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I had a pouch, an apron that overhung the old...

I had a pouch, an apron that overhung the old hysterectomy scar. It didn't matter how much little I weighed or exercised it would not go away, I was embarrassed for my husband to see me nude. We were high school sweethearts and have been married 37 years. I wanted this surgery but didn't want it when we had other bills. We sold our house and had the $$ to finally do it.

One Week Later Update

It by as been one week since my surgery. I have not been in any pain. I have followed my doctor's instructions to the letter. Listen to your doctor. He is the expert and it is his expertise you are paying for to realize the best outcomes. He wanted me to hire a nurse for the first night . I didn't think I needed to because I had my husband to help me but Dr.Pousti really urged me to consider it. I am so glad I did. Shaina was a godsend. She was sweet, kind and knowledgeable. She helped me and guided my husband on how to care for me at home. Another thing I was resistant to get wad the walker. I didn't think I would need it. I bought one on eBay for $45 and it has been worth every pent. Since you have to stay in a hunched position it takes the pressure off your back. Even the day of my surgery after I got up I could cruise around the room pretty well. I have heard over abd over from many people that Dr. Pousti is the best and I agree. I am so glad I chose him.

Drains Removed!!!

I had my drains removed today and really had a lot of apprehension about having them removed. I am very happy to report that it was an entirely painless procedure and was over very quickly. I was given a shot of lidocaine at the site to numb the area and that was the worse part. It didn't hurt at all just smarted a bit. Dr. Pousti and his entire staff do everything possible to make your recovery as easy as possible. My recovery has been great and without any pain. I have followed his post-operative instructions to the letter and so far have had a great outcome.

3-weeks Post-Op

I was scheduled to have my sutures removed yesterday but they were not ready yet so I go back in one week. With every day that passes I feel stronger and better able to move around easily. This past week I began to experience sharp, burning pains. They are quick and I have heard them described "like an electrical shock." I read on Real Self that the nerves are healing and regenerating. When I was at my appointment, the nurse confirmed this. Although it is a 2-hour drive each way and very tiring, it is always really great to get the confirmation that everything is on track and healing well. I am sooooo pleased with the choice of Dr. Pousti to perform my tummy tuck. He is such a skilled surgeon, as well as a caring and compassionate person. I really love seeing Daisy. She removed the pain pump, drains and the tape/dressings. She is so sweet and gentle. She calls you everyday for the first couple of weeks to check-in on you. Everyone in his office has been great but I have had the most contact with Daisy, Vanessa and Cindy. I have re-read my first post or two and I think maybe I should have waited until I was not on pain meds and typing it in on iPad. My thoughts and feelings at the time were accurate but not so much on the typing so please excuse the typos!


When I was able to switch from the binder to shapewear, I searched on Real Self for what others recommended. It seemed like a lot of ladies were pleased with the Spanx high waisted panty. I ordered one from Amazon as they had the best price. Unfortunately, it never arrived. Amazon was great and gave me an immediate refund. I had a garment from having liposuction several years ago. It was so incredibly hard to get up and down there was no way I was going to be able to do by myself and I was starting work in 3 days. Instead, I found a Maidenform Flexees Romper that you wear with your own bra. It is really comfortable and has a bra-like gusset in the crotch to go to the restroom. I bought it at Macy's for $42 because I would not get it fast enough from Amazon. I ordered a second one from Amazon for $26. The romper has firm support and completely covers your abdomen. I hope this is helpful to someone because I was not sure what to buy and the garment I ended up with was great.

Sutures Removed and 1st Shower!! ????????

I had my sutures removed yesterday and wasn't sure what to expect as I have never had sutures removed before. It was absolutely fine. The best part is I was given the ok to shower. I thought it would be very hard to not shower for 5 weeks but between using bathing wipes and sponge baths I made it. The first shower felt wonderful though.

Each time I return to Dr. Pousti's office I become more and more impressed, engaged with and indebted to Dr. Pousti and his staff. There just are not enough superlatives with which to bestow upon them. I am so happy I made the choice I did in selecting Dr. Pousti as my surgeon. I thank each and everyone of them for making this journey so special for me.

2 Months Post-Op

I had my two month post-op visit yesterday. My doctor said I am doing great and I feel great!! My stamina and endurance levels have returned, I am standing more upright all of the time and am just feeling great overall. I had a hysterectomy when I was 25. The pain I experienced after that surgery was a major motivation to delay the tummy tuck as long as possible, but the time had finally come and the time was right with the perfect surgeon, Dr. Pousti. I have experienced no pain and have had an uneventful recovery. Thank goodness. I know in a large part it is because of Dr. POUSTI and his staff. They are the best and are very experienced in guiding you through your recovery. Also, I have been a very good patient and have followed directions. I have also had a VERY good nurse, my WONDERFUL husband. He has taken great care of me and has absolutely done everything as far as cooking, cleaning and shopping. My recovery would not have been as easy without his help and support. I AM SO HAPPY AND GLAD I had my tummy tuck. I look forward to continued improvement as the swelling subsides and my final shape continues to take hold.

The Recovery Journey

It was 9 weeks ago today that I had my tummy tuck. I have stated before how happy, pleased , eternally grateful I am to have selected such an outstanding surgeon. Dr. Pousti is an amazing and talented surgeon as well as a kind, caring and compassionate man. I have been blessed to have a wonderful husband who has supported me through every step of this journey. He completely took care of me after the surgery - helping me in and out of bed, giving me my meds accurately and on time, taking care of the drains, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. He has been kind, loving and supportive. Throughout the recovery process, which is a long one, I have had "turning points" where all of a sudden you notice a huge improvement in your ability to do things - get in and out of bed yourself, manage your own care, get more back to your normal self, your endurance and stamina is better, you stand up a little straighter. Having this surgery has definitely improved my body but it has also made me feel so much appreciation for people and things. The people who have taken such good care of me, including Dr. Pousti and his staff in his office and at the surgicenter; Shania, the nurse I hired for the first night; and my husband. It has also made me so appreciate my normal good health and abilities. I am strong, active and very healthy. This is all coming back now but when you lose it for awhile it makes you appreciate it all the more. So, I think that has been the hardest part of this journey. Recovery takes a long time as it is a major surgery. I have never experienced highs and lows that some people talk about and NEVER any pain. I am just truly grateful and appreciative of these wonderful people and things in my life. The most shocking thing to me is that everyday when I look down at my tummy it is flat ????. So, I will continue to heal and enjoy each and every day with my new body.

More Thoughts on My Tummy Tuck

Besides having the best and most skilled plastic surgeon in Dr. Pousti there are several more things that contributed to making my tummy tuck surgery and recovery such a positive experience:

1. My husband and I got to spend 2+ weeks together at home and he was the greatest nurse/caregiver ever!
2. I was off work from 8/6-9/2, the longest I have ever been off in my 21+ years of working for the same company.
3. Everyone waited on me hand and foot. I was treated like a princess ????.
4. I didn't have to do anything during my recovery period except heal.
5. I didn't have any pain.
6. Got to binge watch Mad Men.
7. Got all my Christmas shopping done on my iPad while recovering ????

So, there wasn't any downside that I can think of ????

A Strange New Feeling

Today is the 10-week anniversary of my tummy tuck. I feel great, but it is a strange, new feeling - I actually have stomach muscles that work!!! ????????. I think I came out of the womb with weak stomach muscles because as a child and even a 90-pound teenager I never had a flat stomach. My stomach is completely flat now and it is just a wonderful feeling. I could have done 2,000 sit-ups before and I would have not felt it in my stomach at all. My stomach muscles are so tight now it is a strange feeling that I have never felt before. There is still some swelling and a hard ridge at my incision line but I have read that is a "healing ridge" and a good thing that you want to have. It means the healing is taking place from the inside out and the collagen and fascia is repairing. I am so happy I had this surgery and the 10 weeks has flown by. I look forward to continued healing and improvement.

3-month Mark

It was three months ago today that I had my TT. Time has passed so quickly. I continue to notice improvement almost daily. There is still swelling but it seems to be lessening. I am finally able to sleep on my sides and that feels really good. I continue to look forward to all of the swelling being completely gone. I think everything looks great and am very grateful that I was able to have a TT,

The Healing Continues

I have just passed the 100-day mark and continue to be amazed by the changes taking place with my body. I am so happy, thankful and grateful that I was able to have this surgery. I just had my annual well woman check and my PCP was very impressed with my results. She said she has had a lot of patients that have had tummy tucks and thought Dr. Pousti did a fantastic job. Having a TT now at this stage in my life was perfect. I found the perfect person at the perfect time. I love the way I look in clothes. There are no bumps, bulges or pooch to try to hide now. I love buying clothes and have gone a bit overboard actually. I think waiting until I was in my 50s to have the surgery was perfect for me and I am much more appreciative of my new body. Having a flat tummy at almost 60 completely boosts your confidence. Looking forward to seeing more changes as the healing continues. Happy Thanksgiving!

4-months Post-Op

It is hard to believe it has been 4 months since my surgery. I am incredibly happy with the results. I am amazed at how my body continues to change and heal. Everyday that goes by I feel changes and more back to normal. I am able to do things now that I could not do a month ago. My stomach is not as tight as it was and I am able to easily sleep on my sides. I can lay on my stomach but it is not comfortable to sleep on my stomach yet. I am so happy I had this surgery and that Dr. Pousti was my surgeon. He is an extraordinarily skilled and gifted surgeon. I look forward to the changes still to occur.

Women Over 50 - Have a Tummy Tuck Without Hesitation

I have read many posts from women over 50 wondering whether they should have a tummy tuck or not. From my experience, by all means and do so without hesitation. I am so happy I had this surgery and did so with an exceptionally skilled surgeon, Dr. Pousti. He is the only surgeon I consulted and knew from the first meeting he was the one. I had his website bookmarked for a couple of years before I had the consultation and subsequent surgery. I was so impressed by the unsolicited positive comments about Dr. Pousti, which I can now say and know to be absolutely deserved. My only hesitation throughout the entire process was during my consultation he told me to only expect modest results, which left me slightly crestfallen. Upon mentioning this to one of his staff, they then told Dr. Pousti who came back in to reassure me and let me know he wanted me to have realistic expectations. He didn't want me to think I would have a six-pack or look like a 16-year-old, which I didn't. I appreciate his candor; however, he could not have been more wrong. The results have far exceeded my expectations. My tummy is tight and completely flat ????????. My recovery has been extraordinary and even after 19 weeks I continue to see improvement. Photographs of Britney Spears came out this week and headlines have been made about her abs. Granted, she worked out and mine have been surgically improved, but mine look better than hers!!! ALL THANKS TO THE SKILL AND EXPERTISE OF DR. POUSTI!! I think I had the expectations most women over 50 would have. I just wanted to be rid of my belly. I am glad I had the surgery when I did. Although it would have been nice to have it sooner, I really didn't need it in my 30s. It was not until my mid to late 40s that my tummy became a problem that would not go away. I am VERY appreciative of having the surgery at this age. My clothes look great on me and I can wear things that I would never have considered before without the fear of how it was going to look. If you are over 50 and are considering a tummy tuck, go for it!! If you are able to have Dr. Pousti as your surgeon you'll be even happier.

5-month Mark

I am two days shy of the 5-month mark. My recovery continues to progress with amazing results. I can tell the most difference in my pants. I lost 20 pounds before my surgery. The smaller size pants I bought after the weight loss are huge now. It's a good thing ????!! I feel really great and am sooooo happy I had this surgery.

It's Almost Been 6 Months ????

It's hard to believe it's almost been 6 months since my surgery. In some ways it feels like a lot longer ago than that but then other times it feels like I just had it. I still find it hard to believe my tummy is gone. I actually have this fear that it's going to come back. Like I will wake up one morning and the tummy bulge will have returned. I am so very happy I had the surgery and am sorry I waited so long. I was so afraid of the pain being the same as when I had a hysterectomy that I delayed the surgery for a couple of years. But then everything aligned and I did it. I am also happy to report that there was not any pain following the surgery. Sometimes now I do have a sore spot here or there but I think it is just the healing process. Maybe some of the feeling returning or the numbness going away. I got back to Dr. Pousti in about two weeks. I am anxious to see him again as it has been awhile but also to see what he thinks about my healing. I think it's great but anxious to see what the expert thinks. ????

Before and After at 6 Weeks and 6 Months

It is really good to look back at the before pictures to appreciate the after. My tummy was flat at 6 weeks but there was still swelling. I am not sure if there will still be improvement or not but I am very pleased. I wonder at times if I am getting heavier or if the bulge will come back but I think I am so happy it just makes me fearful that it will all go away. I still wear a spanx-type garment all of the time. I probably do not need to but my doctor has not told me not to wear it still. Besides it feels more protected with it on. It is very hard to take a good picture of myself.

6-month Check-up with Doctor Tomorrow

Tomorrow is my 6-month check-up with Dr. Pousti. I am anxious to go see him to see what he thinks about my progress to date. I am very pleased with the results but it will be nice to have his expert opinion. I am also curious about whether I can still expect further improvement. I continue to see small improvements but not like in the beginning. I also wonder if everything is healed internally. Recently, I have experienced internal itching again so I think there is still healing going on. Anyway, I am looking forward to my appointment.

7-months Post Op

It has been 7-months today since my tummy tuck. It's hard to believe that much time has passed. I am so pleased with the results and would encourage anyone of any age to not hesitate in having this surgery. I feel I have had a truly extraordinary experience and feel very fortunate for that. I think some of that luck depends on your overall health but I completely believe the majority of it for me was due to the outstanding, exceptional skills of Dr. Tom Pousti. The one thing I would stress more than anything is to use a highly skilled surgeon. Even if you have to pay more it is a decision you will not regret.

While browsing this website before and right after my surgery, I was hungry for knowledge of what to expect along the road to recovery at each step of the way. It wasn't hard to find info in the early stages but it was really difficult to find information further down the road. I think now the reason for that is after a certain period there are less changes. You get back more into your normal, everyday life. There is still healing taking place but you just don't notice changes like you do in the beginning right after surgery. It is said you cannot expect the final results for one year so there may still be changes but they will be subtle comparatively.

One change for me at this point is that I am now more or less able to sleep on my stomach. It hadn't hurt to sleep on my stomach for quite some time. It was just getting in and out of that position.

Probably the best and worst thing also is you will love how you look in clothes and how they fit. I have bought smaller sizes and still have to have them taken in, which is a good thing. The bad thing is you'll love how you look in clothes and want to buy, buy, buy new clothes. That is also a good thing for me. Maybe not my husband ;). They joke at work that I haven't worn the same since I returned from my surgery. I wouldn't admit it to anyone but that may be true ??

8-months Post Op

Well, it has now been 8-months since my tummy tuck and I have been nervous recently that maybe my results were not as good as I believed them to be in the beginning. That was until I again looked at the before pictures. OMG what a terrible sight!! I think in the beginning there was such a huge improvement it was so easy to see the improvement. Now all of these months later I have grown accustomed to my new tummy. One change is now my scar is not sensitive to the touch of fabric, the sheets, etc. I had continued to wear my Spanx as it felt like it offered protection. Actually this past weekend I went out without wearing Spanx under my clothes and I felt so much lighter. Speaking of lighter my scar continues to lighten. I use Bio-Oil on the scar every morning after I shower.

9-months Post-Op

It has now been 9-months since my TT. The time has flown by. I can definitely see big changes in my scar. It looks really good and is now just a faint pink. This surgery definitely is a long healing process. They tell you that, you read that, but it is hard to believe how long until you actually experience it. Every since I had the surgery I have been afraid my old tummy will return but I feel down there and to my relief it is still flat ????????. Yay!! It is probably silly to feel that way but what can I say? Also, in the past month I completely quit wearing my Maidenform Flexees Romper. I had quit wearing it on the weekends but still wore it to work under my clothes because my incision line was sensitive to the touch if fabric rubbed over it, etc. it finally got to a point where it was more comfortable it to wear it.

10 Months and the Time is Flying By

It's been 10 months and the time just passes by so quickly now. Not like in the beginning when every day or every hour you look for any sign of improvement. I think you fully get back into your normal life. The changes for me in the past month are that I can fully sleep on my stomach and it feels good. Also, I have started working out regularly in the gym. Since my surgery, I had walked 3 miles every night after dinner, so it wasn't like I was inactive. I just wasn't using any gym equipment. It feels really good to have that muscle soreness and beginning to notice my muscles firming up. I look forward to what changes will occur in the next month.

Almost the 1-year Anniversary

It is almost the one-year anniversary on my TT surgery. It will be August 6 to be exact. One year ago I was busy getting ready for the surgery. Getting all of the supplies I needed for my recovery, finishing up things at work to be off for one month, etc. I was excited, anxious, a little nervous about what to expect, what the pain would be like, but most of all I was ready.

I am completed healed, can sleep on my stomach and can twist or turn anyway without any pain or discomfort. I don't feel like my old normal though because my old normal is not my new normal. My stomach is tight and firm. That takes getting used to everything being tight and firm. I can really notice the difference in my clothes. I no longer think if something will make my stomach look big or not. My husband and I were out by the pool last weekend and I was wearing a tankini. My husband commented that my stomach looked really flat. I was glad he took notice but also I said, "that's what we paid for"! I could wear a bikini, but, honestly, I am going to be 60 in a few months and would not feel comfortable at my age wearing a bikini.

So, I am very happy I took the leap and had the surgery. There was no pain and I have no regrets. I am a little wistful thinking about everything that happened a year ago. It is hard to believe a year has gone by so quickly. It was a very special time for. Me.

One Year Update

It has been over one year since I had my tummy tuck. On the one year anniversary, we left on vacation. It was hard to believe that a year had passed already. Instead of being wheeled into surgery, we hit the wheels on a driving vacation through Oregon and Washington. I did not have my one year check-up with Dr. Pousti until about a month later. As I mentioned in a previous post, my husband and I started working out in the gym several months ago. Dr. Pousti noticed the change in my muscle tone right away and we talked about it before we even discussed the surgery results. He said it was remarkable and I was doing exactly the right thing. Yay for me! He asked if I was pleased with my surgery and that is without a doubt a resounding YES! Having had the surgery and not having that matronly belly anymore actually makes you feel younger. It's the first thing I notice now on my friends or women of my age. I feel so thankful and grateful for being able to have the surgery and for finding such an outstanding surgeon. Dr. Pousti said he thought the surgery turned out even better than he anticipated. My stomach is completely flat, which has now caused my flanks to look larger. I don't think they have changed it just wasn't so obvious with my poochy stomach before. My husband had encouraged me to talk to Dr. Pousti about what I could do to fix that and what would be involved. Well, I did. He explained what he would do to repair it and said the results would be dramatic. He said the procedure would be pretty much pain free and would require taking it easy for about a week as it would not involve muscle repair as before. I just could not ask for an extended period of time off again. The key for me was that he said the results would be dramatic. When I had the consultation for my tummy tuck, he said to expect modest results because of my age and that I had previously had liposuction on my stomach from a different doctor. That was discouraging and I felt slightly deflated about whether or not to move forward. Now after a year later, to me, the results were not modest and I AM VERY HAPPY! But, to hear him say the results would be dramatic, I have to go for it. It would have probably been easier to do it all at once and probably cheaper too but it wasn't obvious at the time. And, that is one of the things my husband and I love about Dr. Pousti, he does not try to sell you more procedures. He is a very successful surgeon and does not operate like a used car salesman. My boss asked me how my one year check-up went and I told her. She said I have to do it. Then, she added you don't need it. Hahaha! So, I am scheduled for surgery on 12/18 to remove the fat and tissue from my flanks. I'm not getting any younger so the time is now. My husband is supportive and thinks it will make a huge difference. My boss thought I should as well and Dr. Pousti said I will probably go down a couple of pants sizes and the results will be dramatic. How could I possibly not go forward with it? Here we go!????


In my last post I mentioned having a flank lipectomy/liposuction. Well, I had the surgery on 12/18/15. I am so pleased I did. It probably should have been part of my original surgery but it didn't seem that bad until I had a flat stomach. Having the flank lipectomy/liposuction was the icing on the cake. It made a really big difference. I am now approaching almost two years and am still VERY VERY happy with my decision to have this surgery.

2-Year Surgery Anniversary Update

My two-year anniversary of my surgery was Saturday, August 6. I was going to post something on the actual day but there wasn't anything to say that I hadn't said before. I have had a few more days to think about it and I do have one regret - that I didn't do it sooner!!!! I had put it off for years because I was afraid of the pain; however, I was literally was pain free between the pain pump and the pain pills I was given. So, I am sorry I waited so long to have the surgery. It is two years later and I am so happy I did it. I feel grateful and blessed to have found such an exceptionally skilled surgeon in Dr. Pousti. HE IS THE BEST! He is the only surgeon I went to for a consultation but I knew from that initial visit I had found the best. Especially when you watch shows like Botched and see the horrible surgeons that are out there. If you have to drive a long distance like I did or fly in to see him I strongly encourage you to use Dr. Pousti. You will not be sorry. It is really hard to believe two years have already passed. It seems more like 9 months or so. I continue to exercise and love my flat stomach. I am very pleased and my only regret as I said was that I waited so long. Thank you Dr. Pousti for being the best!
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Pousti was incredible from the moment we met him. My husband and I both felt completely comfortable from our first meeting. He puts you at ease and you feel you are in the hands of a expert. We traveled an hour and a half from Orange County to his office but after reading the more than 600 positive reviews we knew we made the right decision. He is very caring as is his entire staff. UPDATE 9 WEEKS POST-OP My husband and I have had many visits with Dr. Pousti since I posted the review above. Each of these interactions has even more strongly reinforced our feelings about what a great surgeon he is, but even more so we have come to learn that he is an extremely caring and compassionate person. He is a good man with a good heart. Words cannot describe our happiness with choosing Dr. Pousti as my surgeon. If you are looking for the very best surgeon, look no farther than Dr. Pousti. You will be very glad you did. I especially am so thankful and appreciative that I chose Dr. Pousti. He is the only surgeon I consulted and knew from the initial meeting that he was the one!

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