35 Y/o Transgender Xl Breast Augmentation

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When I decided to commit to transitioning, there...

When I decided to commit to transitioning, there was only one surgeon that came to mind that I expected would be able to provide the unique results I was looking for with the utmost saftey and professionalism. That was Dr. Pousti. My goals are anything but typical. I wanted a surgeon who was experienced in transgender cases, and also one who was comfortable with unusually large sized implants. My target range is in the 2000 to 4000 range, per breast. Dr. Pousti's reputation preceds him in both the transgender community and the "big bust" community. I had my consultation with him in August of 2016, where we discussed my goals. Dr. Pousti was very receptive and understanding of my goals, emphasizing that his first priority is safety and that he would do what he could to help me reach my goals as long as they were safe. He also explained that achieving such a large size would require multiple procedures, but that he would try to get my breasts a large as safely possible, during the first procedure. My surgery was scheduled for October, at which time I had prepared a poster board with some examples of my goals on it. Dr. Pousti would use this as a reference during surgery to ensure he was meeting my precise expectations.

I am currently four days out from my surgery. Before the procedure, Dr. Pousti estimated that he might be able to safely fit about 700cc's of saline into my breasts. Amazingly, he managed to fill them up to an impressive 1050 on the right, and 1000 on the left (the difference is to ensure symmetry). Recovery was most difficult for the first two days, but by following all post-op instructions, I was able to minimize my discomfort. I weened myself off of the narcotic pain meds, yesterday, and took a tylenol this morning. I haven't required any pain meds, since. Currently, my chest just feels sore, kind of like I pulled a muscle, but nothing I can't easily ignore. I have my second follow up on Thursday. I will post more photos and updates, later this week.

10 days post-op

Today I had my second follow-up appointment. The compression bra and bandages were removed for examination. Doctor was pleased to inform me that there are no complications and that everything is looking good. I was also shown how to do breast massages to help the implants settle properly, which will give the breasts their final, proper appearance. Due to the nature of my overfill, I was given sutures that I can shower with. This was my first shower since surgery and it was breathtaking! Also, this has afforded me the opportunity to wash the compression bra, which it was really starting to need! While it was in the wash, I took the opportunity to do the breast massages, which I will do regularly throughout the day. The compression bra itself will remain my good friend for a few more weeks, given that it provides the proper support I need during this period of recovery. I have added some new photos showing my breasts. You can see the incision sites and the overall shape of the breasts. There is also some visible bruising, which is normal. My next follow up is in ten days. I'll keep you folks abreast (pun intended) of my progress at that point!

3 Weeks Post-Op

Three weeks out! I had a follow-up, yesterday, and all is well! Stitches will be coming out next week. Most of the bruising has faded and is now hardly noticable. I am still doing breast massages to get the implants to settle, properly, with noticable results. The surrounding skin and muscle is starting to stretch and relax, making the breast noticably softer and allowing them slightly more freedom to move around, naturally. However, they're still pretty tight, overall. It's going to be a slow and steady process, so patience is key.

My next appointment is on Tuesday, so I'll post another update after that!

4 weeks out!

I had my follow-up on Tuesday. I got the stitches removed, at last! Yay! Everything is looking good. I'm still doing breast massages, which are really providing good results. My breasts are dramatically softer than they were the first week. I am now able to wear sports bras, provided that they are supportive and without underwire. It feels much better to wear those than the compression bra, with was getting uncomfortable. I think that it just doesn't quite fit the same, now that my boobs are changing shape. They are also noticably larger, now, as the skin and muscle has stretched enough to give the implants room to do what they do best! I am still sleeping with the compression bra, though, and plan to sleep with a bra on, from now on. The only issue I have right now is a scab from my left nipple that decided to snag on the gauze dressing and rip itself off my body. Needless to say, that was uncomfortable. The damage was superficial, though. I'm keeping it clean and bandaged, while it heals. Other than that, it's smooth sailing up to this point! My next follow-up is on Friday. I'll share more, after that!

Week Five!

My week five follow-up went well, today. I am down to just a couple little scabs around the incision area that I'm keeping an eye on. They're healing up nicely and are expected to be gone in a week or so. I'm continuing my breast massages and the implants are beginning to settle, noticably. The left one seems to be getting there quicker than the right. I was wondering which of the girls would take the lead! Go lefty, go! Come on, righty, catch up! My next follow-up won't be for another month, which means that all is well and good, for now! I'll post another update next month!

Over two months out!

Had my last follow-up last Wednesday. Everything is looking good! Talked about plans for my next surgery. Since I have tight skin and I am wanting to at least double my present size, my surgeon recommend I wait to let the skin stretch out some before we do another procedure. I will see him in May to talk about the possibility of surgery later in the year.

Almost six months out!

I saw my surgeon last week about going bigger. He asked me if I was willing to a little longer before moving forward. I am willing to wait as long as necessary to get the best results, so we're going to meet again in mid-August again to see how things look. Thus far, my boobs look fantastic! My wife keeps commenting on how round they've become. I can definitely say that my results have exceeded my expectations!

Six months update.

Photo update. Everything looking great! Can't wait to talk about going bigger!

Ten month follow-up

Saw my surgeon, yesterday. I can go bigger at this point, but not as big as I could potentially go if I give it more time. Since I want to go as big as possible with the next surgery, I decided to wait. I figure I'll keep waiting and fluffing until I've made as much room as I'm likely to get. My next appointment is in mid-November. Hopefully my skin will get to where I want it to be, by then!
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Outstanding surgeon! 10/10 would get boobs from again! Seriously, though, his professionalism, bedside manner, knowledge and experience can't be beat!

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