39 Years Old, Mother of 4, Ready to Get Rid of Batwings and Thighs That Rub Together - La Jolla, CA

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Hi! I'm a 39 year old mother of 4 kids ranging in...

Hi! I'm a 39 year old mother of 4 kids ranging in ages from 20 to 10. I currently weight 182 pounds and am 5'4" tall. My arms have always been a problem. It is an inheritance from my mother's side of the family. Almost all of us women have big arms. Mine have really been bothering me in the last few years. I lost about 30 pounds a few years back and my arms look terrible. I don't have loose skin but the fat is pulling the skin down.

My eldest daughter is getting married at the end of the year and I refuse to have these bat wings attend the wedding! (lol) So I scheduled an smart lipo for my arms and my thighs as well. My thighs touch and rub together when I walk. :( Very annoying especially given the climate I live in (So. California). Any advice you may have would be greatly appreciated as this is my first cosmetic procedure ever!

before pictures

These are the pictures I submitted to PacificLipo. They were able to consult with me via phone since I live 2.5 hours away.

Yea! finally got my pics to load

These are all my before pictures.


Called Pacificlipo to get a breakdown on the cost of procedure. Found out that I won't be able to do both arms and thighs in the same visit. So I will reschedule thighs for June. They did tell me I could do thighs and a week later my abdomen. I asked about that area too. Figure I might as well find out now should I decide to do that area as well.

I'm dreading the recovery. Not sure what to expect. I'll have 8 days off before I have to go back to work and I'm hoping I'll be feeling well enough by then.

Surgery Postponed

Got to the surgery center at 8 am as scheduled. Meet Janine on the elevator going into the office. She's who I speak to when I call in. Super nice person. Signed in and waited to be called in. Very nice office in a nice area. La Jolla is a great city with awesome beaches for those of you that have never been there. Was called in by the Medical Assistant. Sorry don't remember her name but also a very nice person. Got undressed, had blood pressure taken (too high), weighed and had pictures taken. MA took my blood pressure again and this time it was even higher. She looked concerned and at that point I knew my surgery wasn't happening. She had me wait a little bit and took it again and still high but closer to the first reading. She asked me to wait and Rod would come and speak with me.

First off let me tell you I really liked Rod. Very nice, upfront and honest man. He explained to me that he could not perform surgery due to my blood pressure. He didn't feel it would be safe for me and suggested that I see my Dr. and get a medical clearance. We went through my medical background and he went ahead and did a consultation with me. Told me what he could do with my arms, where incisions would be, and the techniques he uses. He was also upfront about my final results. He did tell me that I would have some loose skin after the procedure. I still plan on going ahead with the procedure after I get my medical clearance. I do not want the long scar associated with an arm lift.

I was impressed with his honesty and ethics. He could have given me the run around or BS'd me but he didn't. He was very straightforward and looked me in the eye the entire time. So my next step is to see my Dr. to get medical clearance. I do think that they should ask all out of town patients for medical clearance before driving out there just to avoid wasted time for both parties. But on the upside I got to spend some time in San Diego with my hubby. :)

I was

Finally had my surgery!#

Had my srgery yesterday at 8 am. I had a very good experience. Rod the PA did a great job and was very patient and friendly. His medical assistant Leticia was very nice and friendly. I really appreciated her her no nonsense attitude.

I've added some pictures with my CG ON. I'm swollen and padded up but you can see a huge difference.

Update continued....

Ok sorry to continue on another post but the one with the pics I had to do from my phone and typing a long post on it is annoying.

So I get to the surgery center, check in and am taken to a room to get ready. Leticia weighed me, took my blood pressure and pictures. Rod came in and marked me up, made sure I was satisfied with what he was going to do. He did tell me he was going to be aggressive with the lipo and that made me happy. He had warned me at my previous appointment that I would probably have some loose skin after the procedure and I am ok with that. I'd rather the loose skin then having all that fat just hanging there. He gave me my meds (antibiotic, vicodin, and blood pressure) and then I was escorted to the surgery room.

Once there I was swabbed all over the area. And waited for the meds to kick in. I actually fell asleep waiting. Rod comes in and we get started. I'm not going to lie... the numbing procedure hurt. Not like in a super painful way but enough to make you alert. When the numbing liquid starts to fill you up it feels like when they are taking your blood preassure and your arm is being squeezed or like if you were wearing a very tight sleeve. But once it hits you don't feel it anymore. Rod was very good about asking me if I felt any pain through out the procedure and would numb right up if I felt any. I also received a pain injection when he was done. After the procedure I felt stiff, sore and a little pain. Getting the compression garment on was probably the hardest part of the whole thing. Once that injection hit I was good for the rest of the day and most of the evening. Before I left I was given my post surgery instructions, extra pads and all my meds with instructions. I was given a pain killer, Tylenol, Melantonin for sleep, antibiotics and pills for the swelling. We went out to lunch afterwards and did the 3 hour drive back home.

When I got home I was pretty swollen but that was my fault for not taking my pills right after lunch like Leticia told me too. :( But once I got home I took then and started drinking a lot of water and by about 10 p.m. my swelling had gone done significantly.

Today Day 2 I am sore and stiff but not in any major pain. I'd say maybe a 3. I have not taken my painkiller. Only the Tylenol and that seems to be working well. I will take the pain killer tonight so that I can have a goods night rest. I had to change my pads out today because I started to leak. My poor husband had a slight panic when seeing my arms with out the CG. I had to explain everything to him all over again. Oh I'm going to have to wear my CG for 4 weeks 24/7 and then we'll see what Rod recommends. Love the CG cuz I don't have to wear a bra and wear it around the house like a shirt.

day 3

Had a shower today. Needed a nap afterwards. Getting the CG back on after washing was tough. Everything's looking good so far. Woke up sore from washing dishes and folding 3 loads of laundry. Still leaking but not too bad. I'm a little surprised at how tired I feel. Definitely taking it easy. I can lift my arms enough to grab my hair into a ponytail but washing my hair was tough. Taking it day by day. Swelling about the same.

Day 10 - 5 1/2 inches lost !!

Hello Everyone: hadn't had a chance to log in and update until today. Had my one week post of last Friday. I wasn't doing to well. I was very stiff and very sore. Rod gave me an injection for the pain and gave me more pain medication. I stopped taking the paid meds about 2 days after surgery and was only taking Tylenol. He encouraged me to take the pain meds as they were going to help with the pain and I would be able to move around easier and stretch out the muscles. I was babying my pain since Tylenol worked but not to the same degree. Day after my appt I was so much better. i have about 90% of my mobility. I can take off the CG on my own and put it back on. My incisions are almost all healed and my bruising is alot better too. I lost a total of 5 1/2 inches on my left arm and 5 inches on my right. Went from 19" to 13 1/2" and 18" to 13". I am very pleased with the outcome!
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