Having Lipo and Rhinoplasty Tomorrow. Going Back to Work on Monday... Worried About Recovery :S - La Paz, Bolivia

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Hi! I'm 29, 5'5", 154lbs. I live in Bolivia,...

Hi! I'm 29, 5'5", 154lbs. I live in Bolivia, Mother or one. Before pregnancy I weighted 127 and I had an athletic figure. I was hoping to get my old body back and started to work out an diet after having my baby but after a year and a half I gave up, so I'm having lipo in my tummy, back and thighs tomorrow. In addition, I'll have a nose job, just a little work on the tip to refine it. I was able to get only one day off work so I'll have the procedures tomorrow Friday but I have to be at my desk on Monday. Of course I'm terrified about this. As if this wasn't enough I have a one and a half year old unstoppable little monster and although my husband is an angel I'm scared that I won't be able to take proper care of my child while I recover, and of course I'm also scared about my boy jumping up on me anytime for a horsey back ride! I read that some of you have young children too, how did you handle it? How was your recovery by day 3, how can I manage working so soon? I'm soooooo anxious! Doctor said that I'd be okay in 3 days but from all reviews I see that many of you felt ok in no less than a week :S

10hrs post op

Well, today was the day, I spent about 4 hrs in surgery and 1 1/2 hrs in the recovery room. It's been 10 hrs now, I'm wearing a garment and I'm impressed!! it doesn't hurt as much as I thought! just soared in my lower back, but I can sit and move my upper body easily by myself. I suppose this is thanks to the painkillers in my drip. The doctor checked on me a couple of hours ago. She was satisfied with the progress. The awkward side is that I have been peeing A LOT but it turned out to be a very positive sign of recovery according to doc.
Hope tomorrow brings the same or less amount of discomfort.
I also mentioned that I had a nose job, well that one is also feeling fine. No pain, just bruises under my eyes and I'll wear plugs until tomorrow. I'm spending the night in the clinic and going home tomorrow at noon. My husband and child visited me, I still wonder how I will handle that sweet Tasmanian devil....

1 Day post op, feeling ok

Hi, it's been 24 hrs after my surgery. I feel ok, I'm just soared, especially my back and abs and I'm terribly bruised. The doctor explained to me that my heart was beating rather fast during the surgery and that she decided not to use adrenaline on me to avoid complications, therefore I should expect more bruising and swelling, but the pain is not that bad. I'm confident that I will be able to go to work on Monday but I look like a monster! And my job requires me to deal will te public, oh boy! I'll scare some customers away I'm afraid...

I'll upload my before and after shots later, right now I can only post a couple of photos just taken.

Will keep you posted.

Feeling fine

Hey, it's Sunday, it's been about fifty something hours after mi surgery and I'm feeling pretty good!!! Nose doesn't hurt at all and the bruising is improving. I can only feel some pain in my lower back, especially when I get in and out of the car and bed. Doctor said she extracted almost 2.5 lts of fat in total, from which 1.4lts were from my back and love handles so it makes sense that that's where it hurts the most, but I'm very impressed pain-wise, from 1 to 10, it's a 3. I didn't even need to take my painkiller today. I feel I'm ready to reassume my normal life, specially showering! i feel so nasty! lol, doctor said that I will be able to take a shower after tomorrow, I can't wait, I had a sponge bath and washed my hair today with a little help of my hubby, but It's not the same. I'll post some photos tomorrow after my medical appointment.

Ok. Until I saw myself naked

I didn't upload any photos yesterday because doctor said that I wasn't ready yet. So today was the day and it wasn't very nice: I'm a shapeless mess made of bruised and lumpy skin. It almost looks like after giving birth. My thighs are extremely bruised. Skin feels weird, numb yet tender and I have a hard lump on one side and it hurts, the doctor said that it should go away with massages.
Not very pleased right now.... My nose looks ok but there's only so much make up I can put on to cover the bruises, hope they go away soon. And to add some more excitement to my life I will be hosting a work reception on Thursday and traveling for a training course in 10 days - and the flight is 24hrs-long.
My husband has been supportive even though he never agreed with me having these procedures, but when he saw me today he got very upset, he can't believe I actually paid to go through this :S
Hope it all gets better now, at least I was able to take a shower, and had to put on the garment again right after. I'm feeling almost no pain (except for that lump).
I don't think I mentioned it but I had a breast augmentation 3 years ago and that HURTS, and it hurts bad for 4 days but then it's nice, although it's swollen and tender you can see your round new breasts and you get over it, but lipo is the opposite, it doesn't hurt that much but after 4 days it looks awful, makes you feel so disappointed...
Mixed feelings today :(
Dr. Giovanna Land

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