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Breast augmentation has been something I have...

Breast augmentation has been something I have thought about for awhile..but never actually took the steps to make it happen. And now here I am !

I decided to write this blog to mark my steps to my transformation, I'm not sure if any of you will even take the time to read my story out of the thousand on here, but I'll blog it anyways for anyone who is in the same shoes as myself (:

I am so incredibly excited to start this journey. So many friends and woman that I have talked to say it's the BEST investment they have ever made. Hearing how happy and satisfied so many of these woman are...I decided to do it for myself.

I am not completely dissatisfied with my breasts, they are small but they aren't horrible. As I started losing weight a few years ago and began a journey of beginning fit and healthy, my breasts decided to disappear. When I got to my smallest (unhealthy) size of 115 lbs. they were almost nonexistent ! I remember trying on bathing suits and crying because of how much my chest has changed. I couldn't find one bathing suit to compliment me and make me feel confident.

As I gained back healthy weight, I am now at a small 36B. I like the shape of my breasts but I am aiming for a more fuller chest (aren't we all !)

I have been to two consultations...the second one, which was yesterday, is the surgeon I am picking for my surgery, Dr. Pousti !

His consultation was so unlike the first one I experienced. My first experience, the surgeon never asked me, "how do you want your breasts to look?" "What look are you aiming for?" "Do you have pictures to show me?" Instead, he told me what he thought I need to do instead of what I WANTED to do.

Dr. Pousti was the complete opposite. He asks you to bring a friend for moral support and he also asks you to bring pictures to the consultation so he can get an idea of the look your trying to achieve. He even has you make a poster board of pictures of boobs you like and dislike that they hang up while he does the surgery ! How awesome is that !?

He made me feel very comfortable. He didn't push it on me, he rather played a more fatherly figure telling me that this is not a priority and to do it in the right timing...not to rush it and not to put myself in a stressful financial situation. I really appreciated that !

He quoted me $6000 for silicone breast implants, under the muscle. I really want a natural looking finish, either a full C or a small D. I think I am leaning more towards a small D since I keep having nightmares of my breasts being too small after surgery. Haha !

I plan on saving up the majority of the payment because, since I am a college student, a payment of over $200 is just not something I can do at the moment. Financing about $2000 is what I plan on because, according to the paperwork I received, payment should be about $167.

Where I am at now is saving, saving, saving. I need to contact Care Credit and I also want to make my surgery appointment for the end of March, which is Spring Break !

I'm not sure where I start...yikes ! Call Care Credit now and get approved...or call after I have saved up and it's closer to the surgery? Book the surgery now or when I have saved up a good amount of money?

I'm just so impatient !! (:

My Dream Boobs !

These and like 100 others will be on my poster board for surgery (;

Here's a few more...

Boobs, boobs and more boobs..

Sheesh, I can't even study for my 2 tests this week because my brain is so preoccupied with BOOBS !!

I found more pictures of the boobs I want. I found her on Instagram. There is a couple awesom Instagram pages that girls have created of pictures of their journey through breast augmentation. I've found them very resourceful !

Where I'm at currently in my journey, I just paid off my credit card to better my credit when I apply for care credit. My credit isn't bad, I just want it to be as good as possible. As soon as my paid off credit card hits my credit I will apply for care credit and book my surgery for hopefully around March 31.

This is my spring break so do you ladies think 10 days is a long enough recovery before returning back to school ?

As for size, I'm really thinking 400cc. I'm doing the rice test tonight and I'll post pics :)

Rice Test

According to what I found this is 425 cc. Which is 1.8 cups of rice (I now this isn't completely accurate but it gives me an idea :)

Pics from rice test


Does anyone else find it extremely frustrating talking to friends and family about your BA surgery ?

I feel like every time I try to share my excitement or talk about it they come back with ... "You can't go big because your body is really small." "Don't go any bigger then a C, you'll look like a pornstar." "You don't want them to look fake..." Blah, blah, blah. I already know these things ! And it drives me crazy because they aren't educated about the procedure so they don't really understand.

I just want to share my excitement with someone without them being a Debbie downer ! Haha.

Sorry had to rant... :)

Consultation pic

This was a little over a week ago at my consultation. 350cc's. Too small though...just thought I'd share :)

Care Credit

Hey ladies,

What do you think my chances if getting approved for 3000 with a credit score in the 700's ? I ask because I'm pretty sure I had applies for care credit back in 2011 for my wisdom teeth and I wasn't approved. My credit was also lower back then.

I'm so impatient and I want to apply for the money already but I don't want to rush it and be denied.


I was approved for my $3000...it was so easy I almost feel silly for thinking I might not be approved !

Just one click and the next page came up telling me I was approved informing me that if i need a credit line increase that it's easy and simple...kind of weird to me that it was so quick and easy...hmmm.

I'm going to be beyond careful with this loan and pay it off ASAP. I don't want to be getting screwed over..

Imaging Appointment

My surgeons office called me a few days ago telling me about a new imaging thing they do for patients. She said they take a picture of your chest and they change the size so you can really get a feel for what you want. I made an appointment for the 15. Yay ! I'm excited.

I'm also booking my surgery then too. Hurry up march !

Vectra Appointment Today

So I just got home from my appointment. The Vectra machine is soo cool ! It took a picture of my breasts, forward view, bottom view and side view and also top view. And then on the computer we were able to try on different profiles and cc's. I have decided to go with 475cc. I tried on the 450 sizers and loved it ! Since I'm going under the muscle we decided on 475.

I also booked my appointment. March 28, 2014 ! It's a ways away but time flies ! Sooo excited it feels so unreal (:(:(:

More boob inspiration :)

March 13 is surgery...FINALLY !

Surgery is set for March 13 at 915AM. They're officially paid for and it's really happening ! :)

I'm so nervous yet so so excited. The only thing I'm worried about is them not being big enough ! I made a poster board of all the inspirational breasts I want to look like so hopefully they turn out with that size !

I decided to go with 500cc although my doctor doesn't go specifically with the CC's you want but more off of the pictures you provide him with. So it could be more or less. Multiple girls at my work are telling me to go way bigger then I want because they all wish they went bigger then they decided !

I didn't want to go through the nipple because I'm nervous about losing nipple sensation. Some girls I talk to say it's annoying when their husbands/boyfriend touches them.

3 days...

My surgery is in 3 days and I am SO nervous ???? I've never had a serious surgery before besides my wisdom teeth. I'm going to be freaking out the morning of...just thinking about it now gives me anxiety.

I do have a question though...I have had bad anxiety for the past month (not because of surgery but current life changes). I was prescribed Xanax and I have taken it within the last 2 weeks. I also took over the counter sleeping pills and preworkout within the last 2 weeks (not excessive amounts).

I understand that I should have stopped all supplements f2 weeks prior..I haven't taken any ibuprofen or vitamins like directed and of course I'll inform my surgeon the morning of surgery but how serious is it ? Will they tell me we can't do the surgery ?

On my way

On my way to surgery ! So freakin nervous... And starving !! I would die for a drink of water haha. Ahhh wish me luck. So nervous


I had an abnormal EKG a few weeks before my surgery and my general doctor advised me to see a cardiologist. I didn't think I needed to because I knew it was caused by anxiety for I've been going through a lot these past 6 months and all the stress and anxiety has really taken a toll on me.

I arrived to my surgery and I was all prepped and ready to go. I showed my nurse the abnormal EKG (not thinking it would result in calling off the surgery). They did their own EKG on me and it came back the same, premature heartbeats.

So the surgery was called off until I get cleared by a cardiologist. I've already gone through various tests and I have my follow up with my heart doctor on Monday. I'll know then if he'll clear me or not.

If all goes well my surgery is on Monday April 14 at 545 AM

The deed is done...

So I had my surgery yesterday morning at 7AM. I was surprisingly not too nervous !

My anesthesiologist was so sweet and so was my other nurse, I can't remember her name but I remember waking up and asking for her haha.

They walked me back to the surgery room and it looked like it was straight out of the movies (I've never had surgery before haha).

They laid me down and my nice nurse held my hand and asked me what kind of music I liked for them to put on. She then asked if I've ever been on a cruise...

I was so excited to answer because my friends and I are planning one and as soon as I began to answer all that came out of my mouth was gibberish. Haha. I can feel myself getting loopy and then I was out.

I woke up and I remember telling the nurse I couldn't breathe and I was very anxious. I remember her asking what I take for my anxiety and I told her Xanax. My whole body was shivering and shaking but she gave me something for that.

She asks you to level your pain and she had to give me quite a bit of pain meds. Soon my friends came in to see me and they wheeled me out.

I felt fine the first day. Slept a lot. I slept for awhile but never woke to take my meds and was in soo much pain. Won't make that mistake again.

Last night it was hard to sleep because my back is killing me ! My back hurts worse than my breast. It's uncomfortable any way I sit and it makes it impossible to sleep. I have 2 heating pads on my back and they help tremendously !

I had my best friends caring for me the first day but last night and today I'm on my own (with help from my dad and brother when they're home).

I really, really wish I had someone here the whole time to help me because even the littlest things become the hardest things to do. Just trying to position my pillows so I'm comfortable is impossible ! Haha.

I am so grateful for the amazing team and surgeon I had. Such friendly people and make you feel so comfortable. I received 2 calls this morning, one from the surgery center and another from Daisy at Dr. Pousti's office.


It's been 3 days and today is by far the worst. The first couple days were easy and I wasn't in too much pain.

The headache started last night but it was full on pounding this morning so bad there was nothing I could do but cry. I really think this is because I haven't been drinking water. Especially taking the pain killers and not hydrating I think that'd def. where my headache came from. I've been guzzling water and trying to hydrate but hours later it still feels the same.

My back has been hurting as well. I really think this is from the bed rest but my doctor said if I still have it by tomorrow I need to go to urgent care to make sure it isn't in my lungs.

I can breathe fine and I don't think I have a fever. I just really can't wait to feel at least a little better ! It feels like I had back and brain surgery rather than breast surgery

Feeling soo much better !

I figured out what made me so miserable yesterday ! It was my pain meds. As soon as I stopped taking them and switched to plain old ibuprofen the headache went away !

I never thought it would be the Percocet because I assumed it would help the pain of the headaches go away rather then cause them, but my body was definitely telling me something.

Luckily that migraine is gone and I feel so much better :)

I actually got a lot of sleep last night. They refilled my Valium so that definitely helped.

I had my first apt yesterday and I was so excited but it turned out to be completely pointless. It wouldn't have been if we didn't have to drive an hour an a half during rush hour traffic.

We got there and the dr peeked inside my bra, said I was good and sent me on my way.

My friend and I were like he better walk back in that door and say he's joking. Haha. Luckily we were able to laugh about the whole thing and make a joke out of it.

My surgeon did give me flowers though which was sweet :)

Next week I have the appointment where they take off the bra and teach me how to massage them.

So excited !

When I first got out of surgery they felt and looked so small ! But now I can definitely see and feel them swelling a lot bigger !!

I for 495cc's so I'm hoping they turn out to at least a D :)

How much smaller will they get ?

I love my size. My left is more swollen and sore than the right and I love the size of the left ! So full. I'm scared as to how much they are going to shrink. Can you guys tell me your experiences ?

Uh oh

I fell yesterday and landed on my right side. My right boob is soo sore now and I have a little pain. Scared I'm messing them up :( I haven't been taking it easy at all and I need to remind myself that although I feel good and feel like I can do all these things but inside I'm still healing.

I'm so scared of getting a hematoma or effecting the outcome in a negative way.

I'm so paranoid right now. I'm taking it extra easy from here on out.

Anyone else have any similar experiences like falling after surgery ?
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