Good bye Fang Teeth: Canine Teeth and Crowed Teeth to Be Fixed - La Mesa, CA

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I had braces before but stopped treatment when i...

I had braces before but stopped treatment when i was in grade school . I don't remember my teeth shifting back but then a realized one day around 18 or so how crowded my teeth were.

I also see my canine teeth stick out and sometimes it gets stuck on my lip. My crowded teeth on the bottom you can't see sometimes but it really bothers me and I notice people's teeth too( bottom or top). So I know people catch the little things too.

I just really want a perfect smile. I want to light up a room. I want my smile to match my personality.

I got my treatment started on Dec 19th . With measuring and such,
I had my 1st appointment today with the liners and will get my attachments Feb 21st.
I have 8 attachments on the front and 10 buttons throughout.
They are somewhat noticeable right now without my attachments but I sure they will better with them.
I have 25 trays bottom and top ( from the top of my head estimate).
I should take 10 to 12 months.

I am taking the opportunity to get my smile fixed while I have good insurance with my full-time job and live with my parents.
I am at 2800/3000 as of now payed.
It would have been around 5300 without insurance , so it helped.
& my retainer should be 300 dollars after.
I am very excited to get my teeth done and can't wait to revile my final results.

I went in today for the attachments. It took about...

I went in today for the attachments. It took about 30 minutes. It was awkward. I had this thing opening my mouth. I was drooling everywhere ^^. But that's the dentist. They put this stuff on my teeth. I could not see anything. Then they put trays over what they put on my teeth. Had the light sticks to harden them I believe.They did it to my bottom teeth and then I was done. I love my dentists and my office. I start my 2nd tray next Tuesday! I did not have to do two more weeks after putting the attachments. I am on schedule, I have my next 4 trays. I won't see my dentist til April.

Feeling the diffrence

So I am on 11 out of 25 and feel and notice the difference, My canine teeth no long get caught on my lips as they use too. My bottom teeth are slowing meeting up but i can feel the pressure with each tray. I've been bad lately with having them out a little longer but I'm still doing good luckily. I have an apt. soon. I have up to 13 and will get maybe up to 25 then! I am almost half way there.

13 of 25!

13 out of 25 can't stop smiling :) appointment the 12th this month can't wait!!


getting so close!! I'll be on the 19 one in two weeks and then I'll have an appointment and hopeful get the last of the 25. Just the usual pain/annoyance every two weeks because of tightness and annoyance of brushing my teeth all the time because I'm a snacker! I will soon be the one with a perfect smile :p

more pictures 18/25

24/of 25

My teeth look so great! The 24th tray really moved my bottom front teeth. I was concerned that they were not moving. These last few, with the plus, have been the most painful, but nothing to extreme and it's worth it.

The dentist had asked me if I was happy. I told her I felt that my teeth are still protruding out much more than I wanted to. She gave me the choice of starting on 24-25 or moving on to the refinements, if I felt I needed them. I think that I will want them and I believe I have 4 without charge. Will have to look into that again. I can't wait to start my retainer and have the attachments off. I also can;t wait to feel weird brushing my teeth everywhere and spending my whole break brushing my teeth, but worth it.

more 24 of 25 photos

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I checked online for invisilign doctors in my area.

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