6.5 Weeks PO NEW BIKINI and PIC :) - La Mesa, CA

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Let's face it, being 113 pounds and 5'5", I should...

Let's face it, being 113 pounds and 5'5", I should have been happy with my body. You hear those measurements and you would think that person had a rock star body. Not what I felt like! When I would lay on my side, a huge puddle of skin would follow. If I bent over, it would collect in the center. How was I supposed to go to the beach, the lake, or the pool with that puddle of skin hanging off of me? I covered up with one pieces and layered a rash guard on top of that! I still held my towel or arm in front of my stomach.
Now, with a history of back problems and separated abdominal muscles, I knew a strong core is the one thing I could do to help prevent any more aches and pains. When I had finally saved enough money for the procedure, I didn't want to wait any longer than necessary.

I met with Dr. Sarosy to have a free consultation. Some family members had been to him in the past for other procedures, so I felt pretty good going in. He was respectable and always had a female nurse in the room with him, which I thought was very smart on his part! When the consultation was over, I was already handing them $1,000 in cash for my deposit and scheduled my surgery for December 27, 2012 at 7:30am!

The morning of the 27th, I was nauseated, but I started praying about it, and within minutes, the nausea was gone. Once I arrived to the medical office/surgical center, everything went fairly quickly. I had to take a pregnancy test, which I giggled about since I suffer from infertility and am blessed to have my daughter, sure enough it was negative. My blood pressure was taken, the doctor drew on my skin with my "skimpiest" bikini bottom I had so he could hide the incision. Then, I was in the OR. Next thing I know, I am waking up and was already done with surgery.

I was never really in pain. The biggest thing that bothered me was my right leg was numb and very tender from my hip down to my knee (11 DPO, it is still tender, but I have gained about 2 inches or so of sensation). I am now able to stand at about 90-95%. My incision is looking great. My compression garment does rub on my hips where the incision is, so that area is a little red and bleeds from time to time. I got my drains out when I was 6 DPO. This whole process has been smooth and rather painless. I was expecting THE WORST PAIN OF MY LIFE, but that never came. So far, I am so pleased with my results. I am swollen, but that is to be expected. I know the end result is still months away, but I have the instant gratification of being able to not have that puddle of skin hanging off of me and waking up to it every day.

I should mention, I had a mini tuck because I really wanted to keep my belly button! My daughter was 22.5 inches long and 8 pounds. She stretched me out, but was worth it to make me her mommy!

Day 12 wasn't bad. I am sleeping horrible at...

Day 12 wasn't bad. I am sleeping horrible at night because I just can't seem to get comfortable, but if that is one of my biggest complaints though out this entire process, then I think I am doing fairly well! I struggle with getting up from laying down, but that is to be expected. I am not supposed to be lifting my daughter, and that has been really difficult. She is 20 months old and about 24 pounds. We converted her bed from the crib to a toddler bed to help me not have to lift her. That has helped.

I cooked dinner for the first time tonight! That was a milestone in my mind.

Today, my incision itches. I think that is a good sign though :) Itching=healing! I was standing straighter two days ago than I was today, but I think that is because I did too much yesterday with it being my first day on my own.

Every day the pain from laughing gets less and less. You know how when you are not supposed to laugh, things are just funnier? That is how I feel and I am struggling with holding back the laughter. My husband is very animated when he is describing things and I actually got mad at him (while laughing of course) because it hurt soooo bad! I will try to post updated photos at my 2 week mark on Thursday.

Today marks the 13 DPO. I slept better last night...

Today marks the 13 DPO. I slept better last night after trying all million and one different sleeping positions to try to get comfortable. I ended up sleeping with my regular pillow under my head and another pillow wedged under my left side. I am a side sleeper, so I think being able to be in that position really helped me sleep better. I have a small area that I am not sure is swelling or if there is fluid build up or what, but my skin in that area hangs down a little bit lower than the rest. Nonetheless, my stomach is still looking way better than it did prior to having the TT. My incision looks good. I will try to take some photos tomorrow at the 2 week mark to update. I finally get to start scar therapy next week. I can't wait to watch that thing start to fade! I am trying to be better about not picking up my daughter, even though I got the ok to do so as of tomorrow. I just don't want to delay the healing process. Oh, and I can't wait to wear something other than sweats! Ladies before me, when were you able to COMFORTABLY wear your jeans again?

Each day I stand straighter and straighter. I...

Each day I stand straighter and straighter. I think my head thinks that means I get to do more and more, but my body is reacting by swelling. I NEED to listen to my body and put my feet up, but it is sooooo hard to do with an active 20 month old daughter. I slept so much better last night. What a relief! That sleep was needed. I felt less swollen when I woke up this morning. Luckily, I don't go back to work until I am 4 weeks PO.

I updated my photos. As you can see, I don't look swollen with my sweats on, but without, you can see my lower abdomen is swollen. But, they say the swelling starts high and works its way down. Hopefully that means the swelling will say ADIOS sooner rather than later.

15 DPO. Every night, sleeping gets easier. I have...

15 DPO. Every night, sleeping gets easier. I have finally figured out how I need to configure my pillows at night so I can be cozy until morning. I took my compression garment off for about 20 minutes today to allow my skin to breathe. Those 20 minutes felt amazing! AND, when I put the compression garment back on, it felt pretty good. While I was out of the compression garment, I examined my scar. It looks great in places, and good in others. I feel fairly confident the scar will flatten out right bellow my belly button with the bioCorneum I got from my surgeon. I am wondering if I should purchase a Gelzone as well. Has anyone used one of these before?

Do I have any regrets about the surgery? NONE whatsoever! I am so incredibly happy I saved my money so I could do this for myself. It wasn't just an appearance thing, but a self-confidence thing. Investing in my self-confidence and back health were the best thing I could have done.

I still am not in pain. I sneezed today and my abdomen only burned for a few seconds instead of a few minutes like it used to.

Oh, my hip bones have completely disappeared from the swelling. It feels weird not to be able to place my hands on my hips and feel them like I used to. I will see them again some day...after the swelling decides to leave!

16 DPO. My swelling went down today!!!! I still...

16 DPO. My swelling went down today!!!! I still have some, but it is less than it was yesterday. I will take it! I am maneuvering way easier than I have been. Still no real pain. I have feeling bellow my scar, but from my bb down to the scar, I am numb. My right thigh is still super tender, which is weird since there is no bruising. I have re-gained about 80% of sensation in my thigh though, so I have faith I will re-gain close to, if not all, 100%. I am hoping to fit into some jeans tomorrow....we will see. Also, tonight I am going to start with my scar therapy. There are two spots that are still healing (on each hip) so I won't apply my treatment to those areas, but I would like to get started to try to flatten out the raised skin on my scar under my bb. I can't wait for the other scabs to go away. My drain sites are healing nicely. Overall, this has not been a bad experience. I have been feeling good. I have not been in pain. I am standing fairly straight. I am sleeping with only 1 flat pillow under my knees at night. This is the smoothest recovery I could have ever imagined!

Today is 17 DPO. I wore jeans to church this...

Today is 17 DPO. I wore jeans to church this morning! I wasn't super cozy, but it was better than wearing sweats! I changed into some maternity jeans with the belly waistband when I got home, but I reached the milestone of wearing jeans! I am wearing a binder I got at Babies R Us after I gave birth to my daughter. The compression garment I got from my PS was turning my upper thighs around my bikini area purple and blue. I think it is good to have a breather from it. My legs already feel sooo much better.

Now, let's talk about scar treatment. DANG! This stuff works MAGIC! I bought some bioCorneum from my PS and started using it last night. It flattened the raised areas of my scar OVERNIGHT! No joke! This stuff is amazing. I am applying it 2x a day. I think it is going to make my scar look great. I can't wait to see how it progresses.

I am standing straight most of the time now. I only hunch when my incision burns a little or if my pants/binder/compression garment are aggravating the incision. I am still sleeping with 1 pillow under my knees. Maybe at 3 weeks PO I will remove it. I am so pleased with the way I am healing and the way I look. Now, if the swelling on the love handles would just go down... :)

As I keep mentioning, every day gets easier. I am...

As I keep mentioning, every day gets easier. I am still wearing the other binder I had because I am giving my legs a break. My swelling is down, which you can see in the photos, but the swelling has moved to my back, love handles, and upper thighs. It isn't awful, but enough to make my clothes snug. Seeing my transformation through the photos does allow me to see the final results are not what they are now. BUT being able to see the swelling go down, I am able to visualize what my body will look like and am I excited! I think tonight I will take the pillow out from under my knees when I sleep. I have been doing great with it, but I think it is time for it to go. Maybe tomorrow I will put the compression garment back on. I am still so pleased with my results. I can't wait to not hide myself this summer!

20 DPO: I feel REALLY good! I am back to wearing...

20 DPO: I feel REALLY good! I am back to wearing the compression garment my PS gave me. It was tight yesterday, but I have more wiggle room today; probably due to being less swollen. My scar is looking great! I am so happy with everything. I am sleeping flat now with no pillows under my knees. Sleeping on my sides are not comfortable yet, so I will continue to sleep on my back. I have really just been trying to listen to my body. I will post photos tomorrow at 3 weeks PO :) Yay for time flying by!!!

3 weeks PO. Today is my 27th birthday! :) I...

3 weeks PO. Today is my 27th birthday! :) I feel great! I put on 2 of my bikinis this morning to see how they fit. I am still slightly swollen, so the love handles should go down, but I am wearing a bikini AND I don't feel like I need to hide. My scar is looking good. The raised parts are really flattening out. I love my scar treatment. I have been dying to go snowboarding. I know it is way too soon for that, but I can't wait to see my PS's face when I ask him when I have the green light to work out AND to board. I can't wait for summer to get here! Bring on that 2 piece!

29 Days PO! I would say I feel 90%. I have...

29 Days PO! I would say I feel 90%. I have minimal swelling, but it is all localized to my lower abdomen. A smile comes over my face every time I look in the mirror! The feeling of being happy with my body is unlike anything I have ever felt before. I am so happy! I can't wait to work out. I want to run and lift weights so bad. I want to tone my sides and my tush up right now in the worst way. That time will come. Anyways, I posted some new photos. I think I am healing nicely!

4.5 weeks post op. Went to see my PS today. He...

4.5 weeks post op. Went to see my PS today. He said my scar looks good. The one side that was raised is dropping. My incision line is completely covered by any undoes I put on. I get to start exercising!!! I will be waking up at 5:50 tomorrow morning to start back into a workout routine. I also get to start stepping away from the cg! Yay!!!!!!

Let's see how much my body swells tomorrow. Happy healing!!!

Yesterday I was 5 weeks post op. I did ab...

Yesterday I was 5 weeks post op. I did ab exercises this morning and had zero pain whatsoever. I start up with a personal trainer in 2 weeks, so I am trying to build up my endurance before she kills me :) It feels soooo good to workout again!!! I feel 85%. My abs are not super strong, and I still have that numbness in my right thigh and the pain is still there. I do think it is getting better, so I will give it time. If I sit for too long, or if I am bent over, my skin does feel like it is trying to re-attach itself where the bend line is (for example, if I am shaving my legs, the place where the leg meets the hip, that skin crease). My scar is looking pretty good for the most part. The very ends of the incision line are having a rough time I think, but that is where the zipper part of my binder was in the beginning and it was the last place to heal. I feel fantastic though! This was the best money I have spent. I don't regret it for a moment. I don't know if I have a high pain tolerance or what the case may be, but I was never in pain. I took the pain killers as a precautionary and I believe I weaned myself by 5 days. I will have to read back over my review to see what I did. Anyways, check out my new workout outfit I got at Kohl's yesterday. The pants were $7.80 on clearance and I had a 20% off coupon! Happy Healing, Ladies!!!

6.5 weeks have passed. I heard week 7 is the...

6.5 weeks have passed. I heard week 7 is the worst with swelling, so I did a juice cleanse with my hubs. I was hoping to make it to Thursday, but in 2 days, I lost 6 pounds. I am hoping most of that weight was swelling. The scale read 111.6 this morning and with being 5'5", anything bellow 110 is considered "underweight" for me. I feel great. You can see the new bikini I purchased at Kohl's! I spent about 5 minutes in the dressing room with it on and was almost in tears. I FINALLY feel comfortable in a swimsuit again! AND, it is a cute one at that! My incision is covered completely. I am still numb, but that is to be expected. My scar is looking good. It has dropped on my right side where it was raised. I still have zero regrets. I feel so good! Now, I just need to tone up and get rid of the love handles. I am hoping they are still somewhat swollen, even after the juice cleanse, but if not, I just need to start running and doing some strength training. Yay for summer!
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