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Hi all! I am 6 days post-op right now. So far the...

Hi all! I am 6 days post-op right now. So far the recovery has been better than expected!

Pre-op: 32 A (estimating this- I usually just wore sports bras and bralettes.)
Post-op: intention is a mid C cup
310/345 cc silicone Natrelle mod+

Here is my experience thus far:

Went in at 9am, surgery at 10:30, left around 1pm. Surgeon marked me up, anesthesiologist came and spoke with me a bit, and then the nurse led me into the operating room. I laid down on the table- it was comfortable and had warm covers. They let me keep my yoga pants on, and I took off my hospital gown. I was super nervous as this was the first surgery ever for me. The anesthesiologist and the nurse were in there with me, talking to me as they hooked me up to a bunch of cords and wires. I was talking to them for about 5-8min I think.. I knew they were just talking to me until I fell asleep. I was waiting for him to tell me that I was going to go to sleep soon, or that he had administered the drugs, but he never did. I was surprised to wake up as they were rolling me out. I remember being rolled into the recovery room and I knew immediately that the surgery was already over. I had done my fair share of research and online reading and I pretty much knew what to expect and how to feel just based on other people's reviews. I don't remember having any dreams; it just seemed like 5min had gone by, but the surgery took about an hour in reality. I remember looking at the nurse in the recovery room, keeping my eyes open so that they knew I was awake. I think I was saying weird things just being drugged up still. I remember not wanting to fall back asleep because I was too excited. Then they called my fiancé and he picked me up and we went home. He told me I was in recovery for about 45 min but it felt like 15 min. Time was just completely warped that day.

At home, I slept for about 3 hours. I woke up and demanded a protein shake. I remember my throat still hurt from the tube so I had a cup of bone broth too. I was surprised to be so hungry, but I hadn't eaten since the night before. Then I woke up for dinner and had salmon and avocado. The doctor said I wouldn't be hungry and to try drinking broth for a few days.... I don't think he understood how fast my metabolism is! I had to text my fiancé in the next room whenever I wanted to sit up in bed. Took the pain meds the same day as surgery only.

By the next day, I was taking only Tylenol Extra Strength as I didn't want to take any narcotics. I was also able to sit up on my own just using my abs. My mom visited and I ate a plate of pad thai for lunch. I honestly have been so amazed by how painless and easy this whole experience was. They only hurt at bedtime and in the morning when I wake up. It is best described as the type of muscle pain you get the morning after working out really hard.

The only thing worth noting this week has been this: each time I tried to go for a walk (less than 5min, like to the mailbox or to my neighbor's house), I get winded really easily. They told me not to let my heart rate speed up, so each time this happens I get nervous and just have to take a seat until my pulse slows down. It is so weird because I feel amazing and normal but I get out of breath really easily. I am not out of shape by any means, so I think this is just an after-effect of having had surgery last week or maybe from the anesthesia. I will ask my doctor on my first week post-op visit. Either way, I have no intention of working out for the first month after surgery. I initially planned on excersising after 2 weeks, but I have done some reading and most people seem to think that if you rest for a full month you might get better aesthetic results.
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