31 Yrs Old, 1 Child, 475 Cc Silicone Mentor Moderate Plus; Perky Just Wanted Enhanced - La Mesa, CA

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Stats 31 5'4 141lbs 1 child 34B pre op (small cup...

1 child
34B pre op (small cup but perky)
475cc silicone moderate plus profile
Under the muscle
Areola incision

I've always wanted a BA but it was never a reality, just if I had the money I would. That day came when I finally had the money. I started by watching YouTube videos on BA's & someone had mentioned realself. What a world of difference this site has made. I was able to find local doctors, review their stats, pics & narrow my search down. I had also used yelp as well to read reviews.

I ended up making 4 consultations, but only attended 2. One Doctor in particular stuck out, Dr. Pousti. He was also the first doctor I had a consultation with. I had read his stats, reviews & tried to find negative reviews. The ones I found werent in regard to his work but more so the consultation. What stuck out was his response to the potential patient. Rather than take things in a negative light, he took the criticism in a positive manner & corrected everything the person had negatively commented on. Another Doctor I had a consultation with had actually got into an argument with the patient over her comments towards him about a botched job...I cancelled that consult.

So I attended my consultation & loved Pousti's mannerisms & honesty. Rather than try to sell me on anything, he explained what would help achieve the look I was going for & things I should do before proceeding. He answers every question I had (long list), was patient, & listened to my wants instead of just telling me what he could do. By the end of my consultation, he let me know that I was perfect as is, but if I proceeded would be happy to preform the procedure when I was ready. I loved his honesty & warmth.

The other consultation I attended was different. The doctor told me what he would do, felt kind of rushed & never took in prospective what I wanted or had in mind.

Fast forward 2 months later, I set my date. Got the date I wanted & was 2 weeks out from surgery. Wasn't that nervous because I had other things going on that had my full attention up until the day prior to surgery. So I didn't have much time for nerves, more so just getting my house & child in order & prepping meals/snacks for me to eat while recovering.

Had my surgery 10/14/16 & everything went well. I had originally wanted 450 & then 500. He was able to fit 475 into my chest cavity which was perfectly in the middle of the two sizes I was torn on. So I'm very happy & if I want more size can always wear a push up bra. My main concern was getting a size that fit my frame & lowered my risk for complications. The surgery wasn't bad at all, I didn't wake up in too much pain at all, didn't feel like an elephant on my chest as some say, could breath perfectly well, & have just been staying on top of my meds. So everything has been quite bearable.

Day 1 post op
Feels about the same as after surgery. Not too bad on pain, just a little sore, & feel more pressure while standing & walking. But so far so good. It hasn't been half as bad as I thought it was going to be. I believe it's because my Doctor choose an appropriate size for me.

Day 2 & 3 post op
Haven't been bad at all. Just a tad bit more tightness & everything else has remained the same. Still taking my meds as prescribed & haven't experienced any significant pain at all. I'll occasionally have a sharp pain on my right side of my rib cage but I think it's the positioning of the bra. Upon waking up, I do experience more tightness. I guess it would be considered morning boob but it's not bad at all. If you've breast fed & been engorged...it will be a cake walk for you. I have my first post op tomorrow & the office has been checking up on me everyday so far. I'm sure everyone's experience is different & differs person to person, but so far mines has been pretty easy. Could be the fact I've had plenty of medical need surgeries so have a high pain tolerance. But so far throughout this experience, I never really felt nervous or scared. My only concern was just deciding on the material & size. I knew when I chose Dr. Pousti I would be in good hands & wouldn't need to stress about anything else.

Drink lots of water. I usually drink a gallon a day. That combined with activia yogurt & coffee (gets me moving) worked wonders for me. I never took any stool softeners or anything. Day 2-3 I used a combination of water, yogurt, & coffee. After that, my system was back on track without the need of coffee.

Day 4 post op (1st post op appointment)
Dr. Pousti said everything looked perfect. My surgical bra still most stay in place, wasn't taken off & they just peeked at my nipples to make sure everything looked fine. I had no bleeding or discomfort. I asked all the questions I could think of & that was pretty much it. Was told to keep doing what I'm doing, taking it easy & trying to keep my arms by my side. Was also told to ween off the meds slowly. Next post op appointment I will finally get to see the girls & learn massage techniques.

Day 6 post op
Nothing new to report, still experiencing tightness upon moving after staying pretty still for awhile. And made it through the day without any meds. I just take a pain pill before bed & good to go. Never really had any problems sleeping, thank goodness for neck pillows. So now that I'm not taking all the meds every so many hours, I'm able to sleep through the night.

Day 10 Post Op

Finally got to see my new additions. Everything is where it should be at this point & learned a massage technique to help them drop & fluff. I've been completely off every med since day 6 post op & haven't experienced anything too painful, just my pec muscles tightening up from time to time depending on what I'm doing.

So far I have no complaints what so ever & no bruising. Just looking forward to progressing & seeing what my final results will look like. And still experiencing some bloating, but it's nothing I can't deal with. Just have to continue taking it easy & in two more weeks can start wearing a sports bra.

2 months

It's been a little over 2 months & everything is going fine. No problems & no complaints. They've dropped more, steri strips are off & im able to wear an underwire bra. Started working my upper body out, but still not allowed to do push ups or bench press & that's fine with me. I just focus on the other muscle groups aside from chest that I can workout. Only real new development is the slight burning sensation I get sporadically in no particular spot throughout my breast. It's nothing that stops you in your tracks, you just feel it & keep on going. My doctor says it's normal & just nerve endings reconnecting. And I did not loose any sensation in my nipples from the procedure.

I can not say enough about Dr. Pousti. He is an amazing doctor. I haven't seen my results yet, but I have seen others & everyone has looked phenomenal. His personality is very warm & welcoming. He's patient, honest & cares about your safety first & foremost. That's a rarity in the line of plastic surgery where everyone is trying to make a quick buck. Based on his recommendations he gave me, I actually put the surgery off to check out other doctors & loose some weight that he recommended I lose in order to get the results I wanted to achieve. He's a very realistic man as well, so go to him with real expectations.

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