50's, Married, Two Grown Children, Active with a Fun Social Life 300cc Mentor Under Muscle, silicone- La Mesa, CA

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I made my consultation after researching the topic...

I made my consultation after researching the topic for over a year. I have always been embarrassed by not having any boobs. I have worn bras with tons of padding and underwire for as long as I can remember. I actually sew more padding into my bathing suits. On the plus side, I had no trouble nursing both my kids and in fact, that is the only time I had natural cleavage. I love the natural shape of my breasts, I just need more volume. I wear a 32-34 B in VS bras. A few friends recommended Dr. Pousti and loved their results. I am going for a natural look, I want to be able to conceal them at work and around family (only my husband and two previous patients know) and have a nice profile in strapless dresses or swimsuits without padding or a bra. I am set on 350cc-375cc moderate profile, silicone implants placed under the muscle. Dr. Pousti says that most patients regret not going bigger. Although I can't imagine I would ever think that. He knows I am modest, but he is the expert, and I will let him make the final decision during surgery. He calls it the "keep em guessing" look. He brings several sizes in the surgery room.
After meeting with the staff and Dr. Pousti I made my decision to go for it. I am really nervous, and obsessed with the topic at this point. I even dream about the procedure. I am fearful of the anesthesia and the recovery, and also hope I won't regret it. I had some concerns about the surgery because every mammogram I get requires me to have an ultrasound on the left side due to dense breast tissue. Dr. Pousti assured me this condition is common.
Today was my pre-op. I am all paid up so I guess it's happening. I got my prescriptions, my big pillow for back support, my pill box, my hibiclense wash, and a couple of button down shirts for summer. IThe only melds I take are low-dose blood pressure melds. I work out five days a week, eat healthy, and get plenty of rest so I hope it helps. will keep you updated.

Before Pics

Had my EKG and pre-op clearance

I want for a pre surgery EKG, even though I had one in March, they needed one less than three months old because of my age (51). I saw a cardiologist because I have medically controlled HBP. I take two low dosage high blood pressure medications. I had to wait 41 minutes which stressed me out and I thought I was doing the treadmill stress test today so I didn't take my HBP meds so my reading was high. Then when she asked what my surgery was for I got a small lecture on how unnecessary she thought plastic surgery was. I was embarrassed in the first place because it is personal and I'm not the type to tell people. Anyway, I have clearance. Hope this is the last hurdle.

3 more days!

I got my pre-surgery approval today. EKG and stress test were normal. I am relieved because I really wanted to not have to postpone my surgery until Christmas break. I have three more weeks of for summer (I'm in education) Today, I am cleaning and doing laundry. I'm going to color my hair, get a fill for my nails and grocery shop. Tomorrow I am having lunch with a friend and Wednesday I am getting a blow out at the dry bar since it will be a few days before I can wash my hair. I am trying not to think about the surgery too much by keeping busy.

Two more days

I can't believe that I'll be home resting two days from now. I am posting a before bathing suit pic today so I can see the difference in a few weeks.

On the other side!!

I'm home resting after a long day. Surgery was a breeze. Such a professional and kind staff. I would say tightness is what feel and pain is about a 3 out of ten. No nausea. I got Mentor under muscle, 300 cc moderate plus, and I think they will be so gorgeous on my frame. Pictures later.

First pics

This is the best I can do until they take bra off Thursday for post-op.

First night went pretty good

Hubby got me in bed at 7:30 and helped with meds. He even set his clock every four hours to give me my pain pill and muscle relaxer. I was pretty comfortable except for the middle of the night when my sternum felt sore. Maybe the bra is too tight. I placed a sock where is reaches my sternum and in between my breasts it burns. All tolerable because I slept. I slept upright with my t-shaped pillow and extra pillows for my head against headboard.
Hubby made be smoothie and just left for work but it's only 6 miles from here so he will be here for lunch.
All in all I can get up slowly, brush teeth, use restroom on my own, and brush my hair, etc. Tge only thing I can't do is lift my maltipoo up on the bed so he's confused and worried. ice packs really help with the pain and burning. Happy Healing girls.

Took a sneak peak because incisions are a little sore.

Third night

I was so woozy yesterday evening but I went downstairs for dinner. Hubby grilled burgers and he is making me my favorite ribs tonight (no kids at home) he has been amazing. I was falling asleep in the chair watching a movie. Slept pretty good for being upright. Today, I'm going to try Tylenol only. Still no bm even with stool softener, may need something stronger. My breasts are sore on the sides and surgical bra feels really tight. Some bruising on the per areole incision area but not worse than yesterday. More bruising on right but left us way more sensitive when I move.

Day 4 pics

Bruising under periareola area.

Tried on old bikini top after wash off today -day 4

I know they will only get prettier and bouncier.

Feeling tLethargic today but no pain.

Day 5 and healing well. I am sleeping well but tire easily if I try to do things around the house. Wanted to go to the grocery store today because I've been craving cake and I have mix but need frosting. May have to wait on that. Only taking Tylenol for the past two days even at night. I go see my PS Thursday and then I can shower instead of mini wash-offs. I was able to take off compression socks and shave yesterday, yay! All in all recovery has been a breeze. Going to need new bikini tops for sure.

Post op yesterday with Dr. Pousti

I got to see my fabulous surgeon, Dr. Pousti, yesterday. He gave me these amazing flowers. I was examined (all looks good for one week out) and cleared for massage. He showed me a video on how to properly massage your breast so they drop into their pocket. His nurse massaged mine and said you really get in there and use firm pressure on the downward movement. My leftie is harder and more sore so that one was tender but feels better today. I also got to show my new girls to two ladies who had surgery coming up (one is in the surgery center right now) and I answered questions for them.
I still have to sleep upright one more week and wear the ugly surgical bra for three more weeks! But, I am cleared to walk and ride a stationary bike. I feel good, no real back or neck and shoulder pain, just tire easily at this point.

Day 8

What do you gals use to cover your nipples once you were 12 weeks out and can go bra less?

I'm so ready to not wear scratchy bras. I do need to coverup in some way because I'm a teacher. What stays in place and is worth the price?

Two weeks Today

I can't believe it's already been two weeks. Time flies. I'm healing well, doing my massages and just taking Advil now. I'm most sore and tight in sternum when I get out of bed in the morning. My leftie is still most sore and I feel it when I drive or vacuum but otherwise they feel like me already. They are getting softer too. I've begun walking more and riding stationary bike.

First day at the beach

I go back to work tomorrow, students start Wednesday. Worried about my energy. After meetings I see my PS for my 2 1/2 week check. Hope everything is looking great.

4 weeks today

It's been four weeks since my BA. Generally feeling good, sleeping well too. My leftie is still higher and more sore, especially if I wake up on that side. I am massaging still, I am hopping they just get softer and softer. I get to wear sports bras now, yay!! I did buy a couple of Coobie bras so I took a picture in one today. I've had a couple of women at work give me the once over but no one has said anything. I wear tops that can conceal them for work. My nipples are sensitive as well. All in all I think I'm healing well. I just take Tylenol or Advil as needed. Can't wait to get back to exercising again. Tummy feels fat! But being well matters more. I can walk but we are in the middle of a heat wave! Have a great day ladies!

One more, still have steri strips

Had hubby take a few for better perspective

Boobs super veiny when I get home from work

Does anyone see their breasts become super tight and the veins appear more pronounced if they wear something to tight or if they haven't been able to massage that day? I wore a bandeau type of bra with a cami and shelf bra under a top at work and I could feel it was super tight. Now the veins are super dark and my leftie which is still so sore at times hurts. I hope it's okay. I'm icing it now.

Steri strips off-infection at incision

Got to take off surgi tape since it was lifting and I felt pain and saw redness. Sent my PS pictures. I have a little infection in the right one, of course, the more painful one. He said its normal, had something to do with stitches opening. It should heal on its own.
I'm feeling the Boobie Blues. I think they came out great, but I feel fat, bloated, and I feel impatient. I don't like the way the stretch marks look, but hopefully that will fade. I want to do more exercise and lifting because it's hard to lose weight after 50 if you don't strength train. I still get tired easily and it's worse now that I'm back to getting up at five every week day.

Six weeks today

Six weeks today. Nipples are healing more and more. I did black and white this time. I am getting used to them.

Had my 7 week check up!

All looks great and I got to show off my girls to a few ladies in the office for their consults. I also got my tank top from Dr. Pousti.

11 1/2 week update

The best part of having a BA is being able to wear strapless dresses without a strapless bra. In the past I would wear one and it would just slide down or look weird under dresses.
My breasts are getting softer, and feel more and more like my own. No discomfort anymore. Getting more energy every day.

15 weeks

My breasts are becoming more and more a part of me and seem to be the final size. I love just wearing a camisole with a built in shelf bra or soft Coobie bras under clothes. Here are some pictures from today.

Six month update

My breasts are getting softer. They feel natural and like my own but I do notice them when I am lying flat on my back. The left one feels firmer if I sleep on my back. I've bought a few fun lace bras, final size 34 D.

Two more with the VS balcony bra, all lace no pads.

34D final size

Almost been a full year since my BA.

My breasts feel pretty soft by now and I have no discomfort. My periareola scars are fading nicely. I am getting my first yearly mammogram since my surgery next month. I hope they are gentle with them. Hope everyone is healing well.

Sun Dress season is the best season

Dr. Pousti makes you feel so comfortable the minute you meet him. My husband really found him personable as well. He has a way of calming you when he speaks, and he is not aggressive or pushy. He encourages you to make a poster of the look you want as well as what you don't want. The minute you look through his photo albums you see he is an amazing artist. Now that my surgery is done, I am so glad he was my surgeon. It all ent so smoothly. He is super calm and holds your hand as you go to sleep. He went out and told my husband that all went well. Dr. Pousti called me on the long drive home and they have kept in touch daily. Choose him for any surgery and you won't regret it.

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