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My mother & brother went to Oak Brook,IL for...

My mother & brother went to Oak Brook,IL for the first conceltation. They were under the impression that they were going to speak to a Doctor on this day they never did. A female was there to speak with them both about what can be done and to see if there were promissing pations for the surgery. They both were acording to this female that stated she was a nurse. This (Nurse) stated that on the day of surgery you would see people that have it done that day to give you a idea of what to expect. She also stated that with in 3 days after the surgery you would be up and about with out any problems, and how a small amout of make-up would cover up the fact that you had any surgery done. She also stated to my mom to leave her tel# and a they would have someone call her that had this surgery done(NO ONE CALLED). My brother is a nurse he was asking her questions that someone like him a (nurse) should not of had any problems answering being in the medical field as she stated she was a Nurse. She would not answer many of there questions and stated that the Doctor would be the best person to talk to them. My brother was not happy with the first visit he changed his mnd about getting anything done but my mom was a different story Like many people my mom only had so much money to take some years off. The second appointment was made in Shaumburg, IL that day was going to be surgery for my mom. All that she was getting done was the Life Style Lift and her upper eyes done.It was a 3 hr drive up there for us her appointment was for 1:30pm at 11:30am we got a call from the office they wanted to no how close we were till arrival there we were 15 min away they told us to come now they could get her in early because 2 people had high blood presure. We arrived, on our way into the building they called and told her sorry but plans changed she would go under the knife at 2:30 pm. We walked into the office not very happy. The doctor talked to us for 40 min,oh and (remember the Nurse in Oak Brook, IL). This person was NO NURSE just a papper pusher. My brother was very upset with the whole thing. My mom did get it done due to us already being up there and being 3hrs away. They started surgery at 4:00 pm they called us at 5:30pm to tell us she was done. We arrived to pick her up and then another 40 min went by she came out of the room not even wrapped yet. Her face was swelling she had a rippling afect on each side of her face. Between her eyes on either side of her nose she had to big knotts. I brought this to the Doctors attention he stated that it was blood and fluid that was causing the ripple affect on each cheek and the knotts on each side of the nose would go away in a few hours that was caused by the medication to numb the face. The attending personal was told to push the fluid out of her face through the stiches. They gave her 2 pain killers Darvaset 100 mg. We got home 4 hrs later I had to again push the blood and fluid out of the cheeks. The knotts between her eyes did not go away for 2 days. The pain level was very bad her ears were swollen she said they hurt very bad with in a day or so they became numb and still are as of yet. The fluid under the skin of the cheeks became hard. The size of the areas were quarter to nickle size they are still there. The Doctor stated this happens and the body would absorb them.Behind one of the ears was a white spot the size of a nickle with a red ring around it my mothers first thought was infection the skin on the spot was peeling off like a bad sunburn. She called there office to speak to the Doctor this was at 8:00am he did not get back to her until 2:00pm he stated that the stches must have pulled away from the ear in that area. I was very upset due to the non caring on there part mind you we are 3 hrs away from this office. She is to have the stiches taken out in a couple more days as of yet we dont know what the final out come is yet. I will keep you posted and show before and after pictures they will come soon. I can tell you she said the pain was so bad she could not eat due to pain in her jaw and behind the ears. The first 4 days she had to take Moriphine that she had gotten from a friend of hers for the pain. There is no way you could return to work or go out in puplic in 3 days and no one notice.Oh and the female that possed as a Nurse we have reason to believe she is still employed by this company.

Life Style Lift

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