40Yrs Old and 3 Kids..breastfed for 6yrs - La Mesa, CA

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So words can't describe the excitement I have to...

So words can't describe the excitement I have to finally have what I've always wanted!!!Big boobies!!Always been petite and small breasted.When nursed my oldest daughter who is 20 yrs old and my now 8yr old twins..well I felt like a sexy woman!I've had my consult with Dr.Pousti and told him he's like the boob God....he laughed.i love God with all my heart but he didn't give me boobs.He sent Dr.Pousti to do this!Dr.Pousti is kind and gentle with a great sense of humor.The girls in the office are amazing and they all make a great team!One goal ..and that is to make you feel comfortable and help you with anything ..questions or concerns.I had my preop and now am 16 days away from surgery.Cant wait!!So grateful to have been blessed with this "A"Team.I will post before pics tomorrow.

No lipo for me

I forgot to mention in my post a couple days ago I was also going to do lipo of inner and outer thighs.Thats why my surgery was higher.But I've changed my mind on LIPO.
Meeting with Dr.Pousti july 12 to discuss my cesarean scar and lowering it instead.... along with breast augmentation. Helen and Taylor in the office were so kind and understanding when I called to change my surgery plan.So I posted a before pic.Hope it posted.

before pic of breasts and scar

My new twins have arrived!

Had my surgery with Dr.Pousti yesterday!I did go with lipo as well.The whole team that or nong of surgery were kind a gentle spirited I'm 1 day post op and in alot of pain.More than expected. I think because I went with 450cc silicone under the muscle.I am really petite.The morning of surgery was so peacful and I knew as Dr. Pousti held my hand as I was falling asleep..said everything was going to be great.Resting and taking it easy.Vanessa and Daisy both called since I've been recovering and that has been a,sweet blessing.

Day 4 post op

Feeling better with the pain.My legs from the lipo are not as sore.Thank God!I can sit and get up alot less painful from toilet.Still backed up from pain meds.I took one last night and one valium.Hoping to wean off in the next day or two.Cant really post pics yet cuz I'm following Dr's orders to not remove anything.Daisy has called me every morning to see how I'm feeling .I'm so blessed to be healing with a compassionate and sincere team.Thanku Daisy!!!

day 5 post op

My first day out..well technically I'm in the car at my daughters gymnastics ????A friend drove us.Cant wait to see "the A team" tomorrow!!I have my first post op appt.I can only peek at the top so tomorrow will be exciting to see the beginning results.Also my compression garment from lipo of inner and outer thighs has to be,worn..so I can't take,a bath...only sponge bath with wash cloths.Cant wait to wash hair. .although I might just go to salon and have them do it.My pain is a 4 out of 10.Im down to one pain med the last 2 days.I like the valium for muscle relaxer .It helps me sleep too.Exciting new journey I'm on????God has been my strength through it all.

7-10 days post op

10 days post op

By this time I was a hot mess and needed some relief from my garments.It has,been so incredibly hot here in Temecula and my roomate doesn't believe in A/c...so I ran it for the first couple days when I needed to..Needless to say my dressings were gross on my inner thighs from lipo.I texted Dr.Pousti cuz office was closed till mon.He called me the next morning and reassured me it was ok and to get some relief by taking a quick shower.Only using waterproof bandaids.Let everything dry.Not sure how long lipo takes to look successful.I didn't have alot to lose..but I look really swollen or something.Im going to have patience ????I called the office back today because I missed my morning call from Daisy..Helen was kind and full of so much knowledge and,answered quistions,I didn't even know I had yet!lol I'm so grateful for my recovery process with all the support and kind words.Cant wait to see them all on thursday for my 2wk p o st op

2wks post op

Had my 2wk preop with Dr.Pousti .He was charming as usual.Bree took really good care and was super encouraging. Won't see the A Team for 2wks.My left leg is more swollen than right.Trying to be patient.Doing my massaging.Time will heal.

day 20 post op

Starting to enjoy my new body!!!!Thanku Dr.Pousti!!

5wks post op

I really can't put into words the joy I have in my heart!!Loving my new and improved body!Dr.Pousti (mcDreamy)really was born with a gift and I'm so grateful he used it on me!!I wanted these really big boobs and he just would say your so petite..I know now he wanted to create a beautiful very proportion body.My girls are perky and full.Im only 105 lbs.I went to visit some friends and family up north and the sweet positive feedback was awesome!!At least 3 people are inquiry about Dr.Pousti now.He did lipo on my thighs and that's a sensitive area and he was on point!I'm super excited about my sex life?Be Beautiful inside and out!!!

Dr.Pousti is a gifted surgeon

We are all reading these reviews in hope to have a sense of peace when deciding on our PS. I mean let's face it ladies we've probably dreaming about this most of our life.I know I was..I'm a 40 yr old mommy to a 20 yr old and 8 yr old twins.Yes the sacrafice was worth it after breastfeeding for a total of 4 yrs.I just knew I'd get my turn.Another server at my restaurant was super excited to highly recommend Dr.Pousti. I finally made the jump and took the journey.My first consultation with Dr.Pousti was very warm .He's a charming surgeon and very kind hearted.Tells you his opinion .Every appt after was a blessing..I enjoyed seeing all the ladies in the office "A Team"..The day of my surgery went fast and Dr.Pousti was warm and assured me everything would be okay as he held my hand while falling asleep .The girls called everyday for 2wks after my surgery to see how I was.Also Dr.Pousti called me back as I had a question and the office was closed.Im grateful i chose "The A Team" To bring me back to a new me.I love my 450cc High profile..I kept telling him I wanted really big boobs. ..He wanted me to look proportion to my body .He knows I have a big personality and didn't think I should take away from that.I feel like family here and will continue to visit.Thank you Dr.Pousti for your kind heart and for changing my life!!
You and the ladies will always be a part of my story....  Alisha Williamson

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