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From my consultation they made me all comfortable....

from my consultation they made me all comfortable. Even during the day on my surgery I wasn't worried at all because I know I'm in good hands with Dr. Pousti. He is an amazing surgeon in so glad I found him. On the other hand his assistant Daisy she's not only beautiful but very sweet lady and she's very thorough about all the things that I have to do after my surgery. After my surgery when I got home the office called me I spoke to Daisy and Dr. Pousti...just checking on me how am I feeling. And the next day Daisy called me again that was very sweet of her...

day 3 after my surgery

It's been 3 days and the pain isn't so much anymore.. I took some this morning and that was it. Im walking around in a hunchback position with a walker. Still walking slowly though. I can get up on my own now.. Still eating jello and soups and I passed gas but still this stools won't come out it's frustrating and Its getting uncomfortable I know it's right there ready to come out but it's not as easy than I thought. I had this problem on my last c section before I had to drank the whole bottle of mag. citrate and stay in the bathroom for 4-6 hours...this time is tougher tho... But I know eventually it'll come out sooner than later...
The other concern that I have is being emotional.. I cried I get upset to my husband thinking he isn't taking care of my child is well as much as I do.. Like not
Feeding him the right food...and I feel like he isn't supporting me much on my recovery as much as I thought he would. My stubborn brain feels like I don't any help from him that I can do this without any help from him.. My little 3 yr old is picking up things for me giving me waters and stuff like turn on/off the lights. And at night time I feel bad that I can't put him to sleep cuddle with him and I usually scratch his back.. So feeling helpless..

Yay it's Monday

I didn't sleep much at all last night the gas pain and stool are pretty awful uncomfortable pain. I don't know how much stool softener I took last night because I just want to rest. But this morning after only an hour of sleep I sat in my toilet for god knows I don't know maybe 45 mins I released it all.. I was so happy very happy...

Tummy tuck

I'm excited my drains and pain pump will be taken it out tomorrow.. I can't wait to see my new tummy belly body whatever you call it:)...

Tummy tuck

12 days after my surgery I'm drain and pain pump free... Thank you thank you... To Daisy you've been so sweet and you just talked to me the whole time during when you took out the drains and pump and the tapes... I still feel a little discomfort pain but I can tolerate it...

3rd week post op tummy tuck

so I'm on my 3rd week now. It's okay to sleep on my side now? Any advice on how to start standing up straight again? Im going back to work on my 4th week post op and my work is standing and walking in the pharmacy any advice on that?

I'm on my 4th week

I'm healing fast than I thought.. I'm off the elastic belt and dressing and I can take a shower now and Dr. Pousti said I can increase my activities including hanky panky:) I have my before and after pictures. Everyone at my work kept telling I look so good with my flat tummy and that i look skinny:)...I can see my vagina now yay lol I'm still feel numb but other than that I am happy with the result.. Still have issues of standing straight though.

7 weeks post op

I'm loving my new body. I can't get over the fact that I'm seeing this new belly button that I didn't have for quiet sometime hehehe. And my husband is loving it too...I thank dr. Pousti for shaping my body and I will be forever grateful to him.

3 months update

Finally after 3 months I can go back to work out but I still have having doing crunches..

Back to normal

Lifting large tire
I can wearing tight clothes now that I don't have to feel insecure anymore. I am just so happy...

4months post op

I'm on my 4 months post-op and I've never feel so good and sexy. I wanna thank you Dr. Pousti for giving me the body that I always wanted for a long time. I am so happy.

How my life change

It's been over 6 months now since my surgery and I am lovin my new body. I can rock a nice jeans now???? Thanks to Dr. Pousti he is amazing and I owe him the body I have now.

One year post op

So it's been a year since my operation and I'm still loving my new tummy...

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