Flank Lipectomy/Liposuction Procedure - La Mesa, CA

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Dr. Pousti is an excellent, extraordinary, superb...

Dr. Pousti is an excellent, extraordinary, superb surgeon. He performed abdominoplasty on me last year and I could not be more pleased; however, since my stomach is now flat, my flanks (love handles) now look huge. So, at my one-year check-up, we discussed a flank lipectomy/liposuction procedure. When I had the tummy tuck, Dr. Pousti told me to expect modest results. He is honest and does not try to "sell" you on an unrealistic outcome or more procedures. For me, the results were better than modest. In fact, I feel that are exceptional. When we discussed the flank lipectomy/liposuction, he said the results would be remarkable. Ok, sold! So, I am scheduled for my procedure tomorrow. I can't wait. It is a much less invasive surgery and basically painless as there is no muscle involvement. I will be off work for 10 days. My husband will again care for me after the surgery. He is an excellent caregiver. I am excited to have the time off work and spend the time with my husband. Dr. Pousti is an outstanding surgeon that I highly recommend. At each appointment it is like visiting an old friend as he is kind, caring, and, as I mentioned, an extraordinary surgeon. There is a reason he receives 5 star reviews!!

Surgery Today

I had my procedure today. Dr. Pousti told my husband everything went great. Glad to be home ???? I am not in pain just sore. I have never had high blood pressure EVER but before my tummy tuck and this procedure today my blood pressure was high. I have complete trust in Dr. Pousti and really wanted both procedures so not sure why that happens.

Day 2

I am feeling much better today. I quit taking the oxycodone yesterday. I feel much better now just taking extra strength Tylenol. There is really no pain just soreness. Compared to the tummy tuck this is a breeze but I am ready to be back to normal. I don't know how people become addicted to surgery. I am grateful for the outcome but ready to be back to normal. Dr. Pousti has assembled a fantastic office staff and surgical team. I am really thankful to have found him. His surgical nurse commutes 1-1/2 hours every day each way to work with him. That speaks volumes. So for now, I am just healing and anxious to have the drains removed.????

Healing Continues

The healing process continues. The fluid in the drains is decreasing as is the soreness. It is so much easier to get up and around with this procedure than the tummy tuck. I have the best husband in the world. He takes such good care of me. He is the best caregiver. So between my wonderful husband and my excellent surgeon I am in good hands. I have had multiple phone calls from Dr. Pousti's office to check in on me, as well as from the surgery center. They definitely care about you and your recovery.

Day 3 - Burning Sensation

I believe I am progressing quite nicely. I have not taken any pain pills since the morning after my procedure. I did not like the way they made me feel and also gave me a migraine. I switched to extra strength Tylenol and it has handled any discomfort completely. I honestly have not had any pain just a little discomfort, which has improved every day. Yesterday, however, I had an intense burning sensation. It was really really bad. It felt like the worst sunburn ever on which someone poured gasoline. I read that this is to be expected and my doctor's office reminded me to expect burning and shooting pains when they called the day after my procedure. I also read that massage helps with this sensation. I wasn't sure how this could help given the compression garment and the padding underneath BUT IT DID!! I walked a little more than I had been and massaged my sides while I did. The burning sensation went away ????. I feel really really good. The fluid drainage has diminished considerably. I am hopeful to have the drains removed tomorrow when I return for my first post-op visit. They are not painful, not anything really. They just stick out. Supposedly, days 2-4 are the worse for pain. If so, I am good because days 2-4 have been great.

Early Christmas Present to Me ????????

Today was my first post-op check-up with Dr. Pousti following my surgery five days ago. I was able to have my drains removed ????????. The drain removal process is easy and painless. I remembered that from my tummy tuck and Dr. Pousti had also reassured me of it. I was ecstatic when I left his office to not have the drains any longer since tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I return to work on Monday. I was feeling a bit melancholy though. Dr. Pousti is such a masterfully skilled surgeon. There are a plethora of plastic surgeons in Southern California and I am so grateful to have picked the BEST one! I will miss him and his extraordinary staff when I am done. Thankfully, I still have some time before I am done. Thank you, Dr. Pousti, for everything, including your gentle demeanor and kindness to me and my husband. As I have said, Dr. Pousti has an incredible staff. I have had the most interaction, however, with Vanessa, Daisy, Cindy, Helen, Heather, and Marjan. I thank each and every one of these women for their kindness and the exceptional care they have provided to me. I feel like I am visiting old friends whenever I have an office visit. They are just wonderful. I will start 2016, my 60th year, with a trim body and a flat stomach because of Dr. Pousti and the women I mentioned. Merry Christmas ??????

Day 10 Update

I tried to post an update the past few days but the website was down for maintenance. I have just been taking it easy. It was nice not to have the drains in over Christmas though. Today, day 10, was my first day back at work. Everything was completely fine. I was even ready and at work earlier than normal. I wore pants that were slightly big after the tummy tuck and now are even bigger on me. That is still with the compression garment and padding. Not a lot has changed so not a lot to update. The tightness and the soreness have minimized over the past several days. This surgery did not zap my strength like the tummy tuck. Very pleased so far and can't wait to see the results.

New Clothes

Before I had the tummy tuck, I had lost 20 pounds and had to buy new pants. After the tummy tuck, the new pants I bought were too big. Now after the flank liposuction/lipectomy, my pants are too big again. It is a wonderful problem to have. I am only 11 days post-op, so I am still swollen and have the compression garment and padding. Even so, my pants are huge on me. I will wait a couple of months before I purchase any new dress slacks for work, but it so encouraging to realize the difference this procedure has made on top of having the tummy tuck.

Day 17: No update just an observation

Nothing new to report. I really enjoyed the days off over the holidays and even though I worked 3 days last week it was very quiet and slow. I had a lot of time to rest and recover. I kept my activity level pretty low. We only ventured out a few times for activities. I did notice, however, that even though I kept my activities to a minimum, I would get really tired in the late afternoon or early evening. A couple of days I took a nap which I never do. I woke up really refreshed though. I think I forget how much energy our body expends when it is trying to heal. It was a good reminder to balance periods of activity with periods of rest. Even if you feel good, which I do, your body still needs to heal.

Good Day

I had a check-up today with Dr. Pousti. Everything was great. The binder was removed and now I am wearing a spanx-type garment. Best of all, I GET TO SHOWER!! I had been showering using a hand-held shower head to keep my mid-section dry but nothing beats a hot shower when you can fully get wet. Also, it is always a pleasure to visit with Dr. Pousti and his office staff. All in all, it was a great day.

Week 4 Update

It was four weeks ago today that I had my procedure. To say I am thrilled with the results thus far is an understatement. If no further improvement was realized, I would be extremely happy, however, I know I will see further improvement. I was told that final results are not achieved for several months and I am still in the swelling stage. It doesn't feel like it to me because my flanks aka love handles are gone! My hips/sides are flat. My stomach is flat. I couldn't be more pleased. Even with the swelling my pants are all too big. So big, in fact, that they are uncomfortable to wear. I don't want to buy new pants though for a few months so I will make do or have them taken in.

After I was told I could shower, I showered that night and the next morning, which I think caused a small part of the scab on the incision to come off. Plus, I think from the stet-strips being removed as well. There was a tiny bit of bleeding - a few drops on the gauze pads I had been given to cover the incision. So, I have been very cautious the last few days and have resorted back to a bird bath to keep the incision dry. There has not been any further bleeding.

Also, I ordered silicone scar tape and BioCorneum cream for the incision. Daisy told me the silicone works really well for scar treatment so I thought I would give it a try. It's very expensive but the prices on Amazon were great! I used BioOil after my tummy tuck but the reviews on the silicone were fantastic for old and new scars.

I am so happy to have done both of these procedures and so thankful to have found Dr. Pousti. Having an excellent surgeon makes all the difference in the world. My advice is go to the best even if it's not the most convenient or the cheapest. I firmly believe you get what you pay for in everything and your body and health are not something you should skimp on. Dr. Pousti is the BEST surgeon!!

Day 31 Update

Today I started using the silicone tape scar treatment. It was very easy to apply and it feels good having something over the incision/scar. I have only showered using the handheld shower head since last Wednesday when after showering a small portion of the scab came off and there was a tiny amount of bleeding. Since that time, I had used sterile surgical pads on each side inside my underwear to prevent any irritation to the incision. So today only having the surgical tape it feels really smooth and sleek. I have read that the silicone tape also helps with any itching that may arise through the healing process. Hopefully it works well.

Silicone Tape Scar Treatment

I have now used the silicone tape for one week. It stays on really well and is almost like a bandaid. Also, it comes off really easy without pulling on the scar/incision line. Even though it has only been one week, there does appear to be slight improvement in the scar. I am excited to see how things progress with longer use of the tape.

Update on Silicone Tape

I have used the silicone tape for 2 weeks now. On part of the scar you can hardly see where the incision was made but it is slightly red. My husband thinks it looks great. I am not sure if the slight redness is part of the healing process or maybe an irritation from the tape or scar gel. It was kind of itchy today too, which I think is part of the healing process. So, tonight I removed the tape just to give it a break. I have been wearing the tape 24/7 for the past 2 weeks. I think when I put the tape back on I will only use the tape not the tape and scar gel together . The first week I didn't use the scar gel with the tape and there was no redness. So, we'll see.

Day 60 Update

It's hard to believe it has been 60 days since my surgery but, yet, it also seems so long ago. Weird! Anyway, I have been fine. I was wearing the silicone tape 24/7. My husband said my scar looks really good but I had a lot of dead skin around the area so this past weekend I removed the tape on Friday night, applied BioOil and kept the tape off for 24 hours. I think applying the BioOil was helpful but it did feel good to put the tape back on. I don't know why but it feels more secure with it on even though it is as thin as a bandage. I was told I will not see my results until between 2-3 months so I am now entering that point and anxiously await further results. It seems impossible that the results could be better but my husband thinks I still have swelling.


I recently had my 4-month post-op visit with Dr. Pousti. It was great to check-in. I am sooooo happy with the results. I had been told that I would still have swelling until months 3-4. Although, I didn't feel swollen, I think I was because it seems like my pants are much bigger on me than they were and suddenly people are noticing a change. I feel completely back to normal and can do anything. I haven't been exercising much as I had a terrible cold but that is behind me now. I am anxious to get back to the gym and really tone up my muscles more. We made a little trip out of my visit to Dr. Pousti and had a wonderful time. I am so happy with the changes to my body. This really gives you incentive to eat healthy, exercise and take your body to the next level.

One Year Anniversary

It was one year yesterday since my flank lipectomy/liposuction procedure. I am still so very pleased. I had my tummy tuck when I was 58 and the flank procedure at 60. I just turned 61 last month. My only regret is that I didn't do these procedures sooner. I debated for a long time because I was afraid of the pain or of not being satisfied with the results. Boy, was I ever wrong on both accounts. I had absolutely no pain and went to the absolute best surgeon - Dr. Tom Pousti. I read all of the reviews about him months before I made my first appointment so I knew he was my first choice for a consultation. Upon meeting him, I knew I made the right choice. HE IS WONDERFUL!! As is his staff. I live in Orange County and could have chosen a surgeon in OC or LA. It was always a bit of a commute for my appointments but it was totally worth it. Today, my body is smooth and flat, no bumps or bulges!! My scar had really faded but I still use Bio Oil everyday after my shower. I have absolutely no regrets at all except waiting. Ladies, do not wait and don't be afraid. You will be so happy with the results if you chose Dr. Pousti. I will post pictures soon but as for the one year anniversary of the flank procedures and 2-1/2 years since my tummy tuck I AM SO PLEASED AND HAPPY. Go to Dr. Pousti - he is the best and you will not be disappointed!!
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