36 w/ 2 Kids, 435cc Silicone, from A Cup to D Cup! - La Jolla, CA

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I'm 5'0", 118 lbs & 36, a mother of two and I...

I'm 5'0", 118 lbs & 36, a mother of two and I breastfed both of my children. I have no stretch marks nor any sagging, but I've always desired more volume to my breast. I'm somewhere between a 34a and 32B comfortably. I desire to be a small D cup. After consultation at the La Jolla surgical center with Dr Roark we decided sub muscle 435 cc. Sientra silicone (gummy bears), round smooth full moderate profile. My BA surgery date is this Thursday and I'm so excited! I'll definitely take pics and post about my experience. so far I have been taking vitamin C and multi vitamins daily for the past two weeks to keep my immune system strong and make my body extra healthy for a better recovery after surgery, via my nurse's advice.
I am also taking Arnica Montana 30x daily; my nurse advised me to begin doing so two weeks before surgery to help prevent swelling and bruising after and she says it will aid faster healing. I've filled all my prescription, I was able to use my health insurance Kaiser to get all the meds I need for after surgery: Antibiotic, Percocet, Valium, antinausea drug & a stool softner (in case the pain meds cause constipation). I'm very impressed with how thorough my doctor and his staff have been, I feel fully ready for this Thursday! Will see what I have to say after, lol!

Some More before shots

Today is the Big Boobie Day!!!

It's 1am & I can't sleep... I'm excited, apprehensive, tense & scared all at once! I just hope all turns out well... Wish me luck!!!!!!

Wish Boobs

I'm hoping for full, close cleavage, small D breasts...

Wish Boobs

Last Pic of the old boobies

So, I'm about to go into surgery... ????

1st night Pre op

well, it is accomplished! It's all been a bit of a blur, but overall I am extremely satisfied with my results! I've been very drowsy and nauseous from the general anesthesia as well as the pain meds I've been taking this evening. I've been sleeping a lot, in and out of consciousness. The frozen peas have helped immensely! The pain is mild so far, but I have been following my nurses advice and staying ahead of the pain with the pain pills. I don't wait for it to become excruciating, I just take the pills every 3 to 4 hours as instructed, leaning more towards three once again to stay ahead of the pain. I can't tell the full size yet, the bra they have to hold everything in place pushing them pretty tight, tomorrow after he removes the bandages on my nipples I'll post some pics without the medical bra. I went with my original plan of 435cc, smooth round, moderate profile under muscle, placed through nipples. All in all, so far no regrets!

2nd day post op

So, I had my post op appt, the dr removed my bandages yet left the tape right under my nipples to hold the sutures in place. Dr says I can shower tonight, so that's what I'll doafter this post! Still no serious pain. My dizziness & nausea have subside. The muscle pain is still mild-moderate for the most part. I work out regularly soI believe being active has helped my body bounce back faster. I'd describe the pain similar to that of muscle soreness after a heavy lifti g workout. I'm taking percocet for pain every 4-6 hours & half of a valium for muscle relaxation every 6 hours. Also I ice with bagged peas every hour for about w0 minutes, that helps a lot

mixed feelings

So, I'm having mixed emotions today about my BA. On one hand I do like that they are bigger, but I exected them to look bigger like the testers I tried on during my consultation. But my biggest concern is that a card was given to me with my implant info. Even though my doctor & I decided on moderate profile (I wanted width to ensure good cleavage) but the card he gave me clearly stated 435cc hp, which I'm sure stands for high profile. I didn't notice it until I came back home & his ofice is closed now, so I can't call, but I'm upset if he changed the profile without my knowledge. I had my heart set on moderate profile. I'm not sure I'm happy with my boobs & am starting to feel depressed & regretful about it all. I just keep hoping they will drop and look better soon. :(
Any advice?

Before & after

I'd love some hinest feedback, ladies!!! Please... I don't know how I feel right now ????
Btw, I used different lighting, that's why my skin color is off! ????

Day 3 Post Op

So, I woke up feeling a little sore but nothing unbearable. I was able to push myself up from bed and use the bathroom, had my first major bowel movement since surgery. That was a big relief, lol! I didn't feel very sore so instead of taking percocet I chose two extra strength tylenol. I was able to shower, get dressed, put on makeup and even cooked breakfast for my family! Any soreness was mild, self as though I had been lifting weights the day before so it was tight and sore like that. My family all eat breakfast together, then we went to my daughters volleyball game. My husband left first with my daughter, so I followed in my own car with my son. Big mistake! I Drive stick shift and every time I shifted gears or turned the steering wheel I felt shooting pain in my breasts. I made it through the game but I began feeling light headed and faint. So once home again I took half a percocet & half a Valium, so I'm back in bed. Just wanted to do a quick update before I pass out.
I'm definitely feeling very tired. My breasts aren't that sore much, just very tight and slightly sore to the touch. It feels as though I have on a tight very padded Victoria's Secret bombshell bra, lol! You know how it gets uncomfortable by the end of the day? That's the feeling! Though not in much pain, my activity level still needs to remain low obviously.
After showering I took a long look at my whole body naked and I must say I'm feeling a bit better about my breasts! Time will tell...

More Day 3 Pics

I took several pictures after showering this morning, I think they look a little better than yesterday. What do you ladies think?

Best Day Ever!!!

So, I had my BA last Thursday 5/21 & today is Sunday... I guess today is technically my 3rd day post op. Please excuse my mixing up days, as well as my drug induced ranting, lol! today is the first day I woke up without pain! I haven't even thought of taking the percocet or valium, all I did was take a couple of extra strength tylenol because they are still a bit tender to the touch. But overall world improvement! It's been over 12 hours since I've taken any hard pain pills. I sat up from bed without thinking twice and didn't wince from pain one time. My bowel movements are normal (tmi, but believe me, it matters!) After this update I'm going to shower & take a short car trip to walk the mall with my kids. I have absolutely no bruising. I've gently been rubbing cocoa butter to ease the tightness my skin feels. Of course I avoid the suture/ surgical tape area when moisturizing.
I've since spoken to my nurse by email (how's that for awesome patient care? It is, after all, Memorial Day weekend!!) & she explained to me that Dr tried the different profile's on me while I was under general anesthesia and the mp's were too wide for my small frame. If you go to wide there is the bad chance of the breasts looking like a weird uni-boob, lmao!! Lord knows I don't want that! Apparently, this was explained to my husband, but him being the man of few words he is, he conveniently forgot to share this with me ????. So I feel better about that aspect, as well!
I don't want my kids to see me taking naked selfies, so I'll post pics later when I have more privacy, but trust me when I say my boobs are GORGEOUS!!! ????
What a difference a day makes! They seem to have settled more and look amazing! That makes me all the more confident that they will continue to look even more amazing as the weeks go by. Thank all you ladies for your comments and support and I will continue to keep you posted on my progress! Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

I Love My New Boobies!!!!

It's been 4 days since my BA & I luv my boobies more & more each day!!! Today I awoke with no more than slight discomfort. I took 1 xtra strength tylenol & that was all that was needed. Today we are bbqing for Memorial day but I'm taking things easy just as a preventative precaution (don't want to rupture my sutures or displace an implant, if that's even possible, lol), but in all truth I feel like I could go for a mile run if I wanted to! I can't wait to start working out again, but I'm going to take it easy and follow the doctor's instructions. For now the majority of my exercise will be taking the dogs for a walk around the block. Yesterday we walked the mall & did some shopping, but the heavy bags irritated my breasts, so hubby & kids did the carrying. I'm not going to overdo it and risk messing up these beautiful results! I just can't wait to really go somewhere & wear something nice to agow them off a lil', lol!!!
I Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day and check out my pics!

New Pics!

Sorry, I have trouble navigating on this site & posting from my cell... Hopefully these load this time!

So far, So Good :)

Today is my fifth day post op. & I feel great! I got sientra silicone implants 435cc hp under muscle. I stopped taking the heavy pain pills 2 days ago and have been doing fine on extra strength tylenol. This morning I really don't feel like I need to take anything! I've always been very active and physically fit, so I think this has a lot to do with my fast recovery. They're still slightly tender to the touch near the incision area, which is the areola for me. But other than that I'm fine. If I start doing too much cleaning, or whatever, my breasts get a lil sore and that lets me know I need to sit down and use my peas ice pack, lol! Cocoa butter is helping the skin not feel so tight, I use it every morning & night.
I was contemplating going back to work today but don't want to push it and mess up my results, but I will go back tomorrow. there's not much else to tell, I will update again when there is an actual change . Good Day, Beautiful Ladies!

Before & After Sports Bra

1st day back to work

Hey Y'all! :-D
Yesterday Wednesday the 27th was my first day back to work. I felt very sluggish and tired for the first half of the day, I'm sure this is because I've been laying around the house for most of the last week. My first day back was the 6th day post op, & I did fine. My job is pretty fast paced and fairly physical, I'm a registered dental assistant. But my staff knew I was recovering so they let me move at my own pace. After eating lunch midday I got a boost of energy and made it through the second half of the day with better ease & faster pace than the morning. I did get a few shooting pains here and there if I tried to move too fast with my arms, but all in all nothing to cry home about. I took 2 extra strength tylenol in the morning then another 2 midday and that was all I needed as far as meds go. Oh yeah, I am still taking the Arnica Herbal supplements, they have just helped so much with swelling and bruising that I figured I'd keep taking them until my nurse tells me to stop.
I'm working in the morning today and then leaving at lunch to go to my post up suture removal appointment! I'm so excited, can't wait to see my new breasts without the tape and sutures. And, by the way that surgical tape is amazing! I showered every day since the next morning after my surgery and even took a short bath this evening and that tape has stayed on my a champ! I know sutures are under that tape, but damned if I've seen them, lol! I'm hoping my Dr will allow me to start massaging my breasts, they aren't very sore anymore and I feel like if I start massaging them they'll soften up more. Right now they're super hard and my skin is still tight. I am still using Palmers cocoa butter in the morning which helps relieve that tight feeling, and I've now started using coconut oil at night. Coconut oil feels so much better and I feel like its softening the skin more, but because it's so oily I don't use it in the daytime so it doesn't get on my clothes. I rub it on at night just before I'm going to bed and then put that ugly surgical bra on. That's another thing I can't wait to throw away, lol!
So that's my update. I'll post more pictures later today after my sutures are removed. I'm curious/ nervous to see what the lower half of my nipples look like... Wish me luck & Have a great day, Ladies!

Having Fun ; )

Had a great ppst op visit & sutures removed. I love Dr Roark & his staff!!
It's late so I'll elaborate more another time but here's some pics of me having fun w/ my new boobs... Love 'Em!
Good Night, Dolls

Update on yesterday: 1 week Post op check up

Yesterday I went for my 1 week post op check up & had the sutures removed. I got my 1st peek of the incision under the nipples which was slightly longer & redder than I expected (I don't really know what I expected, tho, lol). The nurse put the surgical tape back over the incisions & sent me home with some extra's to change it out once a week or so. She says they keep the tape there to hold the incision marks down flat so that it will heal flat & not be a raised scar. Sounds about right, so I went with it, although I was a lil bummed because I thought I'd be bandage free to show off for hubby... not that he's complaining! He also loves the results :)
I also got the go ahead to start massaging my breasts 5 times a day, an upward pushing movement so the implants don't become "encapsulated" & also to help them soften & drop more.
I had a few small stretch marks where the tape was covering the sutures before & I couldn't get there with my cocoa butter, so the nurse was more conservative with the tape this time so I could get that area better, because so far the cocoa butter morning & coconut oil @ night combo have prevented stretch marks everywhere else, so I know it's working!
I don't like the surgical bra at work so I also got the okay to buy a "Genie" bra, it's kind of a sports bra style but with support just like the surgical bra to hold the girls in the position we want them in & I bought 2 size large, I like them so much better. It's more comfortable.
I'm working all day today & so far doing fine. No need for even 1 Tylenol! Feeling great, hope you all are, too! :)

"The Girls" had their Debut!

Went out with hubby & friends last night & got to show off "the girls" a little for the 1st time since my BA! I still have to wear that unflattering surgical bra, so I couldn't push them up as much as I like, or even go braless & expose more. So, this is the cutest shirt I could pull off with that bra. I did go without a bra in a sundress earlier that day for a couple of hours but it actually hurt with no support so I decided I'd better stick with the ugly bra for now until they heal more.
I danced the night away & felt completely comfortable in my new breasts! Today I don't have any pain or sensitivity but I feel like maybe I jumped & danced around too hard because today my boobs seem to have dropped some more. I guess thats a good thing, but they feel kind of deflated today for some reason... I don't know, it's probably all in my head but I feel like my boobs a lil smaller today...
We'll see!

2 week update!

Hello! So, this past Thursday was the two week mark for me! I'm happy to report I'm doing everything normally: driving, working, lifting, reaching, sex, lol... just not exercising yet because I haven't gotten clearance from my surgeon. I go back to see him in 2 weeks and I'm really hoping he'll give me clearance to do so, because I'm gaining weight like a heffer :(. I've never been a dieter, I'm one of those girls that eat what I want but definitely relied on working out to keep my figure cute. But, I'm trying to eat clean and drink lots of water so things don't get too out of control. Since surgery though, I've gained about 5-7 pounds, fluctuating of course.
I've been massaging my breast daily as instructed, and I noticed my right breast has dropped significantly! My left breast was slightly smaller before and I'm thinking that's probably why it's still high and tight. I hope it drops soon and feels softer like the right one does now.
My last visit I got permission to buy the Genie Bra, I bought two and they are way more comfortable for me at work under my scrubs! And, believe it or not it's slightly more appealing to the eye than the surgical bra.
I'm still getting used to the new girls and I'm trying to be patient about the final outcome look...
My incisions look gross still, but I'm still wearing surgical tape over them to help the scar lay flat so I only see it every 3 days when I change the tape as my nurse showed me.
I'll post new pics & I know they look great, but I'll admit: in the back of my mind I'm still questioning having HP implanted rather than MP's as I had initially wanted... I plan to speak to my PS about it at the next visit but as I said I'm trying to be patient and wait for the final outcome. I know they will continue to change for the next 6-12 monthd and I just hope its for the better. Most days I love them, in clothes they look great! & of course they're bigger which is great! But a lot of times when I'm naked I'm seeing what I initially did not want which are too round and far apart, the "fake look"... I wanted them close together, more wide and natural looking. I specifically said to my PS before going into surgery "I'd prefer them to be more fuller than protruding". I understand the logic behind the choice that was made for the change, but in the back of my mind it just keeps nagging me.
I really don't want to have to redo surgery to correct this, so I'm hoping I'll lean more toward loving them before the 6 months mark... Lol, which is way off, I'm only 2 weeks in!
We'll see ;)
Enjoy your day, Lovelies!

Reality Check

My close friend just gave me a huge reality check, lol
As I continued complaining that my PS put high profile implants in me when I told him I wanted Moderate Profile, she told me "who cares what you call it, you got the results you wanted!"
I looked puzzled until she showed me my original wish boob pics & if mine aren't right on with each one, they're very close!
This surgery is a physical change but it's also a mental adjustment, so bear with me as I continue to come to grips with my new girls! What a reality check, thank goodness for good friends who will point out the obvious when we're being blind, lol!
One of my favorite wish pics was found here on Real Self & is the last pic I showed my PS before going into surgery. & if you compare her 2 week post op pic with my own... Wow! As I said before, big reality check :-/
Thanx for all your positive feedback as well, ladies!
Okay, Okay I'll stop obsessing over my boobs, lol!!

Love to not wear a bra!!

thead family in town so I took them out clubbing.
The best thing about the night was I went out without a bra again and they looked so fabulous without the help from any bra!

4 week update

Week 4 Post Op!
Posting a few pics in different lighting...
I'm feeling more comfortable with my new breasts. I love how clothes fit & I feel 100% super sexy in lingerie, so hubby is loving that, lol!
My right breast is still dropped more than the left but it's so subtle I'm probably the only one who notices. I'm doing light exercises now, just no upper body work outs, nor cardio. So I'm focusing on lower body: squats, stair master, leg extensions, moderate level bike, etc. I'm still 8 pounds over weight so that's bugging the hell out of me, ugh :/
Breasts are feeling more like "me". Less sensitivity & the massage is helping them feel more natural, although I'm honestly only doing it like 2× a day, not 5× like the nurse instructed me to do. I work & have kids, can't be walking arounds feeling myself up, lol!
Oh, the biggest change is that this week I started using "Scar Away" silicone bandages over my areola incisions because I ran out of the steri-strips my nurse gave me & I think it made it worse! Instead of making the scar lay flatter they seemed to hydrate & make the scar raise up. So, I decided I'd just use flat bandage tape instead. I was getting better results before.
Next Tuesday is my 1 month post op visit with my PS, so I'll check in again then, Ladies!

Underwire... what's the big deal??

So, I went bra shopping today (yayyy)
Victoria's Secret is having the beautiful semi-annual sale, so I had to do it!
I got measured (32DD!!! Wow!!) & tried on bra's. I only bought 2 bra's since I'm only 1 month post op & my size may change after further "drop & fluff".
Plus, last time I had a visit my PS said no underwire bra's & I'm not sure when I'll get the clearance.
My next Ps visit is on Tuesday, but I thought I'd ask some experienced real selfers their experience with underwire bra's after BA: What's so bad about them? How long until your PS allowed you to wear it?
Thanx Gals!

5 weeks post op

Hey RS Ladies!
It's my fifth week post op! Tuesday I saw my PS for the 2nd time since my surgery. He assured me my breasts will continue to drop to give me the more full appearance I've been longing for, not the two cantaloupes sitting up on my chest that I have going on now, lol!
Just joking, they are actually settling very nicely! Also, my r & l side are looking a bit more even this week.
Overall, my PS was very impressed with how soft my implants are becoming and said my healing is coming along nicely. He advised me to no longer use steri-strips or surgical tape over my incisions, but that I could use Mederma, it would help the scar fade a bit more. But I think it's actually coming along pretty nicely on its own and I don't think I need any other help besides the coconut oil and coconut butter that I've been religiously using each day. I found out I'm not supposed to shower with the scar-away silicone strips on, and that's what was causing the extra moisture in my incision area and giving it the raised appearance. Once the incisions dried out they lay flat again, with no problem.
My PS also said NO to any pads or underwire in bra's for another couple of months, he says they can change the shape of my settling breasts to an unnatural shape. I can buy bra's without wire, shapes, or padding. No more surgical bra, woo hoo!!
I'm still getting used to the new girls and their appearance. I'm totally having boob greed so I'm trying not to be on RS so much, comparing my girl's to other women. I'm trying to focus on my own breasts and how they look with my body. Especially since my PS gave me the green light to exercise! Best news of the week!! & I've stayed busy in the gym, so it's not so hard to just focus in me :). It's now time to get my body back slim trim and in shape the way I like it. In the meantime, I'll continue massaging and wait for more drop & fluff. Good night everyone!

Being Patient!

This past Thursday marked 6 weeks post op mark for me! This has been a bumpy ride for me. Last week I was so frustrated with my lack of symmetry as well as my breasts not dropping the way I anticipated & them looking a lot "rounder" than I ever wanted. This week, thanx to some great advice from a couple of sweet real self girls, I've calmed down & have resolved to be diligent with my massaging & just be patient. Lol, that's never been a strong quality of mine!
But it is helping & I think this week they've both dropped a bit more! Just in time for me to wear a new bikini on the beach tomorrow all day 4th of July ;).
All you girls on this site are so encouraging, but a special thank you to rs gal New2023! You gave me hope when I was ready to give up on my buh round boobies, lol!
Happy 4th, Ladies!

Bikini Bliss!

Just a quick update b4 I turn in for the night...
I had such a blast at the beach this past weekend! Being out in my bikini, I must say, I felt fabulous! I'm loving the girls just a little bit right now, lol! Plus I've consciously been massaging them big time and I've since noticed they are so much softer, looking more even, and have even dropped more! I hope everyone had a happy 4th, ttyl RS Ladies!

Random shots, my girls in Bikini Bliss :-D

Happy Happy, Joy Joy! <3

So, yeah... Everyone was right: my PS, his nurse, my friends, all you sweet, supportive RS ladies ~ Everyone was right! I'm 7 & 1/2 weeks post op & I can finally with confidence admit that!! I finally stopped obsessing over the girls, gave it some time & I'm so excited to see everyday my breasts ate settling, dropping and fluffing more more! Also, they are very symetrical thus week! Incision scars are almost invisible!!!
I couldn't be happier with my choice & I feel so foolish for 2nd guessing my PS! Their office has been so kind & patient wirh me, lol ;)
Obviously this size and profile were best for my shape, & I'm happier each day!! As my breasts continue to change (almost daily they soften & settle - aka drop & fluff - more & more!!!) it's more & more exciting!!!!
I'm sharing recent pics as well as comparison pics. Have a great weekend, Beautiful Ladies!!

Comparison Pics

As I stated in previous post, Im just so happy & relieved that the girls have finally dropped & fluffed noticably, they're looking more like what I'd envisioned! I made some comparison collages that help me see the progress even more, so thot I'd share! ;-)

Feeling Great

Hello Beautiful Ladies! Not much has changed since my last update but I thought I'd post a few pictures showing my progress. I'm in my 10th week post op, my breasts are continuing to soften and settle. No complaints, they just seem like a normal part of me!
This may be my last post as I am super busy lately, but I hope I've helped some girls along the way and I'd like to thank you all for helping me thru this!
Have a beautiful day ;-) xoxo

Beach Day Boobies!!!


3 Months Post Op

Hello Ladies! Decided to stop by and do a quick review because I made it to the promised land, lol! Its been 3 months since my BA, this Thursday will be 13 weeks post op for me. The girls are wonderful! I notice occasional slight rippling in my right breast, but nothing anyone would notice visually, mostly I notice it when I massage. Otherwise everything feels very normal! I feel as though I've always had them. They're definitely bigger, but not too big to where it makes me feel uncomfortable. I still feel petit and can get away with a lot of the same things I could with my smaller breast: Running and exercising I don't feel anything uncomfortable, laying on my stomach feels fine, I can even still go braless around the house without discomfort! overall doing great, Have a great day Beautiful Ladies!

Happy with results ;-)

I had my 3 month post op visit today. I definitely decided I am fully happy with my results and my size fits my body perfectly! Looking at my before and after pictures made me so happy with what I have today. They feel so natural, recovery was easy, and doing everyday things is a cinch. Plus, I'm still petite! So this is my very last review/ update with final post up pics (my doctor doesn't think I'll change much more). It's time for me to go on and live in the real world, and stop obsessing over my breasts, lol! It's easy to do, especially since I waited so long to do this! But I'm very happy, for myself and all of you ladies! I wish all you girls the best in the future with your cosmetic choices and I would definitely recommend Dr. Rourke to anyone in the San Diego area looking to enhance their breasts! I Wish You Happy Lives, Beautiful Ladies!!! :-D

Revision?? HELP!!

Hey everyone! I hope you beautiful ladies are all doing well! You are all so gorgeous with your perfect breast augmentations that I had had to take a break from Real Self so that I stop obsessing over the imperfections of my own, lol! I wanted to stop having boob greed & thought positive thinking would help me embrace my own breasts more. Unfortunately, it didn't work & I'm seriously considering having a revision surgery. That's almost my worst nightmare and I really didn't want to go down this road, but I'm now 5 months postoperative and even after dropping and fluffing I'm just not happy. This isn't the boob job I'd envisioned and I'm actually closer to pics that I showed my doctor I DIDN'T want to look like rather than how I wanted them to be. I still feel they're too far apart and they're not as wide as I wanted them to be, I went in truly wanting moderate or even moderate plus because my dream breasts are wide not two small balls with space between sticking out and that's what I have! Plus, all pics I looked at and liked of other women's breast augmentation were always moderate or moderate Plus profile, I never liked the high profile look :(.
I'm so sad about it every day to the point where I've scheduled an appointment with my doctor to discuss my options.
Along with not liking how they look my right breast has been hurting me increasingly since my operation. At first they both would have shooting nerve pain periodically but as of lately my left breast feels perfectly normal, but the right breast still has that shooting nerve pain and it's actually gotten worse. It has even woken me up in the middle of the night with burning nerve pain that lasts for about 20 min until I massage it away. From the beginning that breast was always swollen a little more than the left and I even had a little pus leaking from my periareolar incision site after sutures were removed on that breast (my doctor said it was fine and would go away).
I only like how they look in a push up bra, I really didn't think I'd have to still buy push up bra's after BA!!! And my new bra size is still small enough that I have trouble finding my bra size : 34 C / 32 D... Ugh :(
So that's where I am and I'd really love some advice from you ladies! I just want to be happy with the choice that I made, it wasn't cheap and for almost $7,000 I should definitely be happier about my breast augmentation, don't you agree? I'm including pics of what I look like now along with a few pics of how I wished I looked... Thanks for taking the time ladies!

Thanx to all you positive Real Self Ladies ;-)

Hello ladies! Thank you all for your very positive feedback you've given me over the last week. It has all given me so much to think about, and I'm definitely taking it all to heart. I am working on trying to have a more positive image of what I have now, however I am still planning to go and speak to my doctor about possibility for a revision. I wasn't able to go this week as planned due to a work schedule change, so I've rescheduled for November 10th which is 2 Tuesday's away. I realized we women can be our own worst critics and I guess if we were women who were happy with what we got in the 1st place we may never have contemplated breast augmentations in the first place right? Lok, jk... But we are women that were seeking a small slice of breast perfection, and even though nothing is perfect in life I can't help but longing for fuller breasts that were closer together. I've got to do a lot of research though and have a better idea of why mine didn't outcome closer together as well as possibilities if I do go through with the revision. It seems the best option would be going with bigger CCS, but stick to HP rather than MP. I'm thinking 500cc may fit better, although now I'm wondering if I should have gone saline rather than silicone to get the fullness I'm speaking. Who knows, maybe I'll just try to learn to love the new breasts that I got. Its so hard to swallow that pill after shelling out $7,000, but such is life, right? Lol, I'm trying not to be so bitter about it all. You beautiful positive ladies have definitely helped me, & I thank you all so much for your sweet, always kind, and very truthful feedback. I hope everyone has enjoyed their week so far!

Bitch, you ain't Beyonce ;-)

Okay ladies, so tomorrow is my big appointment! I'm meeting with my P.S. in the morning to discuss the rippling & pain I've been having in my right breast along with the possibility of revising both to go a little bigger so that I'll have the fuller look I've wanted from the beginning. However, over the last week I've been thinking so much about it and thanks to the great advice I've gotten from all the wonderful real selfer's I've decided even though I really do want my breasts to be fuller, I will be happy with what I have as well. What I have now is better than it was before, and they really are pretty so I'm definitely at a place where I have made peace with my breasts & I promise to love them regardless of the decision I make tomorrow!
I had distanced myself from this website before because I felt I was obsessing over my breasts too much and I kept seeing pictures of results that are more like what I dreamed of & felt consumed by boob greed :-(. However, during this tough time where I'm actually considering doing a revision (which is NEVER what I wanted to be considering) this website has been my best friend! There is no where else where I can sound off, get positive feedback, and do research all at the same time. For that I say thank you Real Self - I'll never doubt you again, lol!
Even though my friends are great listeners, who better to speak to about my surgery issues than other women who have been through it and are going through similar issues at the same time as me, right?
1 thing I've learned will share is: don't compare cc's with other real selfers... I've see girls say 400cc's is too big, or don't go bigger than 500 cc's, etc. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I've learned it all depends on where you start in breast size. For a girl who is a C cup before augmentation, 400cc's might be huge! But a girl who's an A cup or an AA cup, you can't compare that to yourself who may have started at a B cup. So, I have 435cc's, but I still have way more space than some girls on here who have 400 cc's, because they had more breast tissue to begin with. Just something I've learned!
Next, I've come to the conclusion after looking at many pictures, and speaking to many people that my breasts are beautiful and I do need to accept them as being that! We can always reach for more perfection in life & I may still do that in the form of seeking revision, but in the meantime I did have a friend show me pictures of serval celebs who are drop dead gorgeous beautiful, but their breasts have a bit more space between them like what I'm complaining about. One of them being Beyonce! She's my favorite entertainer and I think she's the most beautiful woman EVER, so who cares if her breasts are a little bit apart!?! She's freakin' BEYONCE & I'm NOT so I'm trippin' lol :-D!!!
Also, her ex-bandmate Kelly Rowland who is very open about her breast augmentation also has space between her breasts. A friend went through a magazine of celeb's with me and we both came to the realization that smaller more conservative breast are classier, a bit more high fashion, and equally as beautiful! The large fake look is really only prevalent in porn, and not even so much there anymore! So if I go a bit bigger to fill that dreaded gap I hate, I also run the risk of looking too big and fake, & I NEVER wanted that... Size isn't so much my issue, its more about filling that excess space. But with a good push up bra it doesn't show so much... Ugh, I'm so torn :-(. I'm seriously almost to the point of saying, "hey, they're great, leave 'em alone!!!"
Anyway, I'll decide for sure after meeting with my P.S. tomorrow, & regardless he deserves the right to know what's going on. I'm sure he'll give me some wise words to help nudge me in the right direction. Thanks again for always listening beautiful ladies & I wish you all a great night!

After PS visit ;-)

Hey Gals! I hope everyone is had a wonderful day! I've been meaning to get on here & let you beautiful ladies know how my visit with my PS went, unfortunately my office was hectically busy this week, so I've been delayed until now.
I saw the PS on Tuesday morning. I must say, Dr. Roark is awesome! I've been through ups & downs since my augmentation, but if I had to do it all over again I would definitely go with him & I'd still recommend him to anyone seeking cosmetic procedures. At my appt he was so kind, and gentle as always; he was very understanding even though I was 15 minutes late to my appointment (due to rain, along with heavy rush hour morning traffic), & he still took his time to talk me through all my concerns.
1st of all he assured me everything is normal with my right breast. He says the shooting nerve pain I'm feeling is normal, and can continue up to a year. The differences I'm feeling between my right and left breast he attributes to the fact that the right breast was slightly smaller in shape with less breast tissue to begin with, and that's why I even notice more rippling on that breast versus the other. Also with it being the smaller breast it had to stretch further & that's probably why it's taking longer for pocket to heal & explains lingering pain. Along with the fact that I'm right handed so that side gets worked & aggravated more. He took the time to bring up my pre-op pictures and outline the difference in the two breasts to me and explained how it all coincides with what I'm feeling now. So I definitely feel better knowing there's nothing wrong with that breast. With that being said, I have no medical reason needed to go in for revision, so we now began to discuss my thoughts on the appearance of my breasts. Once again, he was very patient with me and explained that he could replace my implants for me if that's what I really want, but he suggested waiting until January of next year if that's the route I choose to go. That way I could get through the holidays and enjoy my family & also give the right breast time to calm down some more. However he strongly urged that I don't replace my implants because they're next to perfect & why mess with that? Also there are chances of having more discomfort, or even complications, after a second surgery. Then, there's always the chance of going with a bigger size and still having that space between my breasts because that's just my natural breast shape & how I am in the middle probably won't change. He doesn't like relieving more of a pocket between the breasts than necessary because you then run the risk of symastia. He even showed me several photos of women who had thought the same thing as me, revised and ended up having that issue.
Another thing he showed me that was surprising was he could only fit one finger easily between my breasts. He said that's a comfortable spacing and he doesn't like to go closer than one finger space. I was shocked! When I look at it it looks more like three spaces to me, lol! His hands are bigger than mine, but even with my own fingers two fingers can barely fit. He told me a good push up bra is the way to go when I want closer cleavage, and maybe in 10 to 15 years when the implants need to be replaced then go a little bigger if I want. By then my body will have changed some & a bigger size would be understandable at that point. But right now he thinks going bigger won't fit my body size and height as well as the size I have right now. He's too funny, because he then said only fat woman's breast naturally have cleavage without a bra, lol! I don't know how about that, but I'll agree with him that my size right now fits my body well.
So, for now I'll be happy with what I have, learn to love these new curves even though they don't look exactly how I'd dreamed they would... My new girls are very nice!
Thanks again for all the nice words and encouragement you ladies have shown me, this really is a great support site!

Happy 6 Months to the Girls... wow, I made it!!!

Good morning beautiful real self ladies! I hope everyone's week has gone well :-)
Just wanted to drop a few words as I realized I'm actually at the 6 month mark! My augmentation was done May 21st 2015, so it has been exactly 6 months! It's been such a roller coaster ride, lots of ups and downs, lol. All you positive girls have definitely been a big help, motivation, and support source for me so once again I'd like to say thank you! Yes it's true, I've made peace with my breasts & I've decided to keep them as they are. If I do any switch in the future, maybe in 10 years or so I'll revisit size and shape issues. But for now I'll leave them as is and enjoy them!
I'm posting pics of me today, and progress on my scars. My areola incision scars healed ok, the left breast scar is still raised and even tender to the touch somedays, but overall pretty good. I think I was obsessing over size and shape so much that I started slacking on rubbing my cocoa butter and coconut oil to fade the scars, so I'm going to get back on that. Does anyone know any good scar fade cream to use at this point? Is it too late to use Mederma? Anyway hope everyone has a great day and Happy Thanksgiving
XOXO ;-)

Happy 6 Months to the New Girls!!!

Good morning beautiful real self ladies! I hope everyone's week has gone well :-) Just wanted to drop a few words as I realized I'm actually at the 6 month mark! My augmentation was done May 21st 2015, so it has been exactly 6 months! It's been such a roller coaster ride, lots of ups and downs, lol. All you positive girls have definitely been a big help, motivation, and support source for me so once again I'd like to say thank you! Yes it's true, I've made peace with my breasts & I've decided to keep them as they are. If I do any switch in the future, maybe in 10 years or so I'll revisit size and shape issues. But for now I'll leave them as is and enjoy them! I'm posting pics of me today, and progress on my scars. My areola incision scars healed ok, the left breast scar is still raised and even tender to the touch somedays, but overall pretty good. I think I was obsessing over size and shape so much that I started slacking on rubbing my cocoa butter and coconut oil to fade the scars, so I'm going to get back on that. Does anyone know any good scar fade cream to use at this point? Is it too late to use Mederma? Anyway hope everyone has a great day and Happy Thanksgiving XOXO ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is my favorite holiday because it reminds us to simply be grateful & take time out to eat, drink & be merry with Family! I hope all you beautiful ladies enjoy this day & remember to take time out to be grateful for the simple things in life that really do matter ????????????
Happy Thanksgiving!

9 months later & I'm Here!

Hey Beautiful Ladies! It's been awhile since I've checked in so I decided to do an update. I have absolutely no complaints, everything with my breasts is going great! I feel much more comfortable in my own skin and with my decision than I did at first. I do notice my bras fit more comfortable & snuggly than at first,  I think I finally got that drop & fluff thing,  lol :-D. It did take me a little while to fully realize how to enhance or downplay the new breasts with clothing . Depending on what I wear and how I accentuate my new accessories, they can look absolutely ginormous or itty bitty. You can definitely push up with certain bras or lay them flat with a good sports bra. Most people never know I've done an augmentation until I'm in a bikini, something tight, or something with a plunging neckline. I really don't dress like that all the time as I'm a PTA mom, but when I go out with hubby and decide to get sexy it's definitely a lot easier to show up and show out! I feel amazing naked & in lingerie. So, blue that I've figured out how to witek these girls, I feel my choice was the right size for my body ;-) The biggest struggle has been since my surgery has been weight gain: I've gained about 10 pounds! I'm not happy about that, and the extra weight takes away from me feeling completely great. I also noticed when I was thinner my breasts stand out more, so be careful ladies! The more weight you gain, your bigger body makes the breasts look smaller. I'm working out & staying active as I always have,  so it's so frustrating carrying these 10 extra stubborn pounds! I do remember a friend who has breast implants telling me that the bigger you go the more your body wants to put on weight to compensate for the bigger breasts... Not sure if that's completely true but in my case my body has definitely rounded out 10 pounds bigger & all my eating/ activity habits are the same :(. Anyone else have this issue? It doesn't really look bad, but mentally I still felt most comfortable at 115lbs so 125lbs is killing me! Other than that, I'm great; no aches or pains in the breast, scars have almost completely healed & life is going on as normal... just with bigger boobies!!! Posting some pics in different bras & my fave bikini top. Next time I'll take more everyday clothes pics, but there are a few included to show how different clothing can makes a huge difference! Wish I had more to report, but I hope all you girls are doing well, I'll be peeking in on you Ladies to check in your progress!! :-x xoxo


Squishy ~ Squishy!
Good morning ladies! I'm getting ready for work and I thought I'd do a quick video to show how squishy and natural my new breasts move.
~ 435cc Mod-High Sientra round cohesive silicone inplants
~ 9 months post op
~ 5'00" tall
~ 123 pounds (Yes! Lost a few of those gained post op pounds, lol!)
~ 37 years old

I hope this helps anyone who's thinking of going with sientra silicone implants, they really do look and feel quite natural.
Have a great Monday!

Boudoir Pics ;-)

Hello Ladies! I hope everyone is feeling beautiful! So, I wanted to share a recent experience I had because it was so amazing & for other women who have had recent cosmetic surgery done this can be a huge ego booster if you're feeling unsure about it at all... or if you just want to celebrate your new additions! Has anyone ever had boudoir pictures taken professionally? I recently turned 37 (thank you, thank you!) & as a present my husband sent me for a professional photoshoot! Anyone in the San Diego area who wants to have a fantastic time taking sexy pics go to Bad Kitty Photography in La Mesa (& tell the gals I sent ya!) It's an all female staff & these ladies were awesome! There are over 30 different sceneries to choose from & ask kind of sexy, as well as modest,  outfits to choose from. This is the first thing I've done since having my breast augmentation that really helped change my view of my body. I was so unsure & having regrets for months, but after this photoshoot I felt like the sexiest woman in the world, & for the first time since I felt 100% relief about my decision. This is a great way to help feel confident & sexy about your body. This studio caters to all body types & when they edit they use airbrush to make you as perfect as possible (Yay! None of my thigh/butt cellulite showed,  lol!), & they use good lighting, plus get all your best angles! Also, the full body shots show my proportions very well, and this is good for all girls who feel like 400+ CC's is too large, or fake looking... I don't think my new girls are too big at all! And, I'm a petite girl, so if I can get away with it... So, I just wanted to share this with you ladies & if you're feeling unsure at all about yourself look into getting some professional pictures taken that emphasize your new body parts; Ladies, you'll walk away feeling like a new woman ;-) This will be my last update until I'm 1 year post op, unless I have some significant changes that I think you ladies may want to know about. In a week I'll be 10 months post-op, yay!!!!! Happy Monday & have a great week, Ladies! XO

1 year Post IP, proforma

Hello Beautiful Ladies!
So I made it to my 1 year anniversary & I'm beyond bummed... I don't know why this happened but about 2 weeks before my 1 year post op appt with Dr Roark, my right Boob dropped dramatically... It's like it had a stroke!!! :-o
My PS days he'd like to go back in, do a surgery to "tack" extra support to fix it and prevent it from dropping further. He's willing to do it for just the anesthesia cost: $940. I'm bummed to be spending any more money but most of all I REALLY don't want to have to go under the knife again & miss work
I'm so disappointed...

1 year post op ptoblems

Hello Beautiful Ladies!
So I made it to my 1 year anniversary & I'm beyond bummed... I don't know why this happened but about 2 weeks before my 1 year post op appt with Dr Roark, my right Boob dropped dramatically... It's like it had a stroke!!! :-o
My PS days he'd like to go back in, do a surgery to "tack" extra support to fix it and prevent it from dropping further. He's willing to do it for just the anesthesia cost: $940. I'm bummed to be spending any more money but most of all I REALLY don't want to have to go under the knife again & miss work
I'm so disappointed...
Why would this happen??
:( S

Saggy Boob, Oh well!

Hello Beautiful's!
I'm here, just living life with my saggy right breast, lol! It's really not noticeable in clothes, bathing suit, or bra. Only when I'm naked and my husband says it's still beautiful and no one's body is completely symmetrical. I think because we have cosmetic surgery we expect Perfection after but in reality that side was always a little droopier than the other. I'm not anxious to go under the knife again and especially since my PS says he'd want me to be off work for 6 weeks and keep my right arm in a sling so I don't over work that muscle and the same thing happened again. With that given, I figure I'll wait until I'm ready to upgrade, maybe in 5 years since I have thought that eventually I'd like to change them out for a bigger size. I went with 435 cc's cohesive silicone under the muscle and in the future I'd like to go up to 475 or even 500 cc's. So I've decided I'll wait until that time! I just paid these off so I figure in about 5 years I'll be ready for that upgrade. In the meantime I'm wearing very supportive bras as much as possible and so far it hasn't dropped any further. So that's my update! I hope you all are doing well and living wonderful lives... After all, there's more to life than breasts, LOL! And after all, I'm super happy with them, they're still 100% better than they were before I had surgery. Have a great day, Luvz ;-)

Update! Approaching 2 Years post op

So, how is everyone doing? A negative troll brought me back to my profile, but the positive side is now I get to take a moment to do an update ;)
I'm approximately 1 year and 8 months post-operative. I'm sticking to my original choice not to do another surgery until at least another three years which would be around 5 years post op. My right breast is still wider and hangs slightly lower than the left, but I'm used to it now, LOL! I think it gives them more of a natural look anyway. My husband doesn't complain. And in clothes they still look Phenomenal! The best thing is, I finally lost all that extra weight I was struggling to get off! I'm down to 110 pounds (I'm only 5'00" so it's proportionate) which is more than I wanted to lose, but I'm glad the excess chubb is gone. Not much else going on besides staying busy with work and raising my children. Life is going on and I'm really not as obsessed with the girls as I was in the beginning, LOL! I actually wear modest, bigger t-shirts quite often just to be comfortable. I have to remember to dress up every now and then and show off the sexy new girls :-D. I hope all you ladies are fairing well and as always, stay beautiful!
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

A friend highly recommended Dr Roark, she had her breasts augmented just a month before I did. I had already consulted with 2 other PS's but after coming to Dr. Roark I knew my mind was made up. Dr. Roark and his nurse Sarah are awesome! The doctor took time on the consultation to answer my every question, look through all my photos, and put me at ease with his kind, and comical personality. He joked with both my husband and I and quickly put us both at ease. Sara was very attentive as well, answered all questions and emailed me that same evening. At my pre-op appointment she went over every detail at length with me. She has emailed & called me several times over the past couple of weeks just to say hello, to check in with me as well as to answer all of my questions since my surgery. I would definitely highly recommend the La Jolla Surgical Center to anyone in SoCal seeking breast augmentation!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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