Other than that, they're a little sensitive still.. Like when the shower water hits my nipples, it's a little uncomfortable, but they don't overall hurt or anything. The scars look great. Very small, but I can feel them, and how deep they feel. Not a big deal though. Looking at them on day one vs today, I can see a significant difference. I finally feel comfortable showing my closest friends.
I am a 36c. Was hoping to be a little smaller, but maybe with diet and exercise I can make that happen.
Lots of people tell me I look like I lost weight, but don't make mention of my boobs, and when I tell them, they say that had no idea and actually hadn't noticed. So, I guess that's good.
Anyways, very happy. Glad I did it. :)

3 month update

Well, I'm pretty happy with my results. I fail the "pencil test", which means I can't hold a pencil up with my under boob. So that's a huge plus, right? I have felt the muscles under where my implant was come back to sitting where they were originally before I got my implants, so that big concave hole is gone now. Overall, I'm extremely happy, and I don't think just yet I will be considering a lift. Here are some pictures, please excuse me for the dirty mirror.
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