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I "found" my PS on another website I have wanted a...

I "found" my PS on another website I have wanted a lift for several years now. I remember watching Dr. Rey the Beverly Hills surgeon oh about 7 or 8 yrs. ago and decided then I could use some help in this area. I have 4 sons all were breastfed and so my breasts have not been the same for quite some time now. The hardest thing so far is telling my now adult sons about my upcoming surgery. This has been a decision I have gone back and forth with for quite sometime I've spoken to one daughter-in-law and another son's girlfriend over the last 6 mos. they are very supportive and the most difficult thing or so I thought was telling my son's about my upcoming surgery. My oldest initially reacted with concerns that He was afraid I might get addicted to plastic surgery I replied I've been thinking about doing this for years, and so he along with my other son's have been very supportive and encouraging saying "whatever makes me happy they are happy with" Whew glad I got through that. I am very pleased with Dr. Pousti and his staff, Jen, Cindy and Daisy have been very encouraging and helpful, I was completely at ease with my choice and I am more than pleased with how receptive and informative Dr. Pousti is to all of my concerns and questions. Dr. Pousti's manner and professionalism have definitely made this experience less worrisome than I expected I am probably one of his "older" patients being over 50 but the ladies told me I really wasn't that "old" since they have had patients quite a few years older than myself. The staff here has made me feel very at ease with my decision no pressure at all I've even changed/pushed out my surgery twice because of upcoming commitments, now I am less than three weeks out and I'm really getting nervous but I think more excited then ever about the new me. I am currently a 36sd I call it a saggy d and I'm hoping to be a full d or DD post op.......we will see, getting saline implant sub muscular along with maxtopasy my areoles are pretty large so these will be "reduced" during the surgery too! whoo hoo no more wardrobe malfunctions yes it's happened before major embarrassing especially because it was a group picture and I had no idea I was too exposed. Will post pics soon.

Pics of what you want your breasts to look like

At the Dr's office they did ask me to bring in pics of other women to see which pics would help the PS to compare to what my final results would look like. Now I'm not too naive to think my B/A and B/L are going to make me look exactly like Salma Hayek but I am having a heck of a time making up my pic board .......any suggestions I need to show my wish pics and those that I feel wouldn't be for me et. al Tori Spelling would not make my wish list per se sorry about that for those I may have offended that is not my purpose just need help with the pics, thanks.

Pre-op photos with IPad my first selfies!!

I've never done a selfie pic before so here are my first from my IPad not sure how these will turn out so I may need to re-post. A little over 2 weeks left! Exciting and scary too! I've never been put under anesthesia so hope and pray all goes well. I will be with about 3 ladies next week that have all had B/A's so I'm sure I will get plenty of advice. As you can see from my pics areoles are pretty big always have been pretty embarrassing in a bathing suit top if I turn wrong Dr. Pousti says they will look better after.....and of course you can see the saggy baggy look I've had going, only underwire and padded bras for the last 20yrs Dr. Says I can go bra-less after the surgery....... We will see!

My wish pics

Of course here are some pics of my wish-ies.

Met with two ladies this past week had their b/a several years ago

I spoke to my friends this past week one says she will need a breast lift she had her b/a over 10 yrs ago she looks fine to me but did share she has to wear padded underwire bras because she is so "saggy" and that kind've scared me 'cuz I'm 12 yrs older than she is. I'm 6 days away need to buy front closing sports bras and smooth move tea I want to be prepared and buy more easy to prepare meals for my guys they will be without home cooking for a bit. My friends said they were'nt down for too long we will see still need to get more wish pics ready, getting excited but more nervous too


I mean tomorrow is the day! excited nervous very nervous have never ever been under a gen'l anesthesia we will see..... spoke to my PS this evening he assured me everything would be fine, whew.....hubby and I just rode back from Las Vegas today after spending the wknd there wonderful distraction for me. It was bike run in Vegas too so I guess it was for us both a good wknd. Just putting together my wish pics Christina Aguilera looks wonderful she's in the Maxim magazine still hoping for a Salma Hayek look for the new me, wish me luck and say a prayer all goes well will keep you posted. We live 100 miles from the surgery center so my hubby is going to be taking me out there leaving at 5am for 7 am meet w/ anesthesiologist hope all goes well, good nite to all post more after tomorrow.

4days post op front view

Tight chest my hubby is worried about puckering Dr. Pousti says healing is going just fine placed 470cc sub muscular they look really high and feel very tight . Can't massage yet still wearing post surgery bra. I'm sleeping on my back yay! Will see how things progress look really small and flat under clothes.

6 days post op front view view

Looks like puckering is softening somewhat still high not too much pain at all down to one maybe two pain meds a day hope to start massaging on Friday after Dr. Pousti appt. went no. 2 after 4th day love prunes so had no problem there. Did eat buffalo wing and had ice cream last night then got pretty naseus can't mix. The food still like more bland foods and will keep to crackers and soup have gained 5lbs will see how weight thing goes too

Massage green light! Yay!!!

Had 9 day post op appt today absolutely love Dr.Pousti and his staff!!!!! I get a ck up call daily even on Saturday! Very genuinely concerned for me and my recovery posted response to cc's I rec'd. I'm soooo excited to start massages can't hardly wait for progress after this. this Site has been awesome too so much wonderful info and ideas! God bless you all in your recovery and your journey will continue to post more later.

Updated photos 11'days post-op and 15 days post-op

I've been real busy went camping 11 days post op Vail Lake Temecula Ca had a blast! Think I need to slow down a bit if I'm moving too much too fast breast get real tight and I get somewhat light-headed have been off all meds except Ibupropen occasionally if I'm a 'lil tight chested seem to be dropping. Not too good about massaging 3-5 times a day 3-5 mins. A time do at least two massage sessions. Daily starting to slow down and take things slower motorcycle run in Palm Springs this wknd I'm driving don't want to be on the. Back of motorcycle jic of pot hole potentially just enjoy this "local" bike run. Feel pretty good enjoying life and feeling good! Best experience ever with Dr. Pousti and staff they always have time for me still have the tape on around peri-areola incision will see on Nov. 5th how things look puckering has gone down substantially don't know final size yet will keep you posted.


11 days post-op

Camping trip to VailLake Ca clothed

15 days post-op

Frontal view starting to drop a little

32 days post p pics

As you will notice my rt. breast has a Band-Aid on it surgery I had 30+ yrs ago to remove a fibroid did come back to remind me where it was it "spit" not quite split so it's being treated and will need to stay bandaged up for a bit longer. My left breast (the one with the more cc's in It) has not caught up to my rt. breast so I do need to concentrate on relaxing my shoulders whilst massaging, I am still experiencing that "morning boob" feeling just wondering about how long I will be experiencing this it's mostly on the bottom portion of my breast that I have this sensation forgot to ask the Dr. about this, can anyone add their thoughts or experiences?

6wks update

Sorry about not posting earlier here are some pics 6 wks post-op. I did have a prior surgery over 30 yrs. ago and thus the scabs appeared exactly where my first surgery's incision was made will see how this turns out. My next appt. is on 12/12 so hopefully things will look better by then. I still have to wear the "special bra" at night leaves some weird lines on inner breast area a 'lil wrinkly same with my sports bra, getting excited for Thanksgiving next wk. we are hosting about 20 family members. When looking back on the decision to have this surgery of ccurse I should have had earlier but what I am most thankful for are all your stories this site and especially for Dr. Pousti and his awesome staff, thank you all for the new me, encouraging words and personal experience you all have helped this process for the new me to go by so smoothly God bless you all!

Pic with tank top

Here's a front pic no bra tank top! No bra yay!

2 mos post op

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! Well here I am 2 mos post op no more morning boob for quite some time now sorry I didn't post about this earlier. My scabs on my rt breast are still there taking a bit longer to heal, I am using my scar cream every day and still see the stitching, hubby is wondering whether or not my smooched look will be improving? I have a return visit on 12/12 will see what ps says about this anybody care to comment on this. I actually thought wearing a sports bra that was a bit tight May have contributed to this smooched profile look, I think I may give the ps office a call to discuss if it is "normal". Hubby has asked if I regret my decision or if I regret not going larger I guess I did expect side profile to look bigger but you ladies need to help me on this given the fact that the implants are under the muscle would I have a less protruding side profile the size is 570cc mod profile saline implants on the left breast and 530cc on the right, I do like my cleavage I have not been fitted for a bra......yet, I started my journey wearing a 36d ps did say I would probably end up being a real full d or possibly dd size and on that note just for reassurance purposes how long does it take before you know the final size results? I don't regret doing this at all I am pleased with the new me so far I am still excited as to where I will be in a few mos. so will keep you posted after my visit in 9 days after ps visit, the 2 mos post op pics are posted!

Drs visit

I had my 2 mo. Post-op appt. Dr. Says everything's looking good he will want
to check up on me after the holidays because of my stitch/scabbing to make sure that it is healing he did say.he may have to do something with the stitch where the scab is located, so he is following up on that. No other real issues to report Dr. Did say I could get fitted for a bra nothing with underwire so need to go shopping........ yeah right let me finish Christmas shopping first. I will post pics after I get fitted for new bra. Crazy thing is I can still wear my "special bra with the strap" I almost feel like it is a security blanket sling for my breasts so I'm still wearing it, I did have the choice to stop but prefer to wear it, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! Be blessed.

5 1/2 mos. post-surgery

Have been on three series of prednisone for atopic dermatitis and allergies so I have gained. 7 lbs. don't really want to post pics until I lose this water weight love my new me any suggestions on pretty underwire bras size 40dd? Will post pics soon I promise.
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Best experience ever very much put me at ease he listened to my concerns he and his staff are very helpful and encouraging no awkwardness, very warm and inviting office decor. I can hardly wait for these three weeks to get here!

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