Labiaplasty at 16

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Since i was a little girl i noticed my right inner...

since i was a little girl i noticed my right inner labia was longer than my left one, at that time i didn't really care but as i was growing older it started to get longer and it bothered me whenever i exercised, danced , wore tight panties ect.. ( let me tell you it was very uncomfortable to have and elongated labia) so when i was 15 my mom took me to the gynecologist and we scheduled my surgery for a few months later, i was very nervous about it. I got it done on feb 26 2012.. i went home the next day and since my left labia had a regular size i thought my doctor wasn't going to cut it , but she trimmed them both on the other side my right labia was extremely swollen and i was kind bummed because i thought my doctor didn't fixed anything since again my left labia was shorter than my right one.

so after 6 days the swollen on my right labia was still the same :( my mom took me to the doctor and when she saw me she said the had to drain my swollen labia :S so she sprayed some anesthesia and squeezed it and showed me all the blood clots i had in it .. after that the swollen went down 100 % and i started healing incredibly fast and both labias started to look same size, by the 4th week all the stitches had dissolve and both my labia were the same size .. let me tell you i'm a happy girl now, there is no more discomfort when i do sports, dance or any activity i'm so glad i did it .. i have no visible scars and i didn't experienced any pain it was totally worth it i recommend it to anyone who has any kind of discomfort with their labia as long as you go with a good doctor that you trust ! feel free to ask anything :D ( My surgery costed around a 1,000 dollars ) .

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it my mom long time gynecologist

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