Sientra silicone gel 350cc + 385 cc HP breast implants

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Ever since I can remember I was self-conscious...

Ever since I can remember I was self-conscious about the size of my breast. They were small, 34A. I'm an athletic woman, always involved in sports and now as an adult woman, I practice yoga everyday as an instructor along with my nursing career. I'm married and a mother to a 2 1/2 year old girl. After breastfeeding my daughter, and with my husbands complete support, and after years of researching Breast augmentation, I finally went in for a consultation. Hesitant, self-conscious, although knowledgeable I went to see a local PS whom is highly recommended in the PS and BA community! The MD met more than all my expectation alongside his amazing staff. I knew I was making the right decision and the surgery was scheduled...and as of this morning I have 2 new breasts!

Post op day 3

Feeling much better, still a lot of muscle soreness as expected. Follow up will be on Monday, post op day 5, with Dr. Pousti. I know it's early, so it's hard to see the final and actual results due to the swelling. It will take patience and following up with the MD instructions and recommendations. Nonetheless, I'm still very pleased with my decision and happy with the results Dr. Pousti performed to my expectations!

Post op day 6 bilateral BA...

These updated photos are from post day 6...again, just got a chance to upload them today. My follow up appointment went really well and the results are a work in progress. My right Breast was slightly smaller pre-op, so Dr. Pousti placed 385 cc HP in the right and 350 cc HP in my left. Sientra silicone gel smooth rounds were used. With the increased volume on my right, I can definitely tell a difference at this point and only hope it improves and evens out. The pain in my right has been significantly greater as left I've hardly had any discomfort, only muscle soreness. His nurse stated that this is a normal finding and to not worry. I was relieved to hear that. Also, they demonstrated the correct technique for massage to help the implants "drop" into their pockets. I have been doing this as per their orders!

Post op day 9 BA photos

Today I'm feeling great! My breasts are doing and looking better everyday as the swelling subsides and as I continue to do the breasts massage. The right is still larger and firmer, and the pain remains Submuscular and on the right side of my bruising just pain from the surgery. Also, my areolas both seem to be swollen and puffy and downward pointing, which I hope and pray this resolves with time as my plants drop into their pockets. But, overall I'm doing so well and getting more excited about the results each day!

POD 13 Silicone gel bilateral implants

Today is day 13...I have my post op appt today. I have a few questions, just typical questions as it seems on this site. Yesterday for the time the burning, tingling sensations started under my left Breast fold. There was moments on and off of intense shooting, burning pain from the inflammatory fold and just behind my areola. I have been off the pain meds for about a week and only take the Valium when I am having muscle spasms in my pectoralis minor and major and it seems to really help. I started taking Ibuprofen 600mg at least once a day just to help with the nerve pain I've been experiencing as well as helping with the swelling. I wear my surgical bra everyday, nearly all day unless to take a shower or to change it out to wash it. I am continuing to do the Breast massage as recommended and demonstrated by my nurse at Dr. Pousti's office. I feel like my right Breast is larger and more full, and my nipple alignment has changed since preop, which I'm praying subsides and goes back to normal. I'm being patient, but I'm a perfectionist in all aspects of my life and just need to reinforce the fact that this is a long healing process and to take each day at a time!

Dr. Pousti Plastic Surgery is Simply THE BEST!

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I am an extremely satisfied Breast augmentation patient of Dr. Pousti and his superb team. I am currently 2 weeks post-op from bilateral Sientra Silicone Gel High Profile breast implants. I have a long healing process to go, but I cannot express how happy I am with making the decision to get Breast implants. After many, many years of research and praying for the best plastic surgeon and to make the right and best decision for myself, I can whole-heartedly say that I couldn't have made a better choice. I did not have these implants placed for vanity or attention, only to be truly happy and ultimately to be aesteticly satisfied with myself. After breastfeeding my now 2 1/2 year old for one year, and with the support of my loving husband, I new it was the right time. Please feel free to ask me about my own personal surgical experience, preop and post op with Dr. Pousti, and any other question you may have and I will give you only the real and honest feedback. I will keep updating as my journey throughout my healing process continues, always with the goal in mind to help others! Take care!

2 weeks post op from Silicone implants!

2 weeks post op (Actually 15 days to be exact) and loving my new breasts! I tend to be a perfectionist and see the "subtle" differences in each Breast, but being patient in the healing process is my new Motto:)

New Surgical Bra! Sexy haha

So, I just bought another Marena surgical bra because the one I came home with 2 weeks ago needed a another good wash and I wanted a back up. Just a side note: PS recommend to wear this bra for at least 4-6 weeks so ladies it's important to have at least one extra while you are washing the other one. So I posted the one I bought on Amazon. It came the next day with Prime! Yay!

Before and After

Today, I was in the mood to do a before and after. So, I found a pic in a bikini top and tried it on just to take a quick pic. Needless to say it's a little too small now;). Yay!

Being a perfectionist can be a detriment

Anyone else out there a perfectionist, impatient, and has high expectations? I LOVE and admire my PS and his work and authenticity, so this is NOT about him. However, I feel like I'm going crazy with my new boobs! It's like I have a love-hate relationship with them. One day, I am so in love with my new boobs, then I turn around and hate them. When I say "hate" I mean that I stare at them for so long that I can find every single flaw or how they are now disproportionate or one is more firm..."my left nipple points down", "my right Breast is more full and my IMF looks longer", "the profile of my left Breast is completely different than my right"...."I should have gone bigger", "why didn't I get a different profile implant", "my cleavage is too far apart", "I think something is wrong with my left boob"...yadayadayada. Seriously, am I the only one experiencing this? I'd love to hear feedback or similar stories!! Otherwise, I guess I can blame it on the "boobie Blues". To be continued....:)

Different angles...almost 3 weeks!

Wednesday will be 3 weeks! I've been on an emotional roller coaster ride this past week! But, thank you so much for all you ladies who have been so supportive, even if you don't even know it! I'm not regretting my decision on BA, nor have I ever doubted my PS...The ups and downs are all a part of the recovery phase and adjusting to the new body image. So, if you have been where I am or are thinking about BA, please reach out because it truly does help to openly discuss it!

Nipple pain & sensitivity after BA

This past week my nipples have become very sensitive and painful. It has been so uncomfortable with the post op bra, a sports bra, or even just air hitting them! This is a common occurrence after BA, and I'm actually happy that I do actually have sensation. But, it can be painful and annoying. I remembered when I was breastfeeding my daughter I used the Lansinoh "soothies" gel pads for relief. So, I started using them again and it has REALLY helped ease the discomfort! Just don't put them directly on an incision unless you consult your MD first! Just FYI...:)

3 WEEKS post op!!!!

I can't believe it has been 3 weeks! I can't decide if it's been the longest 3 weeks of my life or the fastest! Ha! It has most certainly been an emotional recovery, and will continue to be...but, I am very happy with my results thus far! My steri-strips are still in place and plan to keep them on until my follow up on the 16th. Believe me it's very tempting to rip them off because I want to see my scars and how they are healing, but I am NOT going too...I want the scars to blend in beautifully:). Just an FYI... Last week was my worst week yet because of course it was "that" time of the month! My boobs hurt and my nipples felt like someone was scrubbing them with sand paper and were super sensitive even with a little breeze! My boobs felt like I was breastfeeding all over again...they felt ENGORGED and painful (x100), like fire ants were inside my boobs!!! I don't mean to scare anyone, just trying to be honest and prepare anyone who may experience this...I thought I was going crazy! Because of this I took the Percocet again (I had stopped taking them after about a week post op) and took the Valium to to ease the pain and relax my pectoralis muscles. It did help, mostly just to be able to sleep:). So, after ending that week, I feel like a new woman and am very happy and content with my new boobies! I am continuing to TRY to practice patience and know that this is a LONG healing process. If you are one like me who expects quick results and satisfaction, hold on, it's gonna be a true test of your patience! I NEVER imagined by having Breast implants I would learn so much myself...this has not only enhanced me physically, but enhanced me psychologically and emotionally. I would have never expected to go through so much on so many different levels with this procedure.

VECTRA 3D Imaging Pics

Dr. Pousti uses the Vectra 3D imaging and simulation on his patients. This was my before and after imaging. I wanted to share this because it is helpful to see the imaging results compared to the 'actual' results. These images are with 350 cc Silicone Moderate actual BA is 350 cc in the left and 385 cc in the right HIGH PROFILE Sientra silicone gel. Another simulation was with 410 cc size implant, which I liked better but I think it was too big for my frame/dimensions for what I wanted to achieve. As it states on the images, "actual results may vary" and I can already see that my results are different but my implants haven't fully "dropped and fluffed" yet.

Still hoping for these wish boobs!!!

Week 4 post op...feeling good most days, just still having tightness and painful muscle spasms at times...and occasionally I have a really bad pain under my left boob. It feels like a tearing, pulling sensation but it only lasts for a few minutes and goes away. If I move in a certain position, it happens all over again and takes my breath away! Anyone else experiencing this? I have my f/u appt on Monday so hopefully all is going okay. I'm loving my new boobs! I can't wait for the steri strips to come off, I'm leaving them on as long as possible for better incision healing (fingers-crossed)! I meant to mention this early on about my PS just forgot to post it...but, Dr. Pousti made my incision infra areolar and uses the Keller Funnel Method to insert the silicone implants. He has videos on you tube and on his web page if you wanna check it out! My boobs have changed a lot, gone through many different phases as the healing takes place, but I'm still hoping that as the implants drop, my nipples perk up again:). They are still not dropping and I massage every day, but sometimes I can't because of the pain:(. I'm showing off my "wish boobs" that were on my vision boob board;). Hoping they look similar...I'm not expecting perfection! I've accepted that even though I strive for it!! Haha:).

Bra Shopping! Post op week 5

Hello ladies and gents! This week marks week 5 from my BA with silicone gel implants! I had my one month post op appointment with Dr.Pousti and it went really well. He said they are healing nicely...just waiting for them to drop fully. My right has dropped quicker than the left, but I'm patiently waiting;). Dr. Pousti took the steri strips off! Yay! The incisions look good, just need to keep my hands from picking and my eyes from examining:). Ha! If you all have been following my posts on here, you know how it's been an emotional ride. It's so true, but I couldn't be happier with my decision and am so thankful and grateful to Dr. Pousti and his amazing team! Remember: the number one most important decision is choosing the best and most experienced PS! This alone is the most important factor is the greatest results, along with detailed and excellent communication as to what you want! The nurses cleared me to now start wearing supportive sports bras! Bye bye surgical bras;). So, today I went bra shopping for the first time! It was so fun looking at my new boobs in bras:). I only bought sports bras for now, and will get measured for regular (sexy) bras in a month or so when my implants have hopefully dropped and fluffed:). I ordered one bra online by Glamorise (32D), and my size right now is 32 DD at Victoria's Secret;) I can't even believe it!!! From an A cup to this....amazing!!

Summertime = bikini time!!!

it has been almost 4 months since my implants, and I've grown to be comfortable with them! I love the self-confidence boost of having larger, fuller breasts and now I feel great wearing a bikini:). After seeing all the changes over the months in the breast size and shape, I do wish I had gone a little bigger...and still hoping for more of a fuller look on the lower half of my implants never really 'dropped' into their pockets like I had wanted. Even with thorough massaging and always wearing my surgical bra with the Velcro strap above my breasts for added compression of the tissue/implant downward, still not much of a drop. With all that being said, I am very happy with the results and my surgeon did a wonderful job trying to fulfill all my expectations! Here's a few new pics...
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

From day one with my consultation with Dr. Pousti, I was and am still impressed with his professionalism, bedside manner, and his attentiveness to detail. He has an endearing knowledge of breast implants and the operation, which is expected, but he far exceeded. I am post op today and he has continued to take care of my goals and expectations. I am bandaged up and still have not seen the results but I am confident he fulfilled the look I was going for. I can't express enough at this point how thankful I am for Dr. Pousti, and his wonderful staff. I will keep you posted on my progress...given this is only the first day!

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