I Think I have Dog Ears :( 9 weeks post op.TT and Lipo to iliac crest -La Jolla, CA

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I have been reading everyone's reviews and...

I have been reading everyone's reviews and finally logging in. I'm a Mom of 3, a 9 yr old and 7 yr old twins. I gained 40 pounds (vaginal delivery) with the first and 80 with the twins (C-section) -my body and stomach haven't been the same since. Finally decided to do this and surgery scheduled in 2 days- May 10th. I m scared and excited at the same time. It's good to see everyone's experience on this site. I took per-surgery pics tonight and will upload tomorrow. I really hope this is worth it. I am more scared of the complication that could happen more then the surgery itself. Wish me luck! And hope to make it to the flat side.

It's the night before surgery and I'm a nervous...

It's the night before surgery and I'm a nervous wreck. I was so busy today cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping, getting all the kids stuff ready, premaking a meal foe tomorrow's dinner, making all the teacher's gifts for teacher appreciation week that I hadn't had time to freak out until now. I am getting ready to take my Valium to relax me and hopefully get some sleep. I'm scheduled to arrive three at 6:50 am and surgery at 8. There is no turning back now. I just pray everything goes well.

So it's been exactly 12 hours since I went into...

So it's been exactly 12 hours since I went into surgery this morning. I was nervous this morning but they told me i could take a Valium when i Got to the office ans that really helped take the edge iff. I'm feeling good, not too much pain just a very tight feeling around my abdomen. I forgot to mention that I also got Lipo around the flanks. Surgery too 4 hours and no problems at all in recovery room.
I'm home with drains and catheter, I will go in tomorrow for 1st post op appt and maybe I can take a peek look. My appetite has disappeared despite the fact that my Stomach is growling. I ate a yogurt this afternoon and forced myself to eat a piece of toast and gelatin so I could have some food with my Meds.

I forgot to mention that I am in my own bed- no recliner and it's not as bad as I thought, I got one of those pillows that you use to read, and seems to do the trick. Very excited to take a look tomorrow to see where the scar is and how flat my belly is.
My twin daughter was sad to see my jiggly belly go. She used to pretend it was pizza Dough and also used it often as a pillow. She took a picture with her iPod this morning before I left -- so cute. Anyway off to rest I go and I will update tomorrow my progress!

It's 1 day post op and having some pain when Meds...

It's 1 day post op and having some pain when Meds wear off. When I got up this am to her ready to see my surgeon, I felt dizzy and almost fainted. Thank goodness my husband was here to help. It hurt to walk and get to the car but I made it.
Went in and the PS took binder off and wholy moly my belly was flat! I will post pics as soon as I can get on the computer. I can't believe this is my stomach and it's even swollen. He was really happy with the results. I came home gave myself a sponge bath and felt much better. I did get emotional at night and cried.. Mainly because I felt guilty I can't do things with my 3 kids.
Anyway, I felt better after taking a little nap!

I forgot to mention that pre op I am 5 ft, 9 inches and 162 pounds. The doctor said the skin and belly weighed about 3 pounds and that the lipo he took out was about 1 liter. I thought it was more, but hope that was enough !
I will update more tomorrow.

2 day post op and feeling much better. Was Able to...

2 day post op and feeling much better. Was Able to get in and out of bed much better , but still hunched over walking with a walker. Gave myself a sponge bath, and still no BM but taking my colace and doubling up on that. Spent the day resting but like I said the pain is less today then yesterday so I am hoping for less pain tomorrow. Having some itching from the garment but the PS told me to wear one if those tank tops as a layer between my skin. I washed my hair in the Sink Too.Two wonderful friends came to visit me and brought over dinners, so thankful for friends like that! My sister in law is also here to help and hubby working hard to keep the household going. Praying for less pain tomorrow for a Happy Mother's Day!!!

Yesterday at 4dpo, I was feeling a little better....

Yesterday at 4dpo, I was feeling a little better. seems like you get better each day, so I am being patient. will update more later

5dpo, and feeling much better. Finally went downstairs and get to upload a couple of pictures. Today I finally had a BM, but i was in the bathroom for 1.5 (no kidding). The colace did NOTHING for me, but yesterday I called the PS office and they told me to try a tea called "Slow Move" tea and to drink at night. I took it at 8pm, and didnt go to the bathroom til 9:30am. I was trying not to push too hard so I didn't bust a stitch. I felt like I was in labor and giving birth.. not really cramping, but from pushing so darn long.
I will update more later, but will now upload a couple pics at least one before and one after. Sorry, my before is sideways, don't know how to rotate it.

6 days po update. Had a little set back this am at...

6 days po update. Had a little set back this am at 3:30am. I coughed really hard not only did it hurt, but I pulled a muscle or something on my back. Then it became a muscle spasm kinda thing. Hurt so bad and if I took a deep breath, I would do it again. Got on the internet right away and saw that Valium could help so took one and back to sleep I went. In the am, called my PS and told me that the coughing might have causes it, so told me to take a valium took a nap and I was due to see him in late afternoon. I got myself up to go to the bathroom and had one more episode, but once I was up and running it got better. I ended up sitting up the rest of the day and taking the pressure off that area helped. He told me if there was shortness of breath to call right away which I told him that I knew that it could be a sign of embolism - he was impressed of my research and knowledge.
At my appt, they took my right drain out and cleaned up my belly button. Tummy stil flat, I don't see the swelling but he said its there, so it will look even better later on.
Taking the drain our burned really bad, but for a second or two.
Oh, I know I told myself I wouldn't weigh myself til 8 weeks after surgery -- but could't resist. I got on the dreadful scale and I was down 10 pounds since surgery date! Wow!! I was expecting to weigh less due to fluid and swelling. I was shocked since I know PS told me he cut out about 3 pounds of belly and an equivalent of about 2 pounds in lipo. My appettite is not the same, and of I eat one piece of toast, I feel stuffed. I seem to snack every 2 hours or fruit, yogurt, jello, toast or soup.
I'm tired from the trip to doctors office so off to sleep I go. I will try no pain Meds tonight to see if I can make it. Not really in pain right now so hopefully I won't need it.

10 days since surgery, each day I feel a little ...

10 days since surgery, each day I feel a little better. Still in hunched over position when I walk. I get tired very easily just going downstairs to get myself a snack and back up makes me tired. I don't know how some of you go back to work at 2 weeks. I was able to help my husband pack the kids lunches on Friday 8 days after surgery, but again it tired me out.
The past 2 days I have been able to do a little more then a bird bath! I have a shower head that I has an attachment so am able to wash my legs and my u know what. Then I lean over the tub and wash my hair, arm pits and neck. Basically everything except where my binder has wrapped up. Such a great feeling to be a little more clean.
I managed to just take Extra strength Tylenol today - the bad news is that I ran out and apparently there is a recall on them. So I will call the office tomorrow to see if they can prescribe something that can take the edge off or if they still want me to take Percocet.
Appetite still not that great, I eat fruits and toast, and today I asked MIL to get me some protein shakes. Still down 10 pounds since surgery day, which boggles me because I am a bit swollen so I should be happy right? But am not going to get on the scale again any time soon.
I really want to wash my binder but am terrified to take it off for that long! But really need to wash as it has a couple of stain drops from the drain that leaked on it. I don't mind buying one and I know the brand is Dale, but don't know what size. I guess I will ask that tomorrow when I call the PS office.
I'm draining about 14cc on my drain that was left in from my left side. I'm so afraid to have it taken out as I don't want to have to build up that stuff and have a needle stuck in there to aspirate it out. In all this recovery has been a little harder then expected. I think I am frustrated that I cant do as much around the house as I am used to. I thought I was going to be able to drive after a week, but PS said not until after the second at least! So when I go in 13 days po, he will let me know.
Off to bed I go.... I am still scared to look at my belly when not at the office.

11 days after surgery, feeling better then...

11 days after surgery, feeling better then yesterday. No pain Meds or Tylenol (Tylenol on recall anyway) at all! Got up around more then most days. Was able to get things into crock pot to make chilli for dinner. Not much I know, but cooked the meat, got all the bean cans opened, chili mix. I could not however pick up the crock pot from pantry and carry it to the counter. But my husband did this before taking kids to school. I also threw a load of laundry into the washer!

Still walking hunched over but my friend that saw me last week said that I wasn't as hunched over as last week, even though I feel like I have not improved but someone else said I have. I'm still itchy in the binder area despite the fact that I wear a tank top under the binder. So I apply some hydrocortisone cream after sponge bath. Also, noticed last night I got dandruff! What in the world? I did not wash my hair for 2,days after surgery but ever since then I have been washing my hair on the bathroom sink. So I don't know if it's because I haven't been able to wash as thorough as normally do. I guess I will send husband out for some head and shoulders shampoo. Besides that the pain is non existent when I am laying down. When I move, it's not so bad. Definitely a slow recovery, but look forward to the next day because I know it will be better then today.
Lastly, I want to mention that the past 3,nights I have been sleeping thru the night. Ever since surgery, I was waking up around 3 to 5 am being woken up with pain. And the past 3 nights have not been the case. Thankful for that! Tomorrow is day 12 and closer to 2 weeks . Happy healing to all. I have my next appt at 13 days after surgery and will take more pics. Today I drained only 10 cc and the day before was 12, day before that around 15 cc so slowly decreasing! More tomorrow!

So it's been exactly 14 days since surgery! Thank...

So it's been exactly 14 days since surgery! Thank goodness it gets better each day. Yesterday I had my left drain taken out. This time it didn't burn or hurt at all. Maybe it was because it was 2 weeks who knows. I'm not complaining that's for sure. Ps said everything looks good and was happy with the results. I feel that there is alot of swelling on my right flank area more si then on my left, but he said to give it time for swelling to go down. I looked at my incision , it's nice and low and thin. So that makes me happy. He gave me the green light to drive, but I haven't yet. I can't wait to take a real shower tomorrow !
I asked about the marble trick that I have read about here and said he has never had a patient try it so I guess I will be the first. Can anyone tell me what to do, how long I put it on for, etc?
Also, woke up walking a little more straighter then yesterday, the kids even noticed ;) I cant wait so I can go out. I feel weird walking in public bent over. The PS said he got me pretty tight so I may not be straight til past week 3. My PS sits his patients up during surgery so that he can get his patients the flattest possible so I guess I will be patient.
Tomorrow another day of healing better. Wil post more pics tomorrow

15 dpo today! Feeling better, walking a little...

15 dpo today! Feeling better, walking a little more upright each day. Today I did a little more then usual. I didnt drive but went to school to pick up kids from school so I walked more then I have since surgery. Boy that tool alot of energy. I did measured myself today since pre surgery. I lost 5.5 inches off the biggest area of my pooch. And I lost 1 inch off my hips, and 1.8 inches off my waist, and 10 pounds since surgery. I also cooked today, so I am exhausted

19 days post op today. Today is the day that I...

19 days post op today. Today is the day that I finally feel swollen. I had been taking it easy since surgery but today I must have over done myself. For starters, I drove for the first time today even though the PS gave me the green light to drive at 2 week appt. So I went to the store by myself so u could finally make my family a home cooked meal :). I got a few things so u can throw a couple of recipes in my crock pot. Tomorrow I will make chicken wit wild rice and the next day a new roast recipe. I also picked up the kids from school by myself do between te driving, the store, cooking and doing a load of laundry, I should expect the swelling right? Tomorrow I plan to take it easy in the morning and have my 3 week check up with my PS. Overall, I feel better, not quite walking upright but almost there. I feel like I try harder to walk up straight when I am out but at the end of the day I am back to being more hunched over. I have no pain, but just an uncomfortable feeling of my abdomen being stretched. Sometimes I feel a burning pulling sensation too. Well we will see what the Dr says tomorrow. I haven't started the marble trick yet but will soon.

Today its been 4 weeks post op. Walking pretty...

Today its been 4 weeks post op. Walking pretty much straight but definitely slow. I swell by end of day and sometimes when I am walking it feels like my stomach has been superglued. People think that I have back problems so I just let them think that ;). This recovery has definitely been harder and longer then anticipated. I get tired very easily so I try to prop up my legs every chance I get. House work will have to wait til I am closer to 100%. Two days ago my twins had a field trip to Legoland and I went. I walked there for 4 hours and sat when the kids rode the rides. At the end of the day I was pooped. The next day I woke up got kids ready for school and went back to bed to rest. I slept for another 2 hours! My legs were and still are very sore where my legs attach to my hips. I think the walking was a bit much. Anyway- right now I am getting a much needed pedicure and then back home to relax before picking up the kids from school. Can't wait til all this swelling goes down. When can I go shopping for new pants? I can't wait!!

Tomorrow it will be 5 weeks since surgery. Still...

Tomorrow it will be 5 weeks since surgery. Still a little swollen at night but overall, I can't complain. Finally walking straight.. Took about 4 weeks. Doc said that he pulled me pretty tight so he had told me 3 to 4 weeks. I still feel tightness in my Tummy almost like I have been super glued there. The great news is that I went for a follow up this Monday and the nurse took off the tape and I was so impressed with my scar. It's thin, flat.. I was amazed what a great job my PS did. It is long as expected but it's low and it's better then I expected to look. I was used to my c-section scar so I was expecting that! Also last Sat I went into my favorite store just to look. My old size 12 pants are big-- yeah!! Lady gave me a 10 and thought those were big too. They don't fall off, but were a little big. She gave me a size 8, they zipped but I felt they were snug. Which isn't bad considering I'm swollen. The lady at the PS office told me that I would shrink some more and she said "just you wait". I am waiting until 6 weeks to do any work out. PS said I could walk a mile or 2 on treadmill but no bike, no eliptical since there is too much movement on my stomach. Today is first day of kids being out of school so I am taking it easy since I was at school all day yesterday with festivities. On another note- my digestive system seems to be out of whack! Having problems going #2 even though I am not taking any meds. Could the surgery have caused this I wonder? So for now I'm drinking the smooth move tea to help ease the constipation. I will take pics of my thin scar soon so I an post, but I put the tape back on. Happy healing to all

I am 6 weeks today. Swelling is at its worst at...

I am 6 weeks today. Swelling is at its worst at night. But I suppose waking 5 hours at legoland Doesnt help! Tomorrow I am taking the kids to Seaworld. Feeling ok but still not 100%. I didnt expect this recovery to take this long. My stomach still feels tight and if I do too much during the day, I start to walk funny at the End of the day. Still only down 10 pounds. I really need to eat healthier. I don't eat as much because I eat a little and I feel full. But just need to make better food choices. Doing chores around the house is still challenging, specially laundry as its never ending. But I'm hanging in there. The swelling on my sides/flanks is still there- wondering when it will all get better. I am still wearing my compression garment all day except when I shower and I even wear the flexes underneath for extra support. Itching isn't as bad but sometimes I do have to put on hydrocortisone on the areas it itches. I have my 6 week appt tomorrow and still have tape on my scar. I will update tomorrow!

Today is 7 weeks post op. The swelling at the end...

Today is 7 weeks post op. The swelling at the end of the day seems worse. I guess since the kids are out for the summer I'm on my feet all day. It's just so frustrating to be swollen. I forgot to mention that my PS told me that if I can stand to keep the tape on my incision that my scar will look better. Luckily, I like the feeling of the tape as I feel that it creates a barrier from my clothes and it doesn't rub against it. When the nurse took my 6 week post op pics, she changed my tape and I peeked again at my scar. I must say that I am happy with the flatness and thinness of it. He said as long as I wear the tape, that there is no need for scar cream. I'm still wearing my CG, over my flexees. Tonight I bought a maidenform waist cincher. It just goes around my waist, and the material doesn't seem too hard or contain any of those wires on the side. I will try it out tomorrow but will probably still wear my CG as it makes me feel comfortable. Yesterday I saw my friend that I haven't seen since before surgery and she said that I wasn't straight 100%, more like I look like my back hurts. I do feel uncomfortable and much tightness at the end of the day. I can't believe even after 7 weeks I am still this way. Didnt think it would be this long... Arrgg so frustrating! Looks like I'm having a down day so I will update more later. I took 6 weeks pictures so I will upload tomorrow.

Just added 6 weeks and 8 week pictures

Just added 6 weeks and 8 week pictures

I added a couple of before pictures.

I added a couple of before pictures.

So It's been 9 weeks since surgery. Feeling ok,...

So It's been 9 weeks since surgery. Feeling ok, can go thru the day doing normal stuff, but I still don't feel normal. The tightness feeling still there. I itch once in a while around my scar even though I keep the tape on. Dr. said that the longer I keep the tape on, the better for my scar and that I don't need scar cream til I take it off. Also, I feel more comfortable with my compression garment on so I think it's time do wean myself off. Swelling still apparent mid day and also definitely at the end of the day depending on what I do.
I changed my tape a few days ago and I think I have dog ears. I thought that dog ears were a puckering up of just the scar incision, but I guess not. I have a bit of puckering up of skin which looks like swelling on each end of my scar. I took a picture of one end. It's not as apparent when I had the tape on, but when I take it off I certainly don't like it. What do you guys think, is it dog ears??
I have my next appt. this Friday, which will be 10 weeks. I will definitely ask then. My weight is still 10 lbs down since pre surgery day, but I still don't feel well to work out. I think I will start some light weights this week.
If you are reading this, please let me know what you think if I have dog ears. I'm so worried!

Updated picture at 6 months post op

6 months post op picture. Feeling great and have lost a total of 22 lbs since surgery. Still have what appears to be dog ears which Dr. Will address at one year post op.
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