550cc Breast Augementation on 5'11 Saggy breast no lift

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This is my first review of my breast augmentation....

this is my first review of my breast augmentation. i had my pre-op on 11/25/13 and i choose high profile natrelle silicone 550cc breast implannts. ive had 2 kids and my breast are small and do sag but have decided not doing a lift . if i do want a lift in the future i will right not i dont want the scars involved. i also plan on getting a tummy tuck if all goes well. at my preop i only got a prescription for antibiotics and percocoet which cost $18 to fill at walmart no insurance. im super nervous and will soon post photos of my results. also ordered arnica gel and kelo cote scar gel and a large ice pack. wish me luck.

my boobs photos

day before my surgery i got the conformation call asking if id be coming. after all the money i spent i said yes. and also requested a prescription for Valium. the doctor will have to write one. i really need it because i have anxiety issues im keeping this to myself and a few friends and dont want to suffer alone . im nervous and feel like im preparing for a new baby in the house. im nesting

my boobie kit

These are the things i ordered for my aftercare..
arnica gel, arnica pellets, bio oil, kelo cote, multivitamins, icy hot clay compress, stool softeners, old school ice pack, doctor prescribed percocet 5/325 50 and cephalexin. will be asking for Valium tomorrow (unless my friends want to hear me complain all day 2 other ice packs one rice hot/cold and the other resusable cold only.. for comfort i have a buckwheat pillow that microwavable , rice neck pillow and my favorite U-Comfort pillow that is my one thing i cant sleep without (i have sciatica made for pregnant women) im good to go.

Just woke up and it's scary!

My guy just took me food shopping last night and I want go eat sushi. No eating after midnight so I ate my plate and his. I'm sad because he don't like plastic surgery because of his past experiences will women getting it then leaving. He tried so hard tell me I didn't need it and just stuff my bra with socks ( that was hard not to throw across the room) . But when he when on business I took the cowardly way and facetimed him to tell him. It's been paid for and I've had the pre-op. Since he's a doctor I had to hear him preach to me about the dangers and all he cares about is my confidence going up. I'm like shouldent you want me to be happy especially if I'm footing the bill. Don't matter I don't have a ring yet after 4years of dating so time to make me happy with some fun bags . 6 hours to go :-)

I got me some boobs

I was so nervous when i got to the doctors office i came 45 minutes early and they wanted to go early. i think it took alot to get me calm i was frantic. when i was on the operating table they couldn't find a vein so i had to endure 4 tries at a line one of which blew and scared me from blood gushing everywhere. i went to sleep and woke up with boobs. they are not as big as i thought they be but in do time they will drop and fluff. i got some free latisse if you get silicone so thats cool.. the first 2 hours i forgot i just got butchered . 4 hours later the pain started kicking in and my back hurts so bad. i like them they fit my body. kinda round but time will tell.

2 days post op tall girl

its been 2 todays since my surgery. i think the second day friday was the worst. i was i alot of pain on i dont like alot of people around me so i had one close friend help me to drive me. im super sore on the unders of my breast im super high near my clavical so wearing the top strap is a must. i went back to the surgeon because on of the inscions pads were soaked with blood and the other was dry i just want to be on the safe side all was well. my boyfriend came over and i show him my naked breast and he likes them they are smaller than i thought they but look normal under a shirt. im weening myself off the pain meds because they make me sleepy. ill be able to shower tonight but i will do it just before bed. ive also been wearing a icy hot advanced relief patch on my lower back for back pain and the work nice. arica pellets and gel seem to be working. if got nipple sensation (the same). my pain level is probably a 3 maybe 4 when im trying to get up. but they need massage

more 2 day post op photos

5 days post op not bad

Its been 5 days since i got my BA , and i laugh because i over prepared for such a procedure that i treated like open heart surgery. Granted i was very nervous before the Profofal kicked in being id been stuck 4 times one of which blew my vein and blood was gushing everywhere . i can say this wasnt as debilitating as people make out to be it especially if you given birth youll understand the pain difference. i just showed my friends my new boobs and they are shock at how nice they are being everyone said i needed a lift. im still riding high in the breast area so perhaps when they drop ill get that nice slope. i having a little boobie depression with how they will look and affect my life. my pain level in at a 2 or 3. my boyfriend is jealous because quick to show them to everyone. i cant wait to massage them so they can soften. . im dying to start working out. i feel like my stomach is bloated or looks bigger. im a 34dd i hope they stay that size .im sleeping in my own bed all propped up and uncomfortable. my post op is on 12/12/13

12 day post op morning boob

So far so good they are healing nicely the only issue i have is when i wake up my pectoral muscles are super firm and hurt alot one of the reasons you should sleep propped up the first 2 weeks. My sterie strips have finally decided to come off and i will using kelo cote on the incisions. Im still happy with my no lift decision. they do sag a little but id rather deal with that than big nasty scars. i still have the option to get a lift in the future . im basing my decision on how my crease incision heals. my Breast still need to drop more form the sides of my breast my nipple looks low but from the front they look normal and my nipple sensitivity hasn't changed at all. i cant wait to start massaging them in 2 weeks ..i still take the flexirl and valium to help get through morning boob . i wear cheapy sports bras. but know my size will be 34dd and have became a forever angel already. i cant workout but i do walk alot. bouncing hurts.

5 weeks post op breast implants silicone 550cc!

Its been some time since i have done a review on my breast. So far so good but i still would rather have 2 more c-sections than to go through another fresh breast augmentation. My pain and swelling have gone down and im very happy with the results. i think they look much better in person . they have some dropping to do as my implants are still a bit high . i actually like the look and will be sad when they drop more if they do. i have one scar that is healing perfectly and the other is a bit damage probably because it had a ton of spitting stitches which feel like fish line so i got the ok to pull them . bad mistake as one caused a nasty crater scar. im a 34dd at Victoria Secret but that dont count as their bras run small i think ill be a 34d. i have no back pain as i naturally walk with my shoulders back. im still putting kelo-cote on my scars twice a day. i dont massage my breast yet per doctors orders. im still taking flerxril to relax my tight pectoral muscles. ive included many 5 week post op photos top photo is before and bottom photo is after. Happy New Years.

more photos 5 weeks post op 550cc silcone under

3 months post silcone 550cc breast implants no lift!

Its been 3 months already and so far so good. I must say im happy i waited to so long , i wanted to make sure i was willing to take the risk of not doing what so many doctors wanted to do to me the dreaded lift. From the start my expectations on the results have been fair . I didnt want scarred up coconuts glued to my chest i gambled and got exactly what i set out , just bigger boobs at the 3 month mark for me i can say they are a mere enlargement of what i had before they have settled and dropped. They are so soft and i started sleeping on my stomach at month 1 as if i never stopped so thats comforting to have never gave up my favorite position. Since i did go from no breast to breast the pain for me was quite substantial and i dont lie when i say id rather go through 2 C-Sections in a row then a fresh augmentation. I didnt not do breast massage even though i was advised to at 1 month. My right breast was oddly shaped for awhile so at month 2 i did do a little massage in the shower. The was i sleep i kind of felt they are getting a massage. The only thing im sad about that has not gotten better is the scar its still hurts and very uncomfortable. I do use kelo-cote on it and lately have been gently massaging it to help break up the keliod formation . Everyone says im much more confident and my boyfriend finally likes them he thinks they feel real , on the larger side but natural. I am losing weight and feel my boobs are going to look larger. I dont regret my size its perfect. Please feel free to ask question!

1 month vs 3 months 550cc

more photos at 3 months

3 month photos silicone 550cc

7 months Saggy Breast no lift 5'11 550cc silicone

It's been 7 months and I will say I'm so happy. I've been realistic with my goals and expectations since day one. I was told by many plastic surgeons to get lift and silicone implants. I refused because of possible hypotrophic or keloids, boy was I right. I don't know what I did wrong in all fairness I did use kelo-cote and silicone sheets , but I didn't use them consistently . I do prefer the kelo-cote over the Scarguard silicone sheets. I developed a infection in my left breast at 2 months in which I was given antibiotics. My breast feel so real until I feel my surgical scar that's under my breast , it hurts and I tried to massage it but it's too painful. I never really did massage but I do wear a bra 24/7 as the weight of my breast are uncomfortable . I don't notice any back problems or weight issues as long as I've got a bra on.

I've called my plastic surgeon about my scars as I don't think they should be painfull and I'll be going in tomorrow for kenalog injections . I'm nervous but if it can calm the scar tissue I'll take it. I also ordered mepitac tape to help smooth the scar. I still have stretch marks that I had before however if I wear a push-up bra they kinda go away. All in all I'm pleased with the natural look and feel and would recommend silicone over water bags . Because of my height I believe I able to hide these puppies easily to avoid unwanted attention of having a 34dd -DDD bra. Btw because of my incisions I prefer to wear sports bra to alleviate pressure.

I'm happy I'm still able to sleep on my stomach . I think 550 is the biggest I should if ever went, my frame is small however I've got a little butt to even it out. I thought guys would look at me in a skanky way, nope I still get treated like a lady. All in all I'm completely happy I didnt get the full lift as I didn't scar well. I did it for myself and it's boosted my confidence by 1000% I feel sexy again.

*comparison photos the top is 7 months the bottom is 3 months*

Kenalog injections for hypotrophic breast inscion scar african american!

I wish I would of went in sooner to have gotten this taken care of. I remember hearing so many times scars get worse before it gets better. At 3 months i realized my scar was getting thicker and assumed at 3 months it would start to flatten after that, well it didn't. So I started to use Kelo-Cote and scar-guard silicone strips hoping it would give me some improvement , well it didnt. For months i dealt with a very painful hard crease incision scar on my right breast and quite uncomfortable scar on my left breast. I assumed in due time the pain would go away and my breast wouldn't feel like a foreign object besides the implant was under my skin.

I waited 7 months from my surgery after enduring the healing process and a mild infection cured with a dose of antibiotics stemming for the stubborn right breast to call the surgeons office again. I explained quickly I had a hypertrophic keloid feeling scar, being African American i know im at high risk for such scars that if left untreated only get worse. They gave me the next available appointment about a week later to inject a corticosteroid called Kenalog into the scar. Im quite certain it was the 10mg.

I get to the doctors office and im so nervous im not naive Im aware they are going to injected it directed into the scar. My nerves were bad and I wish not that I had a xanax. The doctor has one hypodermic needle to cover both breast. I was asked to raise my arm above my head. The first injection hurt really bad because the scar tissue was so thick. It felt like about 5-7 small injections in the right breast and about 4-5 in the left. On a pain scale it was like a 3 more scary than anything.

I got up to put my top on to realized he lanced the scars which caused a little bleeding. I put some gauze under breast so it wouldn't be irritated . I know there are side effects of Kenalog and within a few hours i had mild to moderate nausea which last about 24 hours. The next morning when I woke up i was amazed to already feel a little softness in the scar tissue that normal felt inflamed. Atlas something worked. It can take weeks for the drug to melt the scar tissue however im already happy with the immediate results. My only worries would be con caving with is a known side effect , when it works too well. My skin is already discolored so that dosent bother me being my scar is hidden . I just want the scar tissue to be flat and not painful.

I suggest going in sooner than later if you develop very thick scar tissue. There was no charge for this procedure from my surgeon it complimentary because I had a breast augmentation with him otherwise for a normal traumatic scar there will be a fee. I will also be using mepitac tape for the next few months for optimal results.

Kenalog injection pre and post photos

Here are my photos of my scars before and 24 hours after kenalog. With 24 hours the initial inflamed pain subsided.
San Diego General Surgeon

I say over the past 8 years leading up to my breast augmentation I saw quite a few doctors. In particular Dr. Sarosy about 3 times. He was the only one willing to give my breast a try without a full lift avoiding the hideous scars. It was a gamble but it payed off after all is said and done Im happy with my experience with him and his office. He cuts a lot of his cost down with his location its small but I dont want to pay for a waiting room I wanted boobs. Hes very straight to the point and will not hold a hows your day conversation but instead focus on the project at hand. If you need a shoulder to cry on there are tons of assistants there to meet your needs. Hes a very busy man so I suggest writing your questions down and immediately asking them to avoid forgetting. I ran into a few problems after my surgery which were quickly and effectively resolved without a hitch. He has hundreds of photos of his work to view which comforted me in knowing he wasn't building a portfolio rather then adding to it. He's affordable not because hes a bad doctor but more because of his overhead which isn't passed down to his patients and I believe he is certified in just plastic surgery and not cosmetic. Hope my review helps.

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