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So as many of you know most pregnancies will leave...

So as many of you know most pregnancies will leave your breast not what they use to be. For me I went from a full c to a deflated B after both my children. Pretty much I had to use bras with a small cup to be able to fill it in as much as possible. I have researching BA for over 2 years and after so much research I finally decided on Dr. Pousti. I liked the majority of his patients pictures, most Dr's have a signature on their work.

new girls

I'm 2 days post op and not in terrible pain, just discomfort in my neck and back. I'm sure it's due to the sleeping on pillows. The first day out wasn't bad just had an episode of vomiting. I'm 5 2" 113 pds. I received any where from 465-495cc but I will find out the details on monday when I have my post op appt.

feeling much better :) or so I hope

After all these days of recovery, first day was manageable with meds but nauseous and I was starving not to mention. Well threw up the first day wahhh ( haven't done that in 6+ years) Day 2 lots of back pain with lots of nausea. I've been spacing my meds out as much as possible so I can wean off of them easily. Instead of every 4 hrs for my percocet I've been doing it every 6-7 hrs. TODAY I only woke up once to have a valium at 3 and didn't wake up till 9!!! That's the most sleep I've had with out my back aching and waking me up or the pressure from the new girls :)

upper view

my lovely husband came home with these ?

Finally got to see them!!!

I was so excited/ shocked! Haven't seen my goodies look that big in years, well since I was breast feeding. Can't wait till I can wear clothes with nice full breast! Dr. Pousti says I'm healing great and they look great! Finally got the green light to shower just have to buy waterproof bandages to cover up and make sure no moisture gets in there.

A little annoyed

So my Dr. gave me the green light to shower yesterday as long as I don't get the dressing wet. So my hubby too me to walgreens and I picked up "waterproof" bandages that the girls from his office recommended. So excited to finally wash my hair and be clean again. The shower felt weird but comforting, one more thing back to my normal routine. Got out had my hubby dry my hair, soon as I was dry took off the bandages and to my surprise the gauze was drenched!!!! So waterproof!!!! I'll have to call as soon as they open to see what they say, hopefully it won't get infected :(


So my Dr. Office has called me every day to see how I am feeling and if I have any questions or concerns. That's great never had such good follow up care :) I feel much better, getting in and out of bed are much better. I still have my husband help me in the mornings, but wouldn't need the help if he wasn't around. Can't wait till I can wear normal bras!!!


Last night I got a little cold and started to shiver a little, well didn't this send my muscles into an uncontrollable spasm. I didn't know if to cry or laugh. Probably the weirdest feeling so far.

Post Op Appt.

Just had my post op and I had a few questions bc my surgical bra was leaving an indentation under my breasts. Dr. Pousti gave me the ok to use a sports bra, but did offer a smaller size for my surgical bra. I learned how to massage them today, hopefully they drop soon. Although I don't mind them now ;) I am beyond happy with the results, I can only imagine the final results. Best Dr. I could have picked and I've looked for a long time. Highly recommend Dr. Pousti !!!!

The waiting game

Hopefully all of you out there are doing good and recovering well!!! I just hit my 2 week mark yesterday and feel great! Still get tired easily and just a little winded but I did just have surgery 2 weeks ago. I have been massaging them at least 3 times a day for 10 min which feels good, but I want them to drop already!!! And be able to wear a normal bra, I wear sports bras during the day and my surgical bra at night. I love the strap, I feel like it's doing it's job and pushing them down. I feel like my right is dropping faster but then again that was the smaller implant. Hopefully the left jumps on board and starts to drop.

so far so good

I have been so busy since I am back to my mommy duties. I can't complain, I've healed so easy, honestly I think it has to do with the Dr. and your mind set. The only thing is I've been getting a pinched nerve on my back and it bothers me to sleep on my back but I'm still not comfortable sleeping on my sides. It's weird because that nerve is causing my hand to fall asleep. Weird but with time it shall go away. Hope everyone is recovering well and for those of you close to your BA good luck!

34D, so far so good

It's been a while since I've last updated, everything is going great. I am just massaging everyday trying to get my left one to drop like my right has. The left was the larger implant so I'm hoping it is just taking longer because of the size. Ugh I can't get these tapes off my areola, I've been showering with them for a week and still no luck! I'm just scared to right of the scab and make my scar worse.

VS 34D

new boobies

finally LOVE how a bathing suit top fits!!!

tapes/bandages off FINALLY!!!

So I've seen a lot of post where the tape on the incisions comes off pretty fast, myself on the other hand took 6 wks 2 days!!! Dr. Pousti advises his patients to keep them on at least 5 weeks. Now I know why, my scar is so minimal. I wouldn't even call it a scar more like a scratch. I was so worried about having thickness or discoloration. Nothing, it's perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better result! Dr . Pousti is amazing, he knows what he is doing and is absolutely the BEST at it. Hope everyone is recovering well!

Suture abscess!!!

Friday was not a good day, I started massaging as I normally do every morning and noticed what looked like a little scab of a pimple. Of course with curiosity I push a little and pus came out!!! I was so scared, but I kept pushing and not hard at all. When I wiped I saw something that resembled a black head except it seemed to have something that looked like fishing wire. I thought it was weird, I immediately emailed Dr . Pousti and within minutes he called me and told me what it was and how to care for it. He even told me to go to his office on a Saturday to get checked out. He reassured me that it happens and is nothing major. Have any of you had this? Also for the past 3 weeks I've been having night sweats. It is so annoying, now I'm starting to think that maybe it was because of the abscess???

So far so good...

Hope everyone is recovering well! Ever since that suture abscess I haven't had a problem. I feel like they are proportion to my body and I am loving my results. I have a follow up on the 19th so we shall see how Dr. POUSTI thinks I'm healing.

LOVE my new additions ;)

Hopefully all of you are recovering well! Just a small update, I had my physical yesterday and my Dr. Said everything looks and feels great. She asked me who my PS was and when I told her she said she had another patient that went with Dr . Pousti too!!! Small world. I have been doing the massage 2-3 times daily, don't want CC. I love them, I feel like they are a part of me. At times I forget that I just had surgery 3 months ago. For all of you considering a BA I would definitely recommend it but make sure you do your research. It took me almost 3 years to choose the right PS. I am so happy I didn't rush because I probably would not be happy with my results. Love Dr . Pousti & his staff ?

almost 6 months post

I know I haven't had an update in a long time but there hasn't been any changes. I just had a Dr. appt with my PS. Everything is going great. No problems what so ever. I am so glad that I chose Dr. Pousti. Hands down the best Dr. I have ever encountered. Very caring and very focused on your needs. His office staff have all been so helpful through the whole process for me. I knew that they were a call or email away if I ever had a question. My BA has been the best investment I have made. I feel so much better wearing low cut shirts and bikinis heck anything to show a little cleavage ;) I do have boobie greed where I think at 6 months I just have gotten use to them and they no longer seem BIG to me. Ehhh but I remind myself that this is the biggest and safest my PS could have done. I trust him and don't want to have problems in the future. Hope you are all doing well and recovering great. Remember the pain doesn't last forever. Put it like this I forgot the pain I went through, in the end it is totally worth it.

Almost 1 1/2 years !!!

I have been so happy with the final results. I know I have praised my PS but he is the BEST! I recommend him all the time. I must admit that sometimes I do get some nerves that bother me but with a little massage it's all better. I have been enjoying my new assets to the fullest especially during hot days lol besides that I usually don't flaunt them. My bra size has not changed (32DDD) I must admit my BA looks very natural even with the size of implant and they are so soft. Hope all of you are enjoying yours and/or find this helpful. Till next time
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Dr. Pousti is amazing, I'm so glad that I decided to go with him. He made me feel confident that I was choosing the best doctor! I knew I would be in great hands the minute I met him. His staff are all wonderful, very polite and caring.

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