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Well, after doing a bunch of research about lipo I...

Well, after doing a bunch of research about lipo I have made the decision to go ahead and make it happen before my 35th birthday and it's a master degree graduation present to myself also. As I have greatly shifted my outlook and action in health and physical activity since my tummy tuck in Nov. of 2012, unfortunately, even with diet and exercise the love-handle/flank area never seemed to correspond with how I felt inside and not much of a change happened on the physical side regardless of what I did.

So of course you read those hardcore memes or things from folks who have never really struggled with issues beyond weight-loss saying I worked for this body, well so have I... I work a 40 hour work for a few weeks to make this coin to get it sucked out since working hard in the gym is doing nothing for the fatty back. *lol* The handful who may have dealt with weight loss, but have had the weight evenly distributed on their body, likely do not require any for of cosmetic surgery because they just tightened back up and the way I worked out, you'd think I'd be ripped, but as everything shifted about the only thing that changed was very slight in the love-handle flank area, never enough to be "happy" about. To be honest it discouraged me from even working out sometimes, if my efforts were never going to show in my back. Who wants a nice front body with a fatty back? There are some things I have come to accept; stretch marks, cellulite are just two, but the sharpei back? How about nah.*lol*

There are things I know shift with workouts and nutrition such as arms, depending on how droopy they become, decent triceps exercises and arm drills will tighten them up some, but if its hanging more than one would like- yep, go ahead suck it out. There is only SO MUCH you can really do and honestly I wouldn't let anyone's personal opinion about surgery whether facial reconstruction or body contouring shift my decision. I have a good feeling about it and no different than my tummy tuck, I couldn't be any more excited. If the job is done well enough I might go ahead and schedule arms and inner/outer thighs next year if they don't get in line after pounding it out in the gym super tough after this surgery. Pics and review soon.

Some before photos

Well... here they are, the front is cool, though they still will lipo the upper abdomen but it's primarily the flank/love handle area I am concerned about. I don't have any unrealistic expectations but just to see some of the rolls go away will be more than enough. Hopefully I can get some smoothing going on. That's all I want. I don't want to be discouraged in my workout efforts because THIS isn't changing, regardless of what I eat or do. So.. A little less than 2 weeks and we'll have an end result. :)

Pre-Op and Deposit... Check!

In 8 days and a wake up I will be headed to SD area to get this done. My pre- op is complete and I have paid my deposit for the date confirmed all paperwork submitted and now it's just time for it to happen. This round I'll only be getting the love handle/flanks done and I'm super excited still. I think I'm just ready to get the healing process started. Hopefully I'll be feeling alright by the close out of week 2. I already know I'll be feeling like a train hit me the first few days to week. Alrighty! I'll check in the morning of...

One more day...

Here we are less than 24 hours away from the day and I couldn't be more excited. I am so ready to get it done so then I can focus on healing and getting back in the gym tough a few weeks later. No real nervousness going on, just hoping for a good result, but would be ecstatic about an excellent one. See ya'll tomorrow!

New Date Scheduled

Well I like a fool forgot to take my BP med and therefore had to postpone my procedure *ugh* I will be getting it done next Monday, so it's not that far away and sure I'll be ready by then... smh

Getting Excited Again... but...

So here we are again... two days and a wake up until I'm due to take that drive to attempt to get my procedure done again. Oddly enough there is a mixture of both excitement and worrying, but I am doing my best to push past that. I think I'm more irritable at the thought of driving down there to have that happen again, but they holding on to a non-refundable deposit, so i assume if it does, you holding something ton it until I can get out there again. The worry side is based on what happened the last time I was supposed to be getting this done but that was MY fault, I forgot my meds. I have my dose for that morning in my purse RIGHT NOW. BET that won't happen this time around *ha ha*. I can GUARANTEE you my meds will not be forgotten, they will be told upon arrival to ensure I get 5 minutes of 'relax' time in the "get dressed room" before they take my blood pressure this time. I'm not changing until I know it's gonna happen LOL. Even though I forgot my meds last time, there were some things that I didn't jive with me last time with prior to taking my BP reading, such as the whole do this do that and then lets take the BP now... or the taking it over the gown (which is a no-no)... instead of, have a seat in here for a few moments, relax and i'll be back in 3-5 minutes to take your blood pressure, especially due to the fact that that is the ONLY reason I had to get a clearance from my primary doctor prior to anyhow. Now... granted my blood pressure has been behaving and remaining fairly stable, I just hope that it doesn't start going nuts when I get there anyway. But I know I have to allow that relax time, breathe, ensure I've eaten at least 2 hours before and I'll be fine. I'll check in with you the morning of. :)

Well here we are..

So we are one day postop and the procedure went very well it was not painful at al... the only pain you really feel I guess if you have a low pain tolerance is a prick when they you know insert the numbing solution on you before they do the lidocaine And possibly the prick or pricks of the instrument used to insert the lidocaine into the fat. The entire procedure took about a total of four hours there was a lot of fat in my back which I'm so glad they were able to get the majority of it out hopefully my end result will show some form of smoothing there. I'm upset with myself because I didn't remember to take a picture of the fat so I have no idea how much was taken out. Oh well… It's just fat lol.

Fortunately I stayed with a friend the first night that I was there because she's days in San Diego so it was good because about an hour and a half after the procedure was done I got really lightheaded from needing to eat etc, it was probably a combination of those things but from what I hear it's very common. The drainage from the incision is made is a whole 'nother story. Fortunately, my friend actually helped me the first time and there was a solution that looks like blood running everywhere and she was like it's okay. I have done this before and she's a total mom lol... because the blood any of the solution mixed together coming out ugh... it just looks like a total massacre scene. I got so lightheaded I literally passed out on the floor briefly due to the tight compression garment. I am literally using a 3 panel binder right now- I'll deal with the compression garment when the padding goes away.

I got home it was time to change the pads again and which obviously I'm so new to it I was leaking everywhere. I literally got in my tub just to make sure that that was contained there you can't take a bath for 2 to 4 days basically after the procedure so fortunately I have hospital grade bath wipes. I'll check in with you all again when I can take all the padding off and shower. Later

Feeling Snatched

So all is well that is healing well. I have been given the green light finally to shower and take those bandages off and use only the compression garment which is fairly tight. I know it's for shaping and swelling though. Drainage is pretty minimal now only really getting it out of the front area right side and very little in the back left area... I would like to believe the draining will be for the most part done by Monday/ Tuesday next week at this rate. I'm already happy with the result even though I'm bruised like crazy in my pubic area, and upper handle area but I know that's part of the process. Here a pic in a dress.... I am already loving my new shape!

Swelling and bruising going down

So here is a picture from the majority of the swelling gone down seems like… As mentioned before a good result was all I was looking for and it looks like I have a pretty good result and as soon as I can get back in the gym I should be able to tighten up some more. I'm not worried about a little bit of skin I was worried that my shape and come up right but it is absolutely gorgeous and I am very happy already. I think the largest amount of swelling that I got was probably in the mound part of the pubic area and some around the sides where he had removed fat above the hip area. I'm back in my compression garment which feels a whole lot better since removing that padding and keeps everything close to the body. After speaking with Rod he told me that I lost a little under 2 liters of fat, which is a lot less than what I thought it was going to be, so I won't complain, I'm just ready to stop hurting from healing and get back in the gym but I know I have to allow myself the time to heal and that I can do that soon enough. Either way, enjoy the photo and here's to healing- one day at a time!


We are officially a week post-op and as far as pain goes, it's tolerable. naturally there are some REALLY sore areas which is expected. Still draining quite a bit in the front and less and less in the left back side, but I know it is part of the process. So maybe I'll be draining for another few days or so. At least it's no longer "bloody-bloody" looking, looks more like packaged chicken meat blood. *ha* yeah I have a sick sense of humor. I am still tolerating pain fairly well, I may use a pain pill just to get to sleep and stay sleep, but can manage okay throughout the day with a Tylenol if it gets bothersome. Now, I am just a phase where I am tired physically and know that it will go away as my body is using the energy to heal. This part sucks- I'll trade this for the draining though *ugh*

Draining No More...

Fortunately- I am no longer draining. *yay* It stopped about 4 days ago, so I am now ready to take a BATH. I still have some swelling above the hip area but it isn't so bad. the pain is a lot more tolerable as of late, maybe a good 3-4 in pain nowadays. Moving around more, massaging the areas as tolerated and not as tired. I really am just ready to get back in the gym and I can only walk for the time being. I would like to think that I can get back into light workouts (because I lift) with lesser weights in about 3 weeks. Otherwise all I can really do is walk.. meh. Will check in later. :)
Rod Davis, PA-C

I had an excellent procedure done with Rod and his fantastic team at Pacific Lipo. He is a very thorough physicians assistant Who specializes in liposculputure. I am sure plenty of people want to say oh you should have gotten a board-certified plastic surgeon, but I was comfortable in the hands of the Rod and I am very happy with my result. I do not feel as though I would've gotten the same results paying close to triple in Beverly Hills compared to what I paid here for someone who was trying to sculpt my body in a manner that I was not looking for. Give Pacific Lipo a go- Rod will not disappoint!

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