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I have always had small breasts and like many of...

I have always had small breasts and like many of us, I hoped one day I would wake up and they would have grown, but no such luck. I joke with friends that I could save a ton of $ by buying the training bras in the girls section at Target. I have 2 sons, one I nursed 19 months and one for 3.5 years. In December I gave birth to a surrogate baby and pumped for 9 weeks after. I LOVED having boobs for the first time while nursing and once I was done pumping and the dust settled, I finally got a look at what was left of my boobs after either being pregnant or nursing for 8 consecutive years...a decent shape, but zero volume. So I finally started looking into getting a breast augmentation.

I was told to check out Dr. Saltz by one of my husband's patients, and after a bit of online research, she was the first doctor whose before and after portfolio I really liked. Many of her afters were amazing, and the others were definitely results I woudl be happy with. I think we all go in hoping for perfection, but I do have a slight asymmetry, so wanted to be realistic in my goals.

My consult was in June. I went in thinking I would probably like something in the 350-400 range, but once I tried on sizers, thought the 450s looked pretty proportionate. She said that although I had a slight asymetry, it wasn't so pronounced that she would recommend 2 different sized implants, as that usually results in the larger implant settling up higher. She also said she could raise my lower nipple, but that if it really didn't bother me that they are slightly off, that she would recommend I leave them alone. I decided to go with the same size implant in both breasts and leave my nipples as is.

After my consult, paying my deposit and scheduling the surgery, I obsessed reading reviews, mainly ones by women with similar stats, and many looked great with between 350 and 450. I wanted Sientra, round, textured, moderate profile which come in 385, 435, and 485. I felt automatically the 485s would be a bit too much, but the difference in size between the 385 and 435 is so slight, I decided to go with the 435, as it seems most women who go a little conservative, wish they would have gone up just a little. I also have broad shoulders, and since I'm a decent height, thought the bigger ones would fit my frame nicely. Even after making this decision, I still obsessed and second guessed myself about it. My husband came with me to the pre op and I tried sizers on again because I knew he would be honest if I was going bigger than would look good. He agreed the 435 would be perfect.

Yesterday was my surgery. I was surprisingly not too nervous the weeks leading up to it, but definitely got a little more anxious on the drive there. Get checked in, waited a bit while she finished another surgery, then she came in to do final measurements and markings. The anesthesiologist and nurses were all very knowledgable with great bedside manner. I went into the OR, got my IV and next thing I knew was waking up with what felt like an elephant sitting on my chest. It was so hard to take a deep breath. The nurse gave me a few bites of apple sauce, a Percocet and a muscle relaxer. I kept going in and out of sleep for a little while, then they brought my husband back to sit with me. Surgery took just over an hour, and I think I was in recovery for about an hour and a half. The drive home was ok, but going over bumps in the road wasn't the most comfortable. I'd say my pain has been as high as a 7 or 8 when almost due for a dose of pain meds or moving my arms more than usual, and as low as a 2, when just being still and pain meds are fully kicked in. I've decided to take the max amount of pain meds the first 24 hours, then I may take 1 Percocet and see how it goes. My doctor has recommended that I do some slow stretching by lifting my armsstraight out to the side then up over my head. She says this will hep the muscles relax and allow the implants to drop. It doesn't feel great while I'm doing it, but does feel a bit looser when I'm done.

So far I love the size and shape, although I've got a bit of the square frabkenboob thing going on. The view from the side is ridiculous, but overall I am very please with how they look at this stage and am pretty confident that I'm going to love them when the settle and I'm not in pain.

Sorry for the novel, but I know it was so helpful for me to read other women's stories, so thought I'd throw mine out there in case it would help anyone on their journey. If you have any other questions for me, feel free to ask :) My first post op appointment is in a few hours, so I'll probably update a little later if there is anything worth mentioning.

Post op today

The appointment went well. She said it looks like my swelling is minimal, the shape looks good for the day after surgery and that they should look good in couple weeks. I hope she's right. I go back again on the 31st for a follow up, tape removal, and trimming of stitches.

Feeling pretty good except for a shooting, burning nerve pain in my left armpit. Luckily it's not constant, but I sure hurts when it comes on. I'm able to take deep breaths today and am moving around pretty well.

Day 3

I slept great last night, flat on my back, as I really don't like sleeping propped up. I thought maybe I could roll to my side for something new, but that was a definite no go. I'm still taking the maximum amount of pain pills, but am thinking today I may cut the Percocet dose to 1 pill every 4 hours instead of 2 every 6. My range of motion without pain is much better today, so I'm happy about that.

My pictures uploaded all out of order last time, so I deleted some and am going to try to post them again

Day 3 pics

Looks like they're starting to drop a little bit.

Boobie blues

I'm 6 days post surgery today. Physically, I am feeling lots better. Still on pain meds, but think I will only need them a few more days. I am trying to be patient with my body as it heals, but I can't help but let crazy thoughts creep in that this is what my boobs are always going to look like. Complety irrational, I know, and I definitely shouldn't be worried about final results until a significant amount of time has passed, but I'm just not loving how high they are and I'm going to worst case scenario of what if they never drop?

I also don't love the amount of space between them. And they're so stiff, I can't even push them together. Someone, please tell me that this is all normal and that my boobs will drop, get squishy and be able to move and not just be rocks on my chest.

3.5 weeks post op

I am feeling lots better about things since my last post. The boobs are still higher than I'd like them to be, but I'm seeing progress, and am just trying to be patient. My nurse and surgeon reassured me at my 2 week post op appointment that I am still healing and that 3 months is pretty much the magic time of when they will really settle down. They showed me progression pics of other patients at one month and 6 months post op, and the difference was amazing.
I'm loving the size and how they look in clothes. I was afraid that 435 would be too big, but I feel like they look really proportionate for my body. I feel like they look a little smaller in pictures.
My only other concern other than waiting for them to fully drop, is that I have a flat-ish spot on the inner, lower part of my right boob. My nurse said it's probably just that my breast tissue and muscle still hasn't fully relaxed, and that with time it should and it will not be flat forever. It's slightly noticeable visibly, but I do feel like it's been progressing since last week.
As far as recovery, I am not in any pain anymore, just a little sore when I wake up in the morning. I think I've been off all pain meds for about 9 or 10 days. I can do most of my day to day activities, no problem.

8.5 weeks

I keep writing a lengthly update and then my phone freezes and erases everything. So here's a brief one: feeling almost 100% back to Norma minus occasional, minor pain at the incision sites. Boobies are dropping nicely and looking more natural and I couldn't be happier with the size and how they look now. I think they will continue to look even more natural as time goes on. Took some pics today to see if there's really been progress or if I'd just gotten used to them, and I couldn't believe how much better they look than even a month ago. So anyone who's worried, just be patient, it gets better!!

One more pic

Sometimes I feel like they're really don't seem that big, which is good as that's not the look I was going for, but seeing the before and after side by side made me realize that the change in appearance is remarkable. I'm currently about a 32DD/34D depending on the bra. Was barely a 32B before. It's so nice to wear a non lined or padded bra and have fuller looking breasts.
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