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There are a series of unexpected events that led...

There are a series of unexpected events that led me to Dr. Pousti. My original breast augmentation surgery was not done by him. The surgeon who did my original surgery did a great job and I was indeed happy with my breasts. However several weeks into recovery one of my breasts began to fill up with some sort of fluid. So I went to my surgeon to find out what might be the problem. He tells me he doesn't know and that I should give it some time and see my gynecologist. Well in that short amount of time my left breast swell to an enormous size.

At that point I knew something would have to be done soon. So I called my surgeon and he said he was out of town and would not be back until the next day. But because my breast was so very swollen I knew I could NOT wait even another day. So I discovered Dr. Pousti online via his website. Of the many surgeons I saw online he seemed to be the most thorough and knowledgeable. So I said a prayer and decided to page him for help. I was contacted within minutes of my page and Dr.Pousti agreed to see me even though I was not a patient of his or on his schedule for that day. I was so grateful.
At my appointment with Dr. Pousti. I did not feel like a last minute squeeze. Instead I felt like royalty. He was kind and patient and willing to call my original surgeon to try and get to the bottom of what might be causing the swelling. After talking with my surgeon there was still no sure indication of what kind of fluid was in the breast. Nonetheless, we did agree that surgery was necessary and at that point I was on Dr. Pousti's schedule for the next day. During surgery Dr. Pousti discovered that the fluid was in fact breast milk. I had given birth to twins (but did not breastfeed) six months prior to surgery but never imagined milk could still be stimulated somehow.

Dr. Pousti and I decided that it was in my best interest to drain the milk and have the implants removed. I was a bit devastated but so glad to have my good health back and not be worried about my breast. Dr. Pousti knows that he was the answer to my prayers that day. My breasts after recovery from surgery are not so bad after all. I feel like Dr. Pousti was a man of his word when he said he would give me his best effort and do his best job. So needless to say when I decide to have my surgery redone I will be calling him excited about the work he does. SIncerely

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